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Folding and Unfolding Furniture by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard

It is popular now to have furniture that can be folded as a constructor. These floor boards by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard can be easily transformed into a chair, a table or whatever else. The procedure is the same as manipulation with a paper, folding and unfolding it into different shapes. When folded, it is a common piece of furniture with a usual functionality and very lightweight. When unfolded, flat pieces of board with a help of special clips and small magnets can be joined together in any desirable length and width. Bright colors and patterns make the furniture stylish and a bit childish.
zhangthonsgaard 11 620x394 Folding and Unfolding Furniture by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard Read the rest of this entry »

Perfect Table with Accessories for Workplace by Box Clever

This piece of furniture is specifically designed for the convenience of use in the workplace in an office or at home. Segment table by San Francisco-based Box Clever has special slits-channels for a cable and functional accessories. Relevant to San Francisco phenomenon of nature known as shifting tectonic plates has served as inspiration for the constructing of multi-part table’s surface. Made of concrete, four parts of the surface were joined together, remaining narrow slits between them. Three useful accessories are applied to a table; they are: the brass bowl, the low copper dish and the long polished aluminum tray. The narrow channels in the surface of the table serve as a stable platform for the items. The examples of using the accessories you can see in the photos below.
segment table seth murray bret recor 2b 620x529 Perfect Table with Accessories for Workplace by Box Clever Read the rest of this entry »

New Office for Ogilvy & Mather in Paris by Stéphane Malka Architecture

On the Champs-Elysees in Paris the new headquarters of Ogilvy & Mather has opened after reconstruction. The total building’s area is 7500m², so there was enough space for creativity. Especially for this project designers from Stéphane Malka Architecture has developed a modular system of transformable furniture, based on cubic elements of different heights. The main idea was to create an office space symbolizing contemporary dense city (Paris). New pieces of furniture were included into the interior of the office, such as: Inhabited Walls, Wkbench, Mutant Grounds, Wa-Walls. Contrasting colors of the ceilings and walls and unusual furnishing make office space striking and very functional at the same time. For more details you can visit the site.
office7 620x413 New Office for Ogilvy & Mather in Paris by Stéphane Malka Architecture Read the rest of this entry »

Colorful Collection of ‘Multiverse’ Wallpapers by Karim Rashid

The famous designer Karim Rashid has presented a bright and colorful collection of wallpapers called ‘Multiverse’. The collection, designed for the Italian brand Glamora, has a unique style that is peculiar to the talented designer. Coloring of wallpapers is characterized by a richness of optical effects and illusions, resembling a bizarre kaleidoscope. Multiverse collection includes nine models of wallpaper in four color variants: Orb, Miasma, Auro and Dazzle. ‘Multiverse’ will be perfect for rooms of young people and for clubs, or for those people who wants to add some novelty and brightness to his interior design.

multiverse wallpaper karim rashid 2b 620x620 Colorful Collection of  Multiverse Wallpapers by Karim Rashid


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Colorful Composition with Cactus

Cactus, planted in the sand of bright colors, is unusually beautiful and it certainly will enliven any workplace. Colorful gardens appeared in Japan in the 15th century and became very popular. Traditionally colorful gardens consisted of sand and stones, but in the present-day gardens stones have been replaced by cacti. Colorful sand – yellow, orange, purple, blue, black or white – with cactus looks very original especially in transparent pot. Beautiful patterns in the sand can be made with a thin stick, just use your imagination and you will get an excellent result. This is a perfect example of decor for office or computer place at home. By the way it may be a wonderful gift for friends.
cactus04 Colorful Composition with Cactus Read the rest of this entry »

‘Babylon Light’ with a Flower Pot by Ryan Taylor

The Plantable light fixture was created by Ryan Taylor, specializing in interactive, graphic and industrial design, in collaboration with Planting Design Advisor Victoria Taylor. The name of the lamp is Babylon Light – has a clear allusion to the Hanging Gardens of Nebuchadnezzar’s wife, is a hollow disk-like construction made of aluminum with a hole in the middle, intended for a lamp. The empty space is used as a flower pot. Babylon Light would look great in the kitchen or living room as well as in the office where it will create “eco-friendly” atmosphere, which is so important in any office staff. Due to designers now everybody can have his own hanging garden.
IMG 8893 620x465 Babylon Light with a Flower Pot by Ryan Taylor Read the rest of this entry »

Paper Donut: Office by Alexis Facca

Paper donut is a work of French designer. Alexis Facca is well known for his projects in paper art and set design. This office is not just one of ordinary works with paper; it is actually a piece of art. Time stood still in this office at the mark of 80 years. The idea was to recreate the office of a British advertising agency from 1980′s. Furniture, modeled on real world pieces, fully corresponds that time, and even the calendar is open to June 83. First vivid impression is produced by bright colors and well-chosen color combinations. But in general, the accuracy and thoroughness of all details’ reproduction impress most of all.
PaperDonut TheOffice 1 620x496 Paper Donut: Office by  Alexis Facca Read the rest of this entry »

‘Fabbrica del vapore’ Vases in Mouth Blown Glass Created by Ionna Vautrin and Guillaume Delvign

Cooperation of artists and designers always gives excellent results. This is about a series of vases ‘Fabbrica del vapore’ created by French designers Ionna Vautrin and Guillaume Delvigne in 2008. The vase consists of two parts – of the vase itself in mouth blown glass and of ceramic base. There is a choice of different unusual asymmetrical shapes, sizes and colors. In our opinion, a better result can be achieved by using a combination of several vases, located in the same room. The series was presented during the Milan Furniture Fair 2008 inside the exhibition “Industreal Overture”; the Wallpaper Award 2009 of the best vase was received for this work.
vases2 620x465 Fabbrica del vapore Vases in Mouth Blown Glass Created by Ionna Vautrin and Guillaume Delvign Read the rest of this entry »

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