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Multifunctional Sleeping Bag from Oradaria

The goal of the Italians design group Oradaria is ‘to perform design, ranging from abstraction to concreteness, through the many forms of it‘. Their creative product sleeping bag totally corresponds their goals. “Blandito” is made for children and adults and can be transformed into innumerable forms including well known items for us: chair, mattress, pillow or just a rug. It is very nice for kids because it’s warm and comfortable. Sleeping bag saves a space so it’s very useful especially for small rooms. There is a number of different forms and colors of the bags that will suit to everyone’s taste.
sleepingbag6 Multifunctional Sleeping Bag from Oradaria
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Rug Pompon by Nodus

Nodus is a Company the base line of which is a designing of rugs. Matali Crasset, an industrial designer of Nodus, who has the wonderful projects in her collection has created this red Pompon. The rug is alive a little, emotionally happy, very homey and friendly, resembling by its shape a radiant sun or ink blot. It is very comfortable in use – thick and soft (10-30 cm in height) it allows you to sink in its embrace. Pompone is a hand-tufted rug, made of 100% wool and produced in India. There is a range of the rugs of pattern colors.
rug1 620x413 Rug Pompon by Nodus
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GardenRug by Pia Wustenberg

This excellent idea to create the Garden Rug came to the mind of London-based designer Pia Wustenberg. For people who live in an apartment of a big city and has no possibility to enjoy the nature this rug would be very helpful solution. The rug is made from an organic material that favors the germination of green plants. It is very soft and pleasant to the touch. When one lie on the rug one feels like he is sinking into a grass pillow. Moreover it is very beautiful due to the natural patterns formed by plants. There is one more great advantage of the rug – it can be watered.
gardenrug 620x481 GardenRug by Pia Wustenberg
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Beautiful Rug collection by Piodao Group

Piodao Group is specialized in contemporary rug design. All its works are really bright and high-quality products made of 100% New Zealand wool, so they will create a cozy colorful atmosphere in any room. The Pixel rug includes the every colors found in nature. Inspired by the blossoming fields around Piodao region, Portugal, Flowers spreads an immense passion while its pattern brings to the environment a sense of happiness. And the third Capitonné rug embodies luxury and classic style. All items are available in three sizes: square (2 by 2 meters), rectangle (1.7 by 2.4 meters) and large (2 by 3 meters to fit any space.

beautiful rug collection by piodao group 2 Beautiful Rug collection by Piodao Group

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After Matisse Rug by Sonya Winner

Sonya Winner  is a British rug designer whose rugs showcase her rare talent to mix different colors. That’s why her handmade items look more like unique works of art than rugs or wall hangings. After Matisse rug was  inspired by artist Henri Matisse’s works made of paper cutouts. This irregular shaped rug has a sculptural quality with pile height variations and hand carving. Made of pure New Zealand Wool, this bright item will beautify both modern and classical interiors. Looking on the rug, it seems it consists of 10 randomly placed squares replicating the effect of color mixing. It’s bright idea!

after matisse rug by sonya winner 2 thumb After Matisse Rug by Sonya Winner

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Designer Rugs by Now Carpets

Of course each surface cover has its own advantages. But only carpet makes your room interior more welcoming. So would you like to create coziness and warmth in your house? Rugs by Now Carpets can help you. The company specializes in designer carpets made with class, attention and care. And it seems that each rug is telling its own story. These carpets allow you to travel in your own home. You can imagine yourself floating on waves, lying on the ground, walking on grass or flying in the clouds. They give you high quality and excellent modern interiors. Zaragoza Spain based Now Carpets works on the intersection of art and rugs and achieves success in both simultaneously.

clip image001 thumb20 Designer Rugs by Now Carpets

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