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Interior Renovation

Renovation of the House in London by Alma-nac

This formerly uncomfortable three-story house, occupying the tiny site between a busy street of London and stables, was modernized by the talented architects. Alma-nac is the name of London-based company which undertook to renovate the house to make it brighter and cozy. The main renovation is a sloping roof with small windows of different sizes in it, to provide sunlight. The roof and wall were covered with gray slate roofing tiles. To open the view to the garden the architects used the folding doors, replacing old dilapidated doors. Due to the renovation the house has become cute and original on the outside and cozy inside. Have a look at the photos to draw your own conclusions.
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Renovated Penthouse with a Slide by David Hotson

We often do not have enough fun in our life. We used to do everything according to the rules and plans. The architect David Hotson decided to remedy this situation by turning the space of renovated 19th-century penthouse in New York City into an amusement park for children and their parents. The first and the most remarkable thing have been added to the four stories building is a silvery tubular slide, made of polished stainless steel, spiraling down through all four stories and giving an exit only on the third floor and then at the very first floor. Of course, it is not the only way to travel between the floors. There is a beautiful white staircase that offers a slower path between floors, where you can enjoy many interesting playful details, including neon furniture and artwork. At the center of the building there is a well-like four-story entry hall that brings daylight down. This penthouse is a really brave architect’s decision and a wonderful work of art.
Penthouse Slide 41 620x413 Renovated Penthouse with a Slide by David Hotson
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Paint Rollers for Wallpapers and Elements of an Interior

If you feel a bit of an artist inside of you, you have to try your creativity with the wallpaper paint rollers. They can be used to give a second life to unloved fabrics and wonky old walls or just to add substantive decor to mere walls. The fantasy can drive you different directions: you can paint diagonally or upside down. Using the same pattern not only for wallpapers but also for interior elements the single style of the room can be achieved. It is very useful for a child to be involved in this interesting occupation, thereby cultivating in him a love for creativity and art.
wallpaper1 620x306 Paint Rollers for Wallpapers and Elements of an Interior
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130 Barrow Street Loft by ixdesign

The company’s designers ixdesign  gave new life to this loft  in New York City’s West Village.  The project was called 130 Barrow Street Loft. The total area is  1,050 sf  and apartment is located within a structure built as a truck garage in 1931. In 1983 it was turned into a condominium complex, but the crazy geometry of apartments and a limited amount of natural light betrayed the past. Designers had a lot to change to create a functional and warm interior. White color is dominated and creates the effect of additional space and lighting. Wood and velvet furniture have been added to provide the feeling of coziness and elegance.130 barrow street loft by ixdesign 1 thumb 130 Barrow Street Loft by ixdesign

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Lighthouse by BYTR Architects

BYTR Architects have renovated  house in Utrecht, The Netherlands by adding an extra floor. The exterior of the new floor is clad in perforated aluminum panels that protect the building from prying eyes and provide privacy. An one more interesting feature of facade design is magic play of light: at night, the metal is lit from the back, while in the day, the perforations provide diffuse daylight into the interior. And could you imagine a modern house without outdoor place for rest? The designers have organized a cozy rooftop terrace where the owner plants herbs garden and enjoy the view of the canal.

lighthouse by bytr architects 1 thumb Lighthouse by BYTR Architects

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Renovated Oceanfront Residence: Whaler\’s Lane by Rogers Marvel Architects

This unusual residence is an outstanding example of successful renovation of the old oceanfront house by Rogers Marvel Architects. It was looking like an old barn, and in some way it still does – thanks to the shingled facade. Its got rebuilt to include a number of new facilities such as the new swimming pool with jacuzzi, kitchen, terrace and the second floor bedroom. The result is this unusual structure consisting of multiple spaces that seem to ignore the gravity, connected by wooden passages. The house is protected from ocean winds and prying eyes on the beach by a sand dune, but it’s inhabitants can still hear the ocean. The materials used, architecture and location of this wonderful Whaler’s Lane residence make it a great place for vacation.

renovated oceanfront residence whalers lane by rogers marvel architects 1 thumb Renovated Oceanfront Residence: Whaler\s Lane by Rogers Marvel Architects

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A Modern Castle: Lymm Water Tower House by Ellis Williams Architects

Unique architecture has always attracted attention and impresses imagination. Unusual houses have a certain charm. One of them is the house that use water tower to be created as a beautiful occupancy. Designed by Ellis Williams Architects, Lymm Water Tower House won the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) award. A 130-year-old water tower in Cheshire, England’s countryside serves as the basis for the design. The house has an elegant exterior and luxury exterior as you can judge from the photos below. It contains a number of chic living spaces, the sixth-floor rooftop garden, a hot tub, sound system, a seating area, ambient lighting and the double-height master bedroom with a mezzanine bathroom. Good and inspiring work.

a modern castle lymm water tower house by ellis williams architects 4 A Modern Castle: Lymm Water Tower House by Ellis Williams Architects

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Cozy U-House by Natalie Dionne

A very awesome house was designed by Natalie Dionne in Montreal neighbourhood, Canada. The U-House was designed by the architect to house both the family residence and the office space. The dominant concept of the project is fluidity between interior and exterior spaces. The boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces are confounded when the large accordion style door is opened. The design of the U-House responds to a harsh urban context, respectfully shutting out the outside world. Focus lies towards the inner core. One of the original building large windows on the L-shaped platform actually opens the garage door, which is fully for integration into the living room to the garden. The atmosphere inside is very relaxing and cozy.

cozy u house by natalie dionne 2 Cozy U House by Natalie Dionne

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