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Kitchen Renovation by CUBE Architecten

CUBE Architecten has renovated the interior of the Amsterdam apartment. The owner of the apartment is a cookery expert, so the main task for the architects – Pieter van der Pot and Marloes van Heteren – was to develop a distinctive original kitchen, which had to be not only for cooking but for communication with the guests also. The solution was to make an extended room of white Corian, accommodating all the basic functionality of the kitchen together with a spacious dining table. The tabletop gently curves down and goes into the console dining table for 6 persons, effectively hovering in the air without any support. The architects have used to advantage the peculiarity of the apartment – different-level height. On the highest level the podium lounges with windows facing the canal is located, a bit lower there is a working part of the kitchen, and at the very bottom a dining area with access to the patio is located.
KLOVENIERSBURGWAL 21 620x716 Kitchen Renovation by CUBE Architecten Read the rest of this entry »

3D-Printed Walls by Bryuman François and Sonia Laugier

Bryuman François in collaboration with Sonia Laugier demonstrated their 3D-Printed Habitat Custom Furnishings in exhibitions Imm Cologne and Maison & Objet. The unique innovative product is the modular walls with polygonal texture (3D-prints). Very convenient especially for the limited spaces, it can be solving for many problems. Modular system includes bedroom, shower and dressing room simultaneously. The partitions are mobile and can be transformed into more complex shapes. Some useful accessories, such as sockets, shelves, coat hooks and others, are integrated into the walls. You can read mor in in-flexions.
printed habitat custom furnishings francois brument sonia laugier 18 620x439 3D Printed Walls by Bryuman François and Sonia Laugier Read the rest of this entry »

“Forms in Nature” Lamp, Casting Unusual Shadows, by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz

Two artists, Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz, have designed an unusual chandelier, the main idea of which is not light but shade. “Forms in Nature” lamp has such a complicated spherical structure that casts beautiful realistic shadows of the branches and trees onto the walls, floor and ceiling. The picture varies with a changing of the intensity of the light. The shadows from the dark and scary slowly turn into the soft and flickering. The project is still in development and will be released this year. Thus, soon you will have a great opportunity to make your room a magic fairy forest.
treelamp 620x465 “Forms in Nature” Lamp, Casting Unusual Shadows, by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz Read the rest of this entry »

Bookcase and Coffee Table in one by Cyril de Moulins

Despite its small size, this bookcase is able to accommodate a lot of books. Designed by Cyril de Moulins in the style of classic Scandinavian buffet of the 1950s and ’60s, the ‘Club Sandowich ‘ has rather more functionality than ordinary bookshelves. First of all, it is equipped with special mobile colored elastics that can be easily moved around, allowing you to see the spines of the books and extract the book you want. Secondly, the middle part of the shelf is equipped with a special hanging shelf, on which you can place, for example, books that most interest you at this time. In addition, ‘Club Sandowich ‘ can be added by special separators that allow you to sort the books by sections. Well, after all, it is rather pretty and convenient coffee table.
club sandowich cyril de moulins 2b1 Bookcase and Coffee Table in one by Cyril de Moulins

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Photo Frame and Lamp in one Project – Splite – by Jaakko van ‘t Spijker

Rotterdam-based designer Jaakko van ‘t Spijker has invented lamp with a new purpose: this is a lamp-picture with a personal owner’s photo. Splite (the name of the lamp) consists of photo frame together with an ambient light and 3D printed sculpture. Individual photographs are integral part of the resulting product. Buyers provide a set of photographs or pictures, which are mounted directly in the lights. Thus, when the owner gets tired of the picture, it can be easily replaced by the next out of the set. There are different kinds of lamps: they are hanging lights, wall lights and table lights. The stylish lamp spreads a soft light that gives the photos an original vivifying effect.
splite light jvantspijker 3b 620x620 Photo Frame and Lamp in one Project   Splite   by Jaakko van t Spijker Read the rest of this entry »

Kempart Loft in Belgium by Dethier Architectures

The project of Dethier Architectures demonstrates an unusual transformation of industrial spaces into housing. The loft of the building, located in Liège (Belgium), was totally renovated according to the needs of the client and creative intentions of architects. The task was to create a living space in an abandoned industrial bakery for a couple with no children. At first the Kempart loft was cleaned from old unnecessary elements of design and then, on the resulting 154 sq. m of open area, the rounded modular unit with a unique design was placed. Inspired by the Airstream trailer’s aerodynamic aesthetic the unit with an aluminium skin has a round shape, painted in bright (orange, green) colors contrasting with the monochrome space apartment. Inside of it two bathrooms, utility room and bathroom are hidden as well as elements of the heating and ventilation systems. Artist Jean Glibert was responsible to select the bathroom areas’ saturated colors. The results of magical modifications you can see in the pictures below.
Kempart20 620x413 Kempart Loft in Belgium by Dethier Architectures Read the rest of this entry »

Wonderful Blow Shelving by YOY

This wonderful hovering shelves are designed by YOY in 2012 and called Blow shelving. They are the sheets of molded thin steel of A4-size. The sheets are bent in various directions that makes them even more airy and light. Steel plates can be easily mounted into the wall with a hook. There are five different forms of the shelves, which together create an image of floating clouds or air vortices. Pale shades of surrounding interior contribute the creation of an image of tenderness. Shelving has a more aesthetical aims rather than functional and will be very good for kids bedrooms.
blow shelving yoy 3b 620x413 Wonderful Blow Shelving by YOY Read the rest of this entry »

Hadron Lamp with Electroluminescent Wire Inside by Joe Doucet

To add a bit of chaos into your room you can simply place a Hadron Lamp in a conspicuous place. This stylish hand-blown lamp is a brainchild of Joe Doucet, one of the most sought after creative talents working in America. Hadron Lamp contains 20 meters of electroluminescent wire magically appearing through the translucent black glass. As Doucet says “It’s often said that a little chaos can lighten up any situation”, and it is really so. From May 17th to 20th, 2013 in New York, Joe Doucet will be presenting Hadron Lamp at Wanted Design.
hadron lamp joe doucet 3b 620x826 Hadron Lamp with Electroluminescent Wire Inside by Joe Doucet Read the rest of this entry »

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