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Bedroom Interiors

Spacious and Chic Apartment in Stockholm, Sweden

This chic apartment with a living area of 1,500 square feet is located in an attractive building adjacent to the Odenplan Square in Stockholm (Sweden). The apartment was built in 2004 and now it is for sale for $1.65 million. The apartment consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room with integrated kitchen, loft and tower room, which are carefully and comfortably arranged. Despite the large number of rooms the apartment is very spacious and cozy. Apartment interior is stylish and modern. Wonderful combination of colors, fashionable illumination and backlight blend perfectly with furnishing and coverings. Southwestern windows offer unobstructed views on a wonderful sunny terrace. We suggest you to look at the pictures to enjoy stylish furnishing and interiors.
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Colorful Composition with Cactus

Cactus, planted in the sand of bright colors, is unusually beautiful and it certainly will enliven any workplace. Colorful gardens appeared in Japan in the 15th century and became very popular. Traditionally colorful gardens consisted of sand and stones, but in the present-day gardens stones have been replaced by cacti. Colorful sand – yellow, orange, purple, blue, black or white – with cactus looks very original especially in transparent pot. Beautiful patterns in the sand can be made with a thin stick, just use your imagination and you will get an excellent result. This is a perfect example of decor for office or computer place at home. By the way it may be a wonderful gift for friends.
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The best decision for a big family by h20 Architectes: ‘furniture-wall’

Once upon a time residents of one small apartment located in the building complex in Menuires (France) have decided to renovate their living space. The designers’ task was almost impossible: they had to maximize the space without modifying the supporting framework of the structure, to make two bathrooms instead of existing one and to place eight beds within the apartments 55m2 giving opportunity of separate access for each. It was a corner apartment with views in three cardinal directions therefore another task was to retain the possibility to enjoy the panoramas. The architects (h20 Architectes) have made the best decision: to make the wooden ‘furniture-wall’ inside the apartment. It solves the main problem – a lack of space, and serves an additional function of opening up the panoramic views in all directions. This furniture-wall provides access to all items of the construction. There are beds, storage, reading corner attached to a window, kitchen and bathroom. Sleeping nooks are divided with curtains and supplied with reading lamps. The whole furniture-wall is made of different types of high quality woods.
Cabin9 620x406 The best decision for a big family by h20 Architectes: ‘furniture wall’
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Philipp Beisheim’s Table ‘Toad’

The main philosophy of popular scientific direction – synergetic – is that no one independent scientist can make an enough grand discovery as well as no one scientific field can do it independently. Demonstration of this philosophy we can watch in the projects and works of designer Philipp Beisheim. Today we want to introduce to you his project called “Toad”. This construction, containing of several segments, functions only when they are connected with each other. It is a table which can be useful as decorative stand, shelf or versatile side table. The “Toad” consists of three tabletops and three legs – each leg for appropriate tabletop. And at least two segments connected to each other acquire stability. This table looks very elegant and makes any room cozy.

Philipp Beisheim 1 620x715 Philipp Beisheims Table Toad

Toad table

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SLEEPBOX by Arch Group

The designers from Arch Group realized a contemporary project, called SLEEPBOX. This is an original idea to create a place to rest for a modern traveler. If you wait for your flight on the airport or train in the station or just don’t booked a hotel, SLEEPBOX will help you to spend your time with comfort. Located at railway stations, airports, exhibition and shopping centers, in hotels and even on city streets, these boxes can be a real discovery! Made from MDF, metal and glass, equipped with a ventilation system, lighting, sockets, security system, Wi-Fi and integrated payment terminals, such retreats may become very popular. Today, the only authorized worldwide developer, manufacturer and distributor of these items is OOO Sleepbox, Moscow, Russia.

sleepbox by arch group 2 SLEEPBOX by Arch Group

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Decorative Fairy-Tale: Mariposa by Adele-C

Want to add some fairy wings to your bedroom or your house? Then the headboard from the innovative Italian company Adele-C will be the perfect solution for you. The word Mariposa is translated as Butterfly from Spanish. It is inspired by the beauty of the shape of butterfly wings becoming the translation into reality of the metaphysical dimension of dreams. The transparent headboard is made of methacrylate material which is supported by a shelf lacquered. This pretty piece features a light and airy look especially when it lights the space at night. The unique dreamy and charming atmosphere is guaranteed. You can also put it behind your low bookshelf design to sparkle up that plain bookshelf design. Just be creative.

decorative fairy tale mariposa by adele c 2 Decorative Fairy Tale: Mariposa by Adele C

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Sophisticated Black and White Bedroom Interior Design

Looking for the modern and stylish design of the bedroom? Perhaps the photos below will impress you. The combination of black and white colours is extremely popular now. Such theme creates dramatic and unique outcome. This bedroom not only looks modern and elegant, it has a great art value. Just look at this amazing eagle on the wall. The animal decoration brings life and charm to the interior. While the white colour makes the space more airy, the black one gives a special sophistication, and festive elegance.

sophisticated black and white bedroom interior design 2 Sophisticated Black and White Bedroom Interior Design

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The Unique Colour Combination for the Bedroom Interior

Looking for the unique design of your bedroom? Then I want to represent you an interesting and unique interior design, the combination of black, red and white colours. Such concept will make the space elegant, sophisticated and contemporary looking. The unique bedroom with such colour palette decorates the room and the furniture and makes it stylish and unusual. Moreover, you will notice that the bedroom space is connected with the living one, it is considered to be an interesting and practical variant. This designer’s idea makes the bedroom very comfortable, the place for relaxation after the busy day. Take a look at the photos below.

the unique colour combination for the bedroom interior 2 The Unique Colour Combination for the Bedroom Interior

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