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Wonderful and unique surface of wood by MammaFotogramma

Wonderful and unique fabric of wood was created and patented by Italian design firm MammaFotogramma. The name of the fantastic surface is a Woodskin that reflects the ability of material to show the dual nature. It looks like a wood and it is a wood, but at the same time it is flexible and can be molded into almost any intricate shape. The manufacture involves ‘the process of excavation with a CNC cutting machine’. As a result we can see a composite mesh of small triangles. The advantage of using the Woodskin is great and most significant is the use in furniture and interior design.
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Moving Labyrinth by Nova Jiang

This interesting construction was designed and created by New York-based Chinese artist Nova Jiang. It consists of modular elements with rotating planters controlled by a software program that continuously generates new maze patterns. Full construction consists of particles of broken glass, plastic and other detritus; the planters contain live moss collected from the sides of buildings, cracks in the pavement and so on. As the author says, ’they form a patchwork of unintentional archaeology’. The rotation makes people to change direction by going through the space where the maze is installed. This sculpture is not just decoration or mere classical labyrinth, Jiang positions her work as an object of literary creativity or mathematical beauty.
This sculpture, quite useless at first sight, has very deep sense. People in their usual life make everything without any sense and not enjoying the process. Kinetic maze develops in people clarity of mind by making people stop and think.

IMG 6715 620x413 Moving Labyrinth by Nova Jiang


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Create a visual comfort with beautiful Wallpaper by Mineheart

UK-based company Mineheart offers interesting collections of wallpaper. Looking at them, you couldn’t believe it is simple wallpaper, because they resemble upholstery or metal gate or bookshelves. So, you can choose Bookshelf wallpaper for minimalist office design or soft Chesterfield Button Back wallpaper for cozy yet luxury interior of living area or even bedroom. You can also decorate a whole room or just make an accent on a feature wall. It is printed on to finest quality 300gram fabric backed textured paper and is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. All samples are available on request.

create a visual comfort with beautiful wallpaper by mineheart 2 Create a visual comfort with beautiful Wallpaper by Mineheart

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Creative Apartment Design by EXE STUDIO

Architects and designers from EXE STUDIO have completed the apartment design for a young business school student in Belgrade, Serbia. The total area of the flat is 69 square meters. All surfaces are painted in white with bright accents of black and green elements. Centerpiece of the design is a big black block placed between the living room and kitchen, that separated two zones. This item is a godsend in terms of functional – on the one hand, it is used as a stand for the TV, and on the other – it hides kitchen furniture. There are lots of hexagons in the interior; these designed elements are placed on the wall, at ceiling and at the box. They have three functions: shelves, lighting elements and masks. In general, the design is very creative and I think the young lady will feel herself comfortable there.

creative apartment design by exe studio 2 Creative Apartment Design by EXE STUDIO

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Bar Counter Design Ideas

In this post we have collected for you the various bar counters, which are so popular in a modern kitchen or dining room design. At the same time they could be used in studio apartments (for the zoning of space), and in common kitchens. Counters can be placed separately as islands or be a continuation of the kitchen set. Choosing a bar counter you should consider three main points: 1) convenience; 2) functionality; 3) aesthetics. The material should be easy to clean and maintain but that creates a visual centerpiece for this spirited area. The most popular materials are marble, stainless steel, soapstone, wood and so on.

bar counter design ideas 2 Bar Counter Design Ideas

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New Look to Wall Art by EazyWallz

Thinking about unusual and pretty wallpapers? The site called EazyWalls offers a wide range of large scale photographic art and illustrations that can be adhered to walls. The prices are reasonable: starting from around $230 and up depending on the size. Eazy Wallz combines the peel-and-stick decal trend with the wall mural trend, offering large-scale digital prints that start around 6×4 feet and grow as wide as 24 feet or as tall as 12 feet. You can find all kinds of photographs according to your taste: historical ruins, breathtaking ocean views, funny animals, space theme, city landscapes, flowers and even the American flag. Moreover, you can custom design of your own with your own photos or illustrations. May be it will be larger than life portrait of your kids or a favorite personal photo. All your wishes by EazyWallz!

new look to wall art by eazywallz 2 New Look to Wall Art by EazyWallz

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Make Your House More Creative With The Glass

Nowadays many people try to find new ideas how to create unique and memorable interior. Glass becomes a real windfall for the designers. This material is known to people for several thousand years. But it is often called “the material of the future” – it is on the peak of popularity now. The ideas of using the glass in modern interior are practically boundless: it is perfectly combined with different styles from classic to high-tech. And it’s suitable for both home and office interior. Glass can be used in the partition between rooms and transparent doors, beveled windows and decorative vases, original mirrors and “air” furniture, glass walls, stairs and even floor. The ideas are countless. Your house will be like a palace from a fairy-tale.

clip image001 thumb31 Make Your House More Creative With The Glass

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Making concrete surfaces look warm and sexy

We have recently reviewed this modern cottage that looks quite cold mostly because of it’s gray polished concrete floors. Now lets see how we can decorate such concrete floor to make it friendly and actually integrate and bring some complexity to your interior. The first and the most obvious thing you can do with your concrete floor is paint it! This home on the pictures below is made of concrete, but look at how fun and cozy it looks. Another option is to use smooth shapes or lets say floral stamps to make it warmer. The only bad thing about concrete is that often it still tends to be cold like a stone, unless if you live in a warm geography.

clip image001 thumb15 Making concrete surfaces look warm and sexy

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