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Pillows & Sheets

Comfortable Bed and Sleeping Bag Totoro

Children adore sleeping with soft toys. And the softer the toys the more willing to take them to the bed, using as an extra pillow or even as a defender from the night monsters. Giant sleeping bag-pillow Totoro Bed, copied from the main character of the wonderful animated movie My Neighbor Totoro, will be comfortable not only for children but also for adults. Despite its apparent childishness, full-sized Totoro Bed will be quite enough to accommodate two adults or three or four kids. Genial soft giant Totoro is a wonderful place for children to play or for relaxing with a book or laptop. It is available through Ebay.
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Multifunctional Sleeping Bag from Oradaria

The goal of the Italians design group Oradaria is ‘to perform design, ranging from abstraction to concreteness, through the many forms of it‘. Their creative product sleeping bag totally corresponds their goals. “Blandito” is made for children and adults and can be transformed into innumerable forms including well known items for us: chair, mattress, pillow or just a rug. It is very nice for kids because it’s warm and comfortable. Sleeping bag saves a space so it’s very useful especially for small rooms. There is a number of different forms and colors of the bags that will suit to everyone’s taste.
sleepingbag6 Multifunctional Sleeping Bag from Oradaria
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Luminube – pillowcase with integrated LED lights by Takanori Matsukobo

According to the medical requirements reading while lying on the back is not recommended, but if one has to resort to doing it there have to be directed powerful light on the subject of reading. That is the light should come from behind the reading person. The best solution for such situations is a pillowcase with integrated LED lights, designed by Takanori Matsukobo, which provides ambient light. There is one more useful opportunity of ‘Luminube’ – it is an alarm clock, which is programmed with smartphone. This invention is also very good for those children who are afraid of the dark.
luminube3 620x438 Luminube   pillowcase with integrated LED lights by Takanori Matsukobo
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Ostrich Pillow Designed by Kawamura Ganjavian

One of the most important essentials in our life is our naps. To have a good health and good mood we have to have comfortable sleep. A new revolutionary product designed by Kawamura Ganjavian and supported by STUDIO BANANA THiNGS enables easy power naps anytime and anywhere. The OSTRICH PILLOW allows relaxing and calming down in some public place as if you are in your own world. The pillow isolates a head and the hands (mind and body) when you sleep sitting at the desk or on the chair, bench or wherever you may be.
pillow5 620x413 Ostrich Pillow Designed by Kawamura Ganjavian
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GardenRug by Pia Wustenberg

This excellent idea to create the Garden Rug came to the mind of London-based designer Pia Wustenberg. For people who live in an apartment of a big city and has no possibility to enjoy the nature this rug would be very helpful solution. The rug is made from an organic material that favors the germination of green plants. It is very soft and pleasant to the touch. When one lie on the rug one feels like he is sinking into a grass pillow. Moreover it is very beautiful due to the natural patterns formed by plants. There is one more great advantage of the rug – it can be watered.
gardenrug 620x481 GardenRug by Pia Wustenberg
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Pillow with a Hood by Hoodiepillow

It’s great when designers try to worry not only about aesthetics and beauty of the products, but also about its functionality and usability. This pillow of Hoodiepillow is a wonderful confirmation of it. Innovation and main usefulness of this pillow is in its hood. First of all the hood can be used as neck support or back support, and of course, it will shield from distracting light and noise. The pillow is very comfortable for reading, TV watching, resting, sleeping and relaxing. There are many different colors of the pillows to everybody’s taste.
hooded pillow4 Pillow with a Hood by Hoodiepillow
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sTONE Pillows Collection by Fivetimesone

Fivetimesone is a group of architects and designers mostly based in the north of Poland. They create objects inspired by nature and strive to expose diverse traditions of European craftsmanship. They also take care of the ecology. Take a look at the pretty pillows collection entitled sTONE collection. It is the seats and seamless pillows made in 100% from natural merino wool. All the pillows have the unique design because they are hand crafted and filled with polyester fibers to ensure high flexibility and long-term usage. The collection will bring comfort and the feeling of harmony to your house. The sTONE pillows are suitable to be placed in your living room or bedroom. Wool, as a natural raw material is durable, insulates against the cold, is hypoallergenic, breathes and does not accept dirt.

stone pillows collection by fivetimesone 2 sTONE Pillows Collection by Fivetimesone

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Sweet Present for Valentine’s Day

There is about a month until Valentine’s Day, the day which fill our hearts with love and tenderness. And now it’s high time to think about the gift to your sweetheart. It’s simply impossible to miss such holiday! All the lovers from all over the world wait for it. Do you want to make a surprise for you precious? Certainly yes!

Love-pillows will be a good present for nearest and dearest. It may be the original heart-shaped pillows with application of computer embroidery and printing. An unusual and usable gift will be a pillow with a embroidered inscription – wish or a logotype of the favorite car. The pillow may be produced of textile depending on the color of the car or the interior of your house. The stylish cushions from Etsy artisan WalktheTalk let you proclaim your love all the year round. The Maui-made pillows feature an embroidered tree covered in tiny hearts and the words “I love you” embroidered in script across the bottom.

Use this day to show to your sweethearts all your care and affection!

clip image001 thumb14 Sweet Present for Valentine’s Day

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