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Art basin “Cup”: make your morning more refreshing

Art basin “Cup”: make your morning more refreshing

What are we doing firstly when waking up in the morning? Yes, we go to the bathroom to wash the face and then we usually drink a cup of coffee to wake up completely and to get some energy. Art basin “Cup” is two-in-one solution. This basin will give the feeling of the dynamism for the whole day. It is in fact a unique sink design inspired by a simple cup of coffee. But the sink is far from easy. This modern one-piece, freestanding sink with a cup-shaped base of pipe at the top, forms the rim. And the looping handle makes a great towel hanger. These basins are available in all white or a black case, white inside, with dramatic flair that contrasts. It is functional while adding to the “cup” theme. Bring some spice and fresh atmosphere into the bathroom with an elegant, artistic basin designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati and produced by Arceram.

Art basin “Cup”: make your morning more refreshing
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