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Landscape Design

The Design of the House in Kennemerdeynen Dutch National Park: I29 Interior Architects

The design of this house mainly depended on its unique location – on the edge of Kennemerdeynen Dutch National Park. I29 interior architects decided to achieve a harmonious fusion of the interior with the surrounding landscape. Glass facades which provide a wonderful view and natural light, green patio and one more interesting solution to withdraw the part of the space under a grassy slope – all this has ensured a smooth transition from living nature into the building. The choice of materials was defined by the natural theme: natural pine wood has become a leitmotif of the interior decoration: facing panels on the walls, sliding doors, furniture and even finishing of the fireplace are made with the use of wood.
home09 1 620x413 The Design of the House in Kennemerdeynen Dutch National Park: I29 Interior Architects Read the rest of this entry »

‘Wamberal House’ in a Picturesque Place of the Central Coast of NSW: by Virginia Kerridge

The project ‘Wamberal House’ was called so by architect Virginia Kerridge according to its natural location – Wamberal Beach and lagoon on the central coast of NSW. The house was built for a family, the only request of which was to maximize views and connection to garden areas by integrating the architecture into its surroundings. As a result the house was designed with an open frontage, so it has picturesque views to the beach and lagoon at the same time. Moreover, due to minimizing of architectural bulk, the green outside space with garden areas are opened from each room. The most beautiful views are accessed from top level with a master bedroom. The house was built with a use of recycled materials and has such sustainable features as water tank storage for the pool and gardens, cross-ventilation and north facing glass.
01 Wamberal Beach House Virginia Kerridge Photo by Brett Boardman 3 650x432 620x412 Wamberal House in a Picturesque Place of the Central Coast of NSW: by Virginia Kerridge Read the rest of this entry »

On the Land as Well as on the Sea: H3 House by 314 Architecture Studio

The inspiration of this extraordinary wonderful project was love for the yachts, which the initiators of the project feel. “H3″ is located in a very picturesque place in Athens. The two-floor house was designed by Greek firm 314 architecture studio for single family. The main part of the house, supported by special pillars, ‘hovers’ over a large swimming pool. Thanks to a large area, the house accommodates a large number of rooms. Garage, technical rooms, a gym and sauna, two bedrooms with private bathrooms designed for guests are located on the first floor. On the second floor, in the lower part of it, there is a dining room and a large living room. These spaces are separated from the terrace by sliding glass partition. On the upper part of the second floor there is the green terraced platform. Inside of the upper console volume, supported by the pillars, there is a bedroom, lounge with exit to the roof, bathroom and cloakroom. The house is eco-friendly and ‘provides energy saving for cooling and heating systems through the means of the coil fan’.
314 6 620x349 On the Land as Well as on the Sea:  H3 House by 314 Architecture Studio Read the rest of this entry »

House Hafner with Area for Guests by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture

This house (‘Hafner’) in southern Germany with a total size of 180 sqm is located at the end of an alley facing the beautiful forest and valley. The building was designed for a couple with a requirement to organize an independent area for guests. Achieving the goal became possible due to the slight remodelling of the topography with a difference of 3 meters height. As a result the house was divided into two parts. One part for guests (‘extroverted area’): cubic-shaped glazed area with kitchen and dining room. From this opened for seeing area offers a beautiful view of the forest and valley. Whilst the other, private part (‘introverted area’), is hidden from view. There are bedroom, bathroom, dressing room and a library are located here. The roof is gabled and repeats the roof shapes, which is common in southern Germany. A green lawn in front of the main entrance is linked to a flight of stairs and the parking lot. This beautiful and unusual project is designed by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture.
HouseHafnerEXT04 620x699 House Hafner with Area for Guests by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture Read the rest of this entry »

MO House among the Trees by FRPO

This home on the outskirts of Madrid was really difficult work for architects – FRPO (Rodriguez & Oriol Architecture). The main complication of construction was that the MO House had to be built amongst the trees. The difficulty was increased by the difference in height of levels in the natural landscape. As a result, the construction consists of simple forms, woven with each other around the trees into complex geometry. As for material, at the beginning there were some poor technical solutions with using of steel skeleton and concrete slabs. Then it was found that the lighter system assembled in a more accurate manner would be more appropriate. Finally, a cross-laminated wood panel by KLH was chosen as main material. The wonderful design solution allowed the nature to remain intact.
mo house11 620x318 MO House among the Trees by FRPO Read the rest of this entry »

X House on the Hill by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

This home is located in the picturesque outskirts of Barcelona, right on the hillside in Cabrils. The architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales have built the house in the shape of the letter X by pursuing several design goals: to provide wonderful spectacular valley views, while avoiding looking towards the neighbors. Moreover, this form proved to be very comfortable and unique. When building the house a rare technique was used, which is regularly used for the infrastructural construction such as bridges and tunnels. The use of high-density concrete allowed to create single-sided formwork of high structural resistance which serves as a structural skin. The access to the house is possible from a streetside, located at the top of the two levels. The X house has two floors and parking zone. We suggest you to look at the wonderful views of interiors and exteriors of the home.
x house 620x377 X House on the Hill by Cadaval & Solà Morales Read the rest of this entry »

House with an Unique Shape by IROJE KHM Architects

This site in Sungmam, Gyeounggi-do, (Korea) is not suitable for house bulding because of inclined and irregular form of the land. But architects (IROJE KHM Architects) have found a way to build here a wonderful beautiful house. They have adjusted the shape of the architecture to the shape of the site. The complex use of the house as an working place from the one hand and a living place – from the other have predetermined its construction: the building was separated into upper layer and underground layer. Inside there is a skip floor system which produces the visual and spatial continuity. There is one more wonderful decision – to build on the open space in each level the floating bamboo garden which provides an unusual impression.
IROJE KHM 620x481 House with an Unique Shape by IROJE KHM Architects
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“Chimney House” with Trees in São Paulo, Brazil

This house, located in São Paulo, is the most obvious example of reunification with nature, where the living space of the house is gradually transformed into the fauna of Brazilian forests. A cozy wooden patio with trees is a continuation of some rooms of the house. But the more remarkable in this house are the chimneys on the rooftop of varied shapes. There are some distinguishing chimneys on the rows of houses in the city of São Paulo, and this one is also one of them. Two-storied house has a living room, the kitchen, TV room and three bedrooms. The master bedroom on the second floor extends outward to a wooden-decked solarium. Here a ground fire can be used to cook a great bar-b-cue for guests or to light the house on a dark night. The architects of this “Chimney House” are a Studio MK27, Marcio Kogan.
house chemney9 620x416 Chimney House with Trees in São Paulo, Brazil
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