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Kids Bedroom

Funny Chairs with Horns and Hooves by Kamina & C

This collection of chairs is one of those that make people happy and kind. The project, consisting of Bambi, sheep and cow chairs, designed by Kamina & C (Tokyo), was presented on MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2013. Bambi chair was the first favorite, made last year; today sheep and cow chairs have joined it. Together they look like a funny harmonious trio, making children and adults smile. Furry round seats have backs in the form of horns and legs with stylized hooves. It’s not just furniture, but toys, causing people not only to sit down but to touch and pat.
funny chairs 620x434 Funny Chairs with Horns and Hooves by Kamina & C Read the rest of this entry »

Wonderful Blow Shelving by YOY

This wonderful hovering shelves are designed by YOY in 2012 and called Blow shelving. They are the sheets of molded thin steel of A4-size. The sheets are bent in various directions that makes them even more airy and light. Steel plates can be easily mounted into the wall with a hook. There are five different forms of the shelves, which together create an image of floating clouds or air vortices. Pale shades of surrounding interior contribute the creation of an image of tenderness. Shelving has a more aesthetical aims rather than functional and will be very good for kids bedrooms.
blow shelving yoy 3b 620x413 Wonderful Blow Shelving by YOY Read the rest of this entry »

Multifunctional Modular Furniture for Bedrooms

Italian company Tumidei has many wonderful ideas and furniture items for children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms. Multifunctional modular pieces of furniture, combining functionality of different purposes simultaneously, are made especially for tight spaces. There are very nice solutions of different combinations for multiple kids. The lofted twin beds with cabinets or a desk inside of them, the stairs with drawers and many other ideas. The key idea of almost all solutions is using of lofted bed, allowing for maximum savings of space. The range of color scheme is very large, that makes the bedrooms very stylish and beautiful. The material of furniture is ecologically friendly.
tumedei1 620x515 Multifunctional Modular Furniture for Bedrooms Read the rest of this entry »

‘OSKARatWORK’: furniture that makes children happier, by Perludi

Many times we have already told about this company and their products. But when we speak about the furniture for children – it can’t be enough, because as soon as we become parents, we realize that we must do everything to make our children’s life easy and comfortable. ‘OSKARatWORK’ by Perludi is a table and bench that families with several children should have. The set is designed for children up to about eight years, when all of their environment should be directed towards creative play. The bench allows to take all the positions for physical activity – kneeling, sitting, slouching or lying down. Under the tabletop and bench seat there are shelves for pens, paper and other kid’s stashes and useful items. The table and bench, made of birch plywood and 100 % wool, are covered with a special fabric that is ideal for writing and drawing. This assembly for sure can make the children happier.
perludi oskaratwork 01 620x407 OSKARatWORK: furniture that makes children happier, by Perludi Read the rest of this entry »

Comfortable Bed and Sleeping Bag Totoro

Children adore sleeping with soft toys. And the softer the toys the more willing to take them to the bed, using as an extra pillow or even as a defender from the night monsters. Giant sleeping bag-pillow Totoro Bed, copied from the main character of the wonderful animated movie My Neighbor Totoro, will be comfortable not only for children but also for adults. Despite its apparent childishness, full-sized Totoro Bed will be quite enough to accommodate two adults or three or four kids. Genial soft giant Totoro is a wonderful place for children to play or for relaxing with a book or laptop. It is available through Ebay.
Totoro 14 620x465 Comfortable Bed and Sleeping Bag Totoro Read the rest of this entry »

Furniture of Bright Colors by Lagranja Design

A distinctive feature of this modern collection of furniture is the use of pops of color and simple forms. The collection includes cabinets, shelves and tables, designed by Spain-based Lagranja Design. Wide palette of bright colors and textures makes the line extremely attractive, amusing and, what is more important, inspiring. Appearance and brightness of the collection doesn’t force it to be reserved for the kids’ play room only. Sturdy and easy to use this contemporary furniture line provides awesome functionality, so it will be very suitable as for home office or living area as well as for dining room and of course for a play room.
Midi MidiColors web 01 620x401 Furniture of Bright Colors by Lagranja Design Read the rest of this entry »

Bedroom for children by Di Liddo and Perego

The theme of children’s bedroom will be always very famous. In spite of this fact sometimes it is very difficult to make the bedroom beautiful and functional in terms of children’s needs. Di Liddo & Perego have tried to focus attention on the different design elements and specialized furniture while not forgetting about the aesthetics. They have proposed to the consideration of customers two themes with using of white, blue, orange and brown colors. The functionality is provided by bookshelves, cabinet system, a desk set and other interior elements, which are mainly made from high quality wood.
Kid’s Bedroom by Di Liddo and Perego Bedroom for children by Di Liddo and Perego Read the rest of this entry »

Multifunctional Sleeping Bag from Oradaria

The goal of the Italians design group Oradaria is ‘to perform design, ranging from abstraction to concreteness, through the many forms of it‘. Their creative product sleeping bag totally corresponds their goals. “Blandito” is made for children and adults and can be transformed into innumerable forms including well known items for us: chair, mattress, pillow or just a rug. It is very nice for kids because it’s warm and comfortable. Sleeping bag saves a space so it’s very useful especially for small rooms. There is a number of different forms and colors of the bags that will suit to everyone’s taste.
sleepingbag6 Multifunctional Sleeping Bag from Oradaria
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