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Stylish Modular Bookshelf System by Velichko Velikov

Contemporary furniture and art designer Velichko Velikov has presented stylish modular bookshelf system. It is very easy to attach due to the nuts, which are connected with special bolts without heads (for aesthetic purposes). The system is made of Polyethylene, Polypropylene, MDF, Plywood or solid wood. The purpose of the module can be varied and it is limited only by imagination. It can be used for lighting, for plants, for seating and so on. There is a wide range of bright colors which can be combined in various combinations. Different configurations of modules will diversify interior of any room.
PUZZLE Stylish Modular Bookshelf System by Velichko Velikov Read the rest of this entry »

Florensis lamps by Artemide

The beauty of the lamp Florensis was achieved due to the use of new technologies of working with aluminum and other metals. During the manufacturing process the convergence of two different flows and processes are used. The main form of the lamp is extruded in a linear way, whilst the Bud is machined into its nature form. The design of the shade has not only aesthetic but also technological function to ensure proper illumination with the use of LED technology. There are two dimmable versions of the lamp: floor and wall. Artemide company presented Florenses in its new collection in ISaloni 2013 (Milan).
lamp12 620x387 Florensis lamps by Artemide Read the rest of this entry »

Aurelia Lamps by QisDesign

Design studio QisDesign (Taiwan) has created beautiful and mesmerizing lighting series Aurelia, inspired by underwater creature – the Moon Jellyfish. The energy-efficient LED lamp has very pleasant soft lighting that resembles the serenity of the deep ocean, and an elegant shape that allows to hide the LEDs right inside, to create a warm color glow. In addition the table lamp has a three-way “touch ring” dimmer for convenient luminosity adjustment. “LED’s directional characteristic lets the light reflect directly on the inner shade’s strips”, it helps to create translucent tranquil ambience. The variety of beautiful colors makes the effect of the lighting is even more magical.
Aurelia lamp by QisDesign 03 620x713 Aurelia Lamps by QisDesign Read the rest of this entry »

Folding and Unfolding Furniture by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard

It is popular now to have furniture that can be folded as a constructor. These floor boards by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard can be easily transformed into a chair, a table or whatever else. The procedure is the same as manipulation with a paper, folding and unfolding it into different shapes. When folded, it is a common piece of furniture with a usual functionality and very lightweight. When unfolded, flat pieces of board with a help of special clips and small magnets can be joined together in any desirable length and width. Bright colors and patterns make the furniture stylish and a bit childish.
zhangthonsgaard 11 620x394 Folding and Unfolding Furniture by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard Read the rest of this entry »

Pendant Lamps Inspired by the Old Industrial Lamps: Kaschkasch Cologne

The series of fixtures ‘Industrial’ was inspired by the old industrial lamps of XIX-XX centuries. The designers of the project – Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider from Kaschkasch Cologne – have chosen high quality natural materials for the products just as in the past centuries craftsmen did. Hand blown glass is used as a basic material for shade; oak wood is used for a cone holder. All items of the lamps are processed by sandblast machine. Suitable for almost any interior, different types of lamp of the series can be combined with each other.
industrial 02 620x691 Pendant Lamps Inspired by the Old Industrial Lamps: Kaschkasch Cologne Read the rest of this entry »

Switch by William Lee

The latest work of designer William Lee was presented at NY Design Week. This is lamp, which has no on/off switch and power cord. The Switch is the embodiment of the minimalism in design. The exquisite style of the lamp gives the impression of a high-tech object. It is rechargeable and is made of an acrylic construction with 60 LEDs hidden underneath. It is in flat position when off, as if waiting for something. As if coming to life, it changes its orientation from flat position, when toggled on.
switch minimalist lamp william lee 2b 620x649 Switch by William Lee Read the rest of this entry »

3D-Printed Walls by Bryuman François and Sonia Laugier

Bryuman François in collaboration with Sonia Laugier demonstrated their 3D-Printed Habitat Custom Furnishings in exhibitions Imm Cologne and Maison & Objet. The unique innovative product is the modular walls with polygonal texture (3D-prints). Very convenient especially for the limited spaces, it can be solving for many problems. Modular system includes bedroom, shower and dressing room simultaneously. The partitions are mobile and can be transformed into more complex shapes. Some useful accessories, such as sockets, shelves, coat hooks and others, are integrated into the walls. You can read mor in in-flexions.
printed habitat custom furnishings francois brument sonia laugier 18 620x439 3D Printed Walls by Bryuman François and Sonia Laugier Read the rest of this entry »

Wonderful and unique surface of wood by MammaFotogramma

Wonderful and unique fabric of wood was created and patented by Italian design firm MammaFotogramma. The name of the fantastic surface is a Woodskin that reflects the ability of material to show the dual nature. It looks like a wood and it is a wood, but at the same time it is flexible and can be molded into almost any intricate shape. The manufacture involves ‘the process of excavation with a CNC cutting machine’. As a result we can see a composite mesh of small triangles. The advantage of using the Woodskin is great and most significant is the use in furniture and interior design.
WoodSkin7 Wonderful and unique surface of wood by MammaFotogramma Read the rest of this entry »

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