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‘Marine light’ Made of Seaweed by Nir Meiri

Tel-Aviv-based designer Nir Meiri has prepared a novelty – symbiosis between the artistic work and design. The ‘Marine light’ is a lamp with a lampshade which is made with use of seaweed. Today seaweed is used in industries related to solving of environmental concerns. The base of the lamp is made of a metal frame and the shade is made of thin metal structural strings. Wet seaweed, treated with special preservatives, is fixed to the frame in a needed shape. The figurative basis of the design is the marine world where sunlight penetrates through the water and plants. The light of the lamp is very special and beautiful.
MarineLight1 620x406 ‘Marine light’ Made of Seaweed by Nir Meiri Read the rest of this entry »

Hand Weaving Collection by Timothy John

New Zealand-based designer Timothy John has presented a limited edition collection of objects in a decorative braided felt. His Woven Collection is the result of creative experimentation. Thanks to the skills of hand weaving and wrapping techniques the designer can change the most ordinary thing into the art piece. The collection includes five limited edition items: the Deviant grandfather clock, the Optimist and Pessimist pendant lamps, the Exhibitionist table and the Traditionalist flower vase. Every piece is quite large because of the used material, which is biodegradable, warm and very pleasant to touch. Timothy John has received much praise for his collection since 2011 and will probably increase it by new interesting items.
TJ Pessimist 1 620x620 Hand Weaving Collection by Timothy John Read the rest of this entry »

Amazing apartment on the seacoast of the Black Sea by Re-Act Now

Located right on the Romanian seacoast of the Black Sea, in the historic town of Constanta, the apartment has not only stunning surroundings, but also an extraordinary interior. Designers, Re-Act Now, made everything best to avoid blank walls and to provide a great view with a beautiful seacoast. Glass partitions of bright colors are used instead of habitual walls. One more special thrill, added by creative designers, is a 3M Radiant Color Film stacked directly on the glass. Because of it a bizarre Refraction of Light is produced. Play of colors dilutes the overall whiteness prevailing in the paint of interiors.
apartment12 620x410 Amazing apartment on the seacoast of the Black Sea by Re Act Now Read the rest of this entry »

Colorful Composition with Cactus

Cactus, planted in the sand of bright colors, is unusually beautiful and it certainly will enliven any workplace. Colorful gardens appeared in Japan in the 15th century and became very popular. Traditionally colorful gardens consisted of sand and stones, but in the present-day gardens stones have been replaced by cacti. Colorful sand – yellow, orange, purple, blue, black or white – with cactus looks very original especially in transparent pot. Beautiful patterns in the sand can be made with a thin stick, just use your imagination and you will get an excellent result. This is a perfect example of decor for office or computer place at home. By the way it may be a wonderful gift for friends.
cactus04 Colorful Composition with Cactus Read the rest of this entry »

Paper Donut: Office by Alexis Facca

Paper donut is a work of French designer. Alexis Facca is well known for his projects in paper art and set design. This office is not just one of ordinary works with paper; it is actually a piece of art. Time stood still in this office at the mark of 80 years. The idea was to recreate the office of a British advertising agency from 1980′s. Furniture, modeled on real world pieces, fully corresponds that time, and even the calendar is open to June 83. First vivid impression is produced by bright colors and well-chosen color combinations. But in general, the accuracy and thoroughness of all details’ reproduction impress most of all.
PaperDonut TheOffice 1 620x496 Paper Donut: Office by  Alexis Facca Read the rest of this entry »

Floating Bridge by Olivier Grossetête

‘Pont de Singe’ bridge by Olivier Grossetête hovers over the lake in Tatton’s Japanese Garden, a historic estate in north-west England, just like a floating gateway, leading into the unknown fairy tale. French artist experiments in the field of design and engineering. The construction consists of three large helium-filled balloons which support the bridge made of cedar wood in the air. Only the ends of the bridge are left to sail on the water. From the words of the artist, his surrealistic creation is designed for contemplation rather than function, though it is strong enough to hold the weight of a person.
 Floating Bridge by Olivier Grossetête Read the rest of this entry »

Fantastic Glass Houses by Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio

These elegant, stylish and original houses of glass are the product of the joint creative work of designers Carlo Santambrogio (Santambrogiomilano) and Ennio Arosio. The transparent housing is made of extra clear glass: structural glass pieces are the basic constructing unit of everything inside the house, except for the ground floor. There are two offers: the ‘Snow House’, constructed of thicker panes capable of withstanding larger loads, which can be located in cold climates, and the ‘Cliff House’, constructed of thinner lighter glass elements, for milder climates.
In general, the houses look fantastic, incredibly beautiful, but a little bit cold because of the material. Such clear and transparent house is the best for picturesque surroundings, there is a feeling of truly neverending connection with the outside world. And what a wonderful nap right under the stars, accompanying and meeting the sun!
glass house1 620x442 Fantastic Glass Houses by Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio Read the rest of this entry »

‘Fabbrica del vapore’ Vases in Mouth Blown Glass Created by Ionna Vautrin and Guillaume Delvign

Cooperation of artists and designers always gives excellent results. This is about a series of vases ‘Fabbrica del vapore’ created by French designers Ionna Vautrin and Guillaume Delvigne in 2008. The vase consists of two parts – of the vase itself in mouth blown glass and of ceramic base. There is a choice of different unusual asymmetrical shapes, sizes and colors. In our opinion, a better result can be achieved by using a combination of several vases, located in the same room. The series was presented during the Milan Furniture Fair 2008 inside the exhibition “Industreal Overture”; the Wallpaper Award 2009 of the best vase was received for this work.
vases2 620x465 Fabbrica del vapore Vases in Mouth Blown Glass Created by Ionna Vautrin and Guillaume Delvign Read the rest of this entry »

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