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Kingdom-kindergarten for Children in Tianjin by SAKO architects

SAKO architects have created a whole kingdom for children in Tianjin. The building of kindergarten has a total area of 4,308 square meters of mysterious structures, such as windows of various sizes, open porches of bright colors, glazed skylights, through which sunlight illuminates the ground floor, and others. The ‘LOOP’ is the name of kindergarten which echoes back the form of the building. Colosseum of the classrooms has a rounded shape with a wood outdoor courtyard in the center. No one element of the building has a single sharp corner. Classrooms are organized over three levels, on the top of which there are a rooftop garden and playgrounds. The color scheme of all the constructions is very bright and logistically chosen for fast identifying of different areas in the structure.
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Renovated Penthouse with a Slide by David Hotson

We often do not have enough fun in our life. We used to do everything according to the rules and plans. The architect David Hotson decided to remedy this situation by turning the space of renovated 19th-century penthouse in New York City into an amusement park for children and their parents. The first and the most remarkable thing have been added to the four stories building is a silvery tubular slide, made of polished stainless steel, spiraling down through all four stories and giving an exit only on the third floor and then at the very first floor. Of course, it is not the only way to travel between the floors. There is a beautiful white staircase that offers a slower path between floors, where you can enjoy many interesting playful details, including neon furniture and artwork. At the center of the building there is a well-like four-story entry hall that brings daylight down. This penthouse is a really brave architect’s decision and a wonderful work of art.
Penthouse Slide 41 620x413 Renovated Penthouse with a Slide by David Hotson
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Playhouses by Smart Playhouses Inspired by Danish Design

Children are great fantasists who have their peculiar and unique inner world. Today children are very different from us when we were in our childhood years. They need an opportunity to have a private space, just as adults have, where they organize their living space in their own way. So let the child develop harmoniously without disturbing his worldview. Playhouses by Smart Playhouses will help your child to feel himself the rightful owner of his small Kingdom. These miniature homes were inspired by Danish design, which is modest, functional and simple. They look just as the summer homes which many Scandinavians have. And only a greater range of colors and a little bit playful design shows their natural purpose.
playhouse6 Playhouses by Smart Playhouses Inspired by Danish Design
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Moving Labyrinth by Nova Jiang

This interesting construction was designed and created by New York-based Chinese artist Nova Jiang. It consists of modular elements with rotating planters controlled by a software program that continuously generates new maze patterns. Full construction consists of particles of broken glass, plastic and other detritus; the planters contain live moss collected from the sides of buildings, cracks in the pavement and so on. As the author says, ’they form a patchwork of unintentional archaeology’. The rotation makes people to change direction by going through the space where the maze is installed. This sculpture is not just decoration or mere classical labyrinth, Jiang positions her work as an object of literary creativity or mathematical beauty.
This sculpture, quite useless at first sight, has very deep sense. People in their usual life make everything without any sense and not enjoying the process. Kinetic maze develops in people clarity of mind by making people stop and think.

IMG 6715 620x413 Moving Labyrinth by Nova Jiang


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Easy to install house – Loftcube by Studio Aisslinger

Could you imagine a room, which offers an overview of a full 360 degrees? The designers from Studio Aisslinger have created such project. LoftCube is a place where you can work, relax, spend time with friends. This design offers endless possibilities of thrilling spaces, stunning views, so the moments, you’ll spent there, will be simply unforgettable. LoftCube features a futuristic architecture, a huge amount of daylight, the possibility of individual design, light weight and ease of installation. Comfort and innovative technology are joined together in this project. The result of designers’ work is a set-up time of only three days including the interior. It’s very interesting and fresh idea for modern lifestyle, how do you think?

easy to install house loftcube by studio aisslinger 2 Easy to install house – Loftcube by Studio Aisslinger

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Wendy House by Sanei Hopkins Architects: a Small Project with a Big Success

The small Wendy House located in Friston, Suffolk, United Kingdom was designed by Amir Sanei from Sanei Hopkins Architects. He is a master to create the small masterpieces. The architect used the salvaged windows and materials from a local store at a cost of just £750. The three sides of the house are surrounded by the windows with the mirror surface which reflects back to the neighbours’ garden and the forth side is solid. This house was constructed not only for amusement; Amir Sanei wanted to push the boundaries of what you can consider as a small project. He even won the RIBA Small Projects award.

wendy house by sanei hopkins architects a small project with a big success 2 Wendy House by Sanei Hopkins Architects: a Small Project with a Big Success

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