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Bathroom Interiors

Two-level Double Sink by VitrA

Turkish company VitrA is well known as a provider of high quality and wide assortment of products. Today we’ll tell about their unusual offer which is called Family Basin. It is consists of two sinks located on different levels, one of them is at a full height of 85 centimeters and the other at 40 centimeters. Under the top sink there is a storage shelf for towels and spare soap. The lower sink can be used by both children and adults – for example, to wash their feet before going to bed. It is also very useful for people with physical limitations, providing them possibility to manage daily cleansing without outside help. At the same time the Family Basin promotes independence for kids and the elderly. In addition to these advantages it looks beautiful and chic.
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Elegant Loft Sink by Botinger & Roi

Baldwin Rust, designer from Botinger & Roi, has created very special SQ collection. And one of the most beautiful items is his Loft sink. Feminine and elegant, the sink is designed to attract people’s eyes. This item features contemporary design, sort of organic and a bit strange form. So if you want something special for your bathroom, it may be an answer. The main goal of Botinger & Roi is providing their clients with exclusive, luxurious and original furnishings – and Loft washbasin is not an exception of that. Visit the site to see other items and collections.

elegant loft sink by botinger roi 2 Elegant Loft Sink by Botinger & Roi

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Chic and Modern Touch Bathroom by Snaidero USA

Looking for some contemporary and extraordinary ideas for your bathroom design? If you are interested in giving sensational touch to this space then Touch collection by Snaidero USA can become the perfect solution for you. Designed by Michele Marcon this eye-catching bathroom combines such natural materials as knotty wood, vibrant printed fabric, leather and mirrors with the contemporary ones like glass, ceramic and chrome. Paired with ultra-chic white fixtures, this bathroom is the perfect blend of urban and country style. Touch bathroom design looks gorgeous as well as unusual and needless to say that it will draw everyone’s attention. It totally gives great different sensation proving its name. Have a look.

chic and modern touch bathroom by snaidero usa 2 Chic and Modern Touch Bathroom by Snaidero USA

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Luxury Image-In Motif Bathtub Collection by WetStyle

Here is the elegant collection of the bathtubs designed by WetStyle and called Image-in Motif collection. The design of these decorative bathtubs takes the concept of Earth, Water, Floral and Calligraphy, the styles range from contemporary and graphic to traditional and organic. They are delightful not only for your senses and eyes but also for your body. All the daily troubles will be soaked away in it, and the present relaxing feeling will fill you. Such bathtub can become a sophisticated edition to the interior of your bathroom space, and of course it will draw attention. The oval and squared shapes are available. Various design options and motive give you the freedom to determine the right choice in your home bathroom.

luxury image in motif bathtub collection by wetstyle 2 Luxury Image In Motif Bathtub Collection by WetStyle

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Rhapsody Bathtub Design from Pearl Series: Relax and Take it Easy

What can be better after a busy day then to take a warm relaxing bath? Maybe only a nice bath and a relaxing massage at the same time. If this is exactly about you than have a look at the new Rhapsody Bathup design from Pearl Series. It is produced by MAAX Collection. Such bath will bring you into experience of true relaxation, tranquility, within the warmth of your own environment. Moreover, the Rhapsody bathtub is provided with five massage systems. Pearl Rhapsody Bathtub Series is a mix of beauty and comfort for you to enjoy and escape from everyday activities. Enjoy the experience of Rhapsody and let yourself fly into an amazing feeling.

rhapsody bathtub design from pearl series relax and take it easy 2 Rhapsody Bathtub Design from Pearl Series: Relax and Take it Easy

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Beautiful Modern Concrete Collection by DadeDesign

DadeDesign Company likes experiments and innovations. It combines outstanding design with well known materials in order to create new and fresh products for everyday life. For example, we used to see concrete in exteriors of modern houses, but it’s a little unusual for bathroom design. Wave concrete tubs by DadeDesign look elegant, laconically and available in two contemporary models: the round version and the cube version to decorate your bathroom best. In addition, you can also choose the appropriate sink. These beautiful items have undulating form and modern split down the middle that helps you to create original bathroom interior.

beautiful modern concrete collection by dadedesign 1 thumb Beautiful Modern Concrete Collection by DadeDesign

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Elegant Master Bathroom Idea with Built-In Fireplace by Pearl

After a busy day the burning desire is to soak away the cares of the day taking a relaxing bath. The new luxury bathroom design by Pearl perfectly suits for this aim. With a stunning drop-in bathtub and a built-in fireplace you bathroom will have a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. The Eterne bathtub which draws attention is completed with air therapy, hydrotherapy, heat therapy, chromatherapy and aromatherapy to make your home the best spa. As the water soaked down all that stress away you can enjoy the warm fireplace with a natural wood encapsulated in steel firebox. When being in such bathroom you will feel appeasement and warmness of the cozy interior.

elegant master bathroom idea with built in fireplace by pearl 2 Elegant Master Bathroom Idea with Built In Fireplace by Pearl

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Ciuri – Noble Marble Pedestal Sink by Lithea

Feel a touch of luxury with Cuiri, a marble pedestal sink by Italian company Lithea. Its design offers beauty and muscle. The imagination of some people compares this sink with a curve of the bowl to the bottom disturbed. Others see a leaf with rainfall dropping into its surface. Free-standing pedestal sink faucets paired with simple yet stylish-floor mounting makes a modern statement. Inverted L-shaped design by Marco Piva will impress you. One more peculiar is that the designer created the chic Ciuri sink in pairs for the master bathroom – his and hers, that’s why it’s needless to share it with somebody else.

ciuri noble marble pedestal sink by lithea 2 Ciuri   Noble Marble Pedestal Sink by Lithea

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