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Hand Weaving Collection by Timothy John

New Zealand-based designer Timothy John has presented a limited edition collection of objects in a decorative braided felt. His Woven Collection is the result of creative experimentation. Thanks to the skills of hand weaving and wrapping techniques the designer can change the most ordinary thing into the art piece. The collection includes five limited edition items: the Deviant grandfather clock, the Optimist and Pessimist pendant lamps, the Exhibitionist table and the Traditionalist flower vase. Every piece is quite large because of the used material, which is biodegradable, warm and very pleasant to touch. Timothy John has received much praise for his collection since 2011 and will probably increase it by new interesting items.
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Original Wall Clock Collection by Pavel Sidorenko

Do you remember the days when you used to listen to music on vinyl records? Nowadays it’s unpopular, but the records inspired a designer from Tallinn, Estonia to create an original wall clock collection. Each item of Re Vinyl by Pavel Sidorenko is unique not only because of the wide variety of forms (they can be copied), but also because of usage of rarity records. Discreetly crafted on the theme of scenography or animal creatures, the collection comes in a variety of story-telling silhouettes while retaining the grooves and record labels reminiscent of the heydays of acoustic recordings. You can buy these interesting items on the designer’s site.

original wall clock collection by pavel sidorenko 2 Original Wall Clock Collection by Pavel Sidorenko

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Defusable Clock for extreme lovers

Are you a thrill-seeker or do you love to scare someone? Defusable Clock is not a dangerous device, but the most common alarm clock presented by nootropic design. But there is also "zest" in it. The clock resembles a bomb, just as we can see in Hollywood movies – a few sticks of dynamite tied together, the digital display counts, and lot of multicolored wires that need to be cut in order to "deactivate" the device. In functional terms it is usual alarm clock. And the only difference is that anytime you can press the big red button to start the countdown mechanism. And you have only 10 seconds to choose which wire to cut. One wire will stop the countdown, the other two won’t produce any effect, while the fourth will lead to immediate "detonation."

defusable clock for extreme lovers 2 Defusable Clock for extreme lovers

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Vague Clock by Sejoon Kim: Time Is Squashy

A clock that hides time until pressed inwards? Yes, absolutely right! Designer Sejoon Kim of South Korea has designed a Vague Clock where the users should touch the flexible surface to reveal the time. The squashy mild cover gives the feeling of having to chase time. Nowadays people are bombarded with so much information that can increase stress in our daily lives. Time can certainly be one of them and unnecessarily “press” people. This was the idea that inspired the designer. The clock is updated by GPS so the time remains accurate despite the hands being touched. The design concept was awarded at the 2010 Red Dot Awards. Really very festive!

vague clock by sejoon kim time is squashy 2 Vague Clock by Sejoon Kim: Time Is Squashy

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George Nelson Eye Clock by Vitra

If you love antiques and want to have a piece of it in your house, the George Nelson Eye clock is just perfect. Designed by George Nelson and Irving Harper in 1957 this clock was revived by Vitra in Europe. Such style is never out of fashion. This Eye clock really “catches the eye”. Its style will bring a special zest either in your house or in the office. The materials which were used are wood and metal. The middle wooden bar stands for the “backbone” of the whole structure, supporting all the other elements. A unique piece it displays the designers creativity and vision of the future. These modern wall clocks have an attractive sculptural shape and they are a refreshing alternative to the usual traditional timekeepers.

george nelson eye clock by vitra 2 George Nelson Eye Clock by Vitra

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Domino Wall Clock by Carbon Design Group

Carbon Design Group has completed their work on the prototype of unusual Domino Wall Clock. I’m sure it will be difficult to guess that you see the clock on the pictures below. And it is also not clear at first sight, how we should understand the time. In fact, it’s simple. The Clock consists of three large domino bricks placed right next to each other. The first piece tells us the hours, and then the two digits for the minutes. Joe Sullivan, one of designers, says that it’s interesting to play with people’s associations. “We’re taking a well-known object out of its normal context and giving it new capabilities, allowing it to function as something completely different." Domino Clock works due to new type of electronic magnetic coil motor. Strict geometric forms and combination of black and white make this item stylish addition to your interior design.

clip image00657 Domino Wall Clock by Carbon Design Group

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Wall Clocks Collection by Diamantini & Domeniconi

Diamantini & Domeniconi have gathered a large collection of designer wall clocks on their website consisting of dozens of items. There are clocks to complete any interior, we especially liked the clocks with bright colors for fresh green and orange interiors by Pascal Tarabay and Rafaelle Darra. Most of the abstract contemporary items in this collection are by Antonino Sciortino. There are also some very interesting clocks that were created by collaboration of industrial designer and fashion designer and look like a knit cushion with hour and minute hands. This clock is unique because you can put it on your sofa just like an ordinary cushion but it will show the time.

clip image001 thumb3 Wall Clocks Collection by Diamantini & Domeniconi

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