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sTONE Pillows Collection by Fivetimesone

Fivetimesone is a group of architects and designers mostly based in the north of Poland. They create objects inspired by nature and strive to expose diverse traditions of European craftsmanship. They also take care of the ecology. Take a look at the pretty pillows collection entitled sTONE collection. It is the seats and seamless pillows made in 100% from natural merino wool. All the pillows have the unique design because they are hand crafted and filled with polyester fibers to ensure high flexibility and long-term usage. The collection will bring comfort and the feeling of harmony to your house. The sTONE pillows are suitable to be placed in your living room or bedroom. Wool, as a natural raw material is durable, insulates against the cold, is hypoallergenic, breathes and does not accept dirt.

stone pillows collection by fivetimesone 2 sTONE Pillows Collection by Fivetimesone

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Sweet Present for Valentine’s Day

There is about a month until Valentine’s Day, the day which fill our hearts with love and tenderness. And now it’s high time to think about the gift to your sweetheart. It’s simply impossible to miss such holiday! All the lovers from all over the world wait for it. Do you want to make a surprise for you precious? Certainly yes!

Love-pillows will be a good present for nearest and dearest. It may be the original heart-shaped pillows with application of computer embroidery and printing. An unusual and usable gift will be a pillow with a embroidered inscription – wish or a logotype of the favorite car. The pillow may be produced of textile depending on the color of the car or the interior of your house. The stylish cushions from Etsy artisan WalktheTalk let you proclaim your love all the year round. The Maui-made pillows feature an embroidered tree covered in tiny hearts and the words “I love you” embroidered in script across the bottom.

Use this day to show to your sweethearts all your care and affection!

clip image001 thumb14 Sweet Present for Valentine’s Day

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Wall Clocks Collection by Diamantini & Domeniconi

Diamantini & Domeniconi have gathered a large collection of designer wall clocks on their website consisting of dozens of items. There are clocks to complete any interior, we especially liked the clocks with bright colors for fresh green and orange interiors by Pascal Tarabay and Rafaelle Darra. Most of the abstract contemporary items in this collection are by Antonino Sciortino. There are also some very interesting clocks that were created by collaboration of industrial designer and fashion designer and look like a knit cushion with hour and minute hands. This clock is unique because you can put it on your sofa just like an ordinary cushion but it will show the time.

clip image001 thumb3 Wall Clocks Collection by Diamantini & Domeniconi

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