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Affordable Interiors

3D-Printed Walls by Bryuman François and Sonia Laugier

Bryuman François in collaboration with Sonia Laugier demonstrated their 3D-Printed Habitat Custom Furnishings in exhibitions Imm Cologne and Maison & Objet. The unique innovative product is the modular walls with polygonal texture (3D-prints). Very convenient especially for the limited spaces, it can be solving for many problems. Modular system includes bedroom, shower and dressing room simultaneously. The partitions are mobile and can be transformed into more complex shapes. Some useful accessories, such as sockets, shelves, coat hooks and others, are integrated into the walls. You can read mor in in-flexions.
printed habitat custom furnishings francois brument sonia laugier 18 620x439 3D Printed Walls by Bryuman François and Sonia Laugier Read the rest of this entry »

Hadron Lamp with Electroluminescent Wire Inside by Joe Doucet

To add a bit of chaos into your room you can simply place a Hadron Lamp in a conspicuous place. This stylish hand-blown lamp is a brainchild of Joe Doucet, one of the most sought after creative talents working in America. Hadron Lamp contains 20 meters of electroluminescent wire magically appearing through the translucent black glass. As Doucet says “It’s often said that a little chaos can lighten up any situation”, and it is really so. From May 17th to 20th, 2013 in New York, Joe Doucet will be presenting Hadron Lamp at Wanted Design.
hadron lamp joe doucet 3b 620x826 Hadron Lamp with Electroluminescent Wire Inside by Joe Doucet Read the rest of this entry »

‘Marine light’ Made of Seaweed by Nir Meiri

Tel-Aviv-based designer Nir Meiri has prepared a novelty – symbiosis between the artistic work and design. The ‘Marine light’ is a lamp with a lampshade which is made with use of seaweed. Today seaweed is used in industries related to solving of environmental concerns. The base of the lamp is made of a metal frame and the shade is made of thin metal structural strings. Wet seaweed, treated with special preservatives, is fixed to the frame in a needed shape. The figurative basis of the design is the marine world where sunlight penetrates through the water and plants. The light of the lamp is very special and beautiful.
MarineLight1 620x406 ‘Marine light’ Made of Seaweed by Nir Meiri Read the rest of this entry »

Semi equipment, Semi decor: Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser

To give to an ordinary TV a natural and more suitable position within furniture interiors, designer Robert Bronwasser from SMOOL decided to dress it in fabric. The idea was to add a new spirit into the field which hasn’t been progressing for a long time, that is, to the design of the TV exterior. As a result the Homedia concept has appeared. Foreseeing a TV’s new future role as a decor, along with modifying the material and color palette of the TV, designer has tried to change a form of an equipment too. It has a streamlined shape, passing into triangular form at the bottom. Homedia will be shown during Milan Design Week 2013.
homedia tv robert bronwasser 2b 620x620 Semi equipment, Semi decor:  Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser Read the rest of this entry »

Colorful Collection of ‘Multiverse’ Wallpapers by Karim Rashid

The famous designer Karim Rashid has presented a bright and colorful collection of wallpapers called ‘Multiverse’. The collection, designed for the Italian brand Glamora, has a unique style that is peculiar to the talented designer. Coloring of wallpapers is characterized by a richness of optical effects and illusions, resembling a bizarre kaleidoscope. Multiverse collection includes nine models of wallpaper in four color variants: Orb, Miasma, Auro and Dazzle. ‘Multiverse’ will be perfect for rooms of young people and for clubs, or for those people who wants to add some novelty and brightness to his interior design.

multiverse wallpaper karim rashid 2b 620x620 Colorful Collection of  Multiverse Wallpapers by Karim Rashid


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Amazing apartment on the seacoast of the Black Sea by Re-Act Now

Located right on the Romanian seacoast of the Black Sea, in the historic town of Constanta, the apartment has not only stunning surroundings, but also an extraordinary interior. Designers, Re-Act Now, made everything best to avoid blank walls and to provide a great view with a beautiful seacoast. Glass partitions of bright colors are used instead of habitual walls. One more special thrill, added by creative designers, is a 3M Radiant Color Film stacked directly on the glass. Because of it a bizarre Refraction of Light is produced. Play of colors dilutes the overall whiteness prevailing in the paint of interiors.
apartment12 620x410 Amazing apartment on the seacoast of the Black Sea by Re Act Now Read the rest of this entry »

Spacious and Chic Apartment in Stockholm, Sweden

This chic apartment with a living area of 1,500 square feet is located in an attractive building adjacent to the Odenplan Square in Stockholm (Sweden). The apartment was built in 2004 and now it is for sale for $1.65 million. The apartment consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room with integrated kitchen, loft and tower room, which are carefully and comfortably arranged. Despite the large number of rooms the apartment is very spacious and cozy. Apartment interior is stylish and modern. Wonderful combination of colors, fashionable illumination and backlight blend perfectly with furnishing and coverings. Southwestern windows offer unobstructed views on a wonderful sunny terrace. We suggest you to look at the pictures to enjoy stylish furnishing and interiors.
Apartment in Stockholm 02 800x527 620x408 Spacious and Chic Apartment in Stockholm, Sweden Read the rest of this entry »

Perfect Spaceplates Greenhouse to Grow Your own Food

This SPACEPLATES GREENHOUSE is situated in Bristol, UK. It is created by art studio N55 in collaboration with Anne Romme. It looks very original as well as many of their products. Flying saucer has landed and settled in a peaceful place. This system is customized for living purposes, production purposes and others. It can be filled with any constructions and this space would be sufficient land to grow significant amounts of food. The main advantages of the system are light weight, minimal material and low cost. The greenhouse consists of 20 different parts of different size. SPACEPLATES GREENHOUSE can be placed anywhere where people have the need and desire to grow food and makes possible for everybody to grow and eat his own food.
greenhouse 620x465 Perfect Spaceplates Greenhouse to Grow Your own Food
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