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Exterior seating areas

Folding and Unfolding Furniture by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard

It is popular now to have furniture that can be folded as a constructor. These floor boards by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard can be easily transformed into a chair, a table or whatever else. The procedure is the same as manipulation with a paper, folding and unfolding it into different shapes. When folded, it is a common piece of furniture with a usual functionality and very lightweight. When unfolded, flat pieces of board with a help of special clips and small magnets can be joined together in any desirable length and width. Bright colors and patterns make the furniture stylish and a bit childish.
zhangthonsgaard 11 620x394 Folding and Unfolding Furniture by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard Read the rest of this entry »

The Double View Bench by Chloe De La Chaise

This nice two-seater bench was designed by French firm Chloe De La Chaise. A wonderful opportunity to rock is added by the favorable feature of allowing a pair to sit side by side or face to face. The backrests of the seats can be pivoted back and forth as the users wish at a particular moment of time. The Double View Bench is made of sustainably harvested materials – different types of wood, including chestnut (chataigner), oak (chene), robinia-acacia (robinia) and moabi. The bench will be perfect especially for limited spaces because of its small dimensions. For more information, visit Outdoorz Gallery.
double view bench with pivoting backrest from outdoorz gallery 1 620x464 The Double View Bench by Chloe De La Chaise Read the rest of this entry »

Really Soft Chair ‘Snöbär’ by Yonder Magnetik!

In order to understand the designer’s concept of this luxurious armchair, you should refer to the etymology of its name. ‘Snöbär’ is a snow berry in Swedish. Even though the word is Swedish, designers of the armchair are Serbian duo Yonder Magnetik! The play of words is used to show an exceptional similarity of appearance with these white berries. The shape, materials and color of Snöbär are very soft and delicate. Perfect for any room and even for garden the armchair is very effective to deal with everyday stress. Snöbär was exhibited on “Dan D” Zagreb 2010 (Exhibition of 100 designers up to 35) and Belgrade Furniture Fair, 2012.
yondermagnetik snobar 01 620x413 Really Soft Chair Snöbär by Yonder Magnetik! Read the rest of this entry »

‘MEET ME!’: Wonderful Meeting Place by Ligita Brege

This construction is hard to be called just a bench. It is not only real seating system, it is also a design element for outdoors or for public spaces. ‘MEET ME!’ is an idea of young designer from Latvia, whose name is Ligita Brege. The concept of the modular seating system is attracting of people’s attention to meet, interact and communicate with each other. There are different levels of the system, allowing use it in for various purposes. Depending on the need of the user ‘MEET ME!’ can be used as a place for seating, lying down, as a table or a place you can just lean on, and whatever else.
meet me seating ligita brege 2b 620x478 MEET ME!: Wonderful Meeting Place by Ligita Brege Read the rest of this entry »

Series of Luxury Outdoor Furniture by Skyline Design

Today we’ll tell about the wonderful series of luxury outdoor furniture by Skyline Design. The series includes a trio of special fixtures – daybeds with the most comfortable pieces of furniture to relax. The daybeds are crafted from wicker and cane, hand woven into special patterns. The cane is finished with water-resistant and washable materials, in addition the furniture is totally recyclable and Eco friendly. The collection consists of wonderful trio: Spartan day bed, Shade day bed and Iglu day bed.
The Spartan day bed has two woven panels in a patented “Black Mushroom” finish with of freshly white lounge, rounded at a slight angle. The form itself is very romantic and beautiful. The Shade day bed has a conical silhouette, providing a cozy shady place for solitude. The Iglu day bed has a spherical design, resembling the bitten apple, just like the logo in three-dimensional view of the famous company Apple. The top of the day bed is removable, that gives a good providing of sunlight. The cozy cushions and pillows inside of it make it excellent for relaxing and reading.
spartan daybed skyline 1 Series of Luxury Outdoor Furniture by Skyline Design Read the rest of this entry »

Versatile Suspended Tent: Tentsile

This Tree Tent is a unique purchase for the tourists and Hikers. Rainy weather and extreme landscapes are not the problem now, there is no need to clear the ground of the leaves, stones and mud. And even more important that the hanging on higher level floor of the tent protects the tourists against wildlife. Versatile Tentsile, the frame of which is held in tension from three points, can be hanged not only among the trees but also assigned to the sides of cliffs or whenever it can be fixed. Position of sleeping sections depending on the model of tent can be along the spokes or located in the central area, the side and bottom entries can vary too. “The structure comprises a collapsible frame of webbing straps with fire retardant, UV PU and water resistant polyester fabric infill panels”.
tentsile deployment models options Versatile Suspended Tent: Tentsile Read the rest of this entry »

Swingrest Lounger for Hanging it Indoors and Outdoors: by Dedon

DEDON is a company, that is known for its interesting inventions for the home. Recently they released iconic Nestrest lounger, that has become very popular. Inspired by its popularity, Daniel Pouzet, co-architect and designer of Dedon Island, has created the Swingrest hanging lounger, which is even more functional, more spacious and suitable for almost any placement. The lounger comes with a special fabric curtain cover, the upholstery and cushions of different material and different colors are also available. The new design also has a basket-like bottom, reminding of a nest and at the same time it takes up less space that allows to hang it on the terrace or veranda. But the most remarkable thing is that it is perfect for hanging it outdoors, on a branch of a tall tree or above the water’s edge.
SWINGREST 7 620x409 Swingrest Lounger for Hanging it Indoors and Outdoors: by Dedon Read the rest of this entry »

‘Collerette’ Puof with a Blanket by Les M Design Studio

You will not find better and more extraordinary place to rest in front of the TV than the wonderful pouf by Les M Design Studio, which is called ‘Collerette’. The chair with blanket is ideal when it gets cold and uncomfortable, especially when it is used as an outdoor seating. Using the pouf together with a sofa, you can create an extraordinary bed. The poufs are designed as a single and double version, depending on size. However, double ‘Collerette’ can be used as a small sofa or a small chair. The rolled-up blanket doubles as a back and the armrests of the seat.
collerette 1 620x826 ‘Collerette’ Puof with a Blanket by Les M Design Studio Read the rest of this entry »

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