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Kids Room Interiors

Wonderful Blow Shelving by YOY

This wonderful hovering shelves are designed by YOY in 2012 and called Blow shelving. They are the sheets of molded thin steel of A4-size. The sheets are bent in various directions that makes them even more airy and light. Steel plates can be easily mounted into the wall with a hook. There are five different forms of the shelves, which together create an image of floating clouds or air vortices. Pale shades of surrounding interior contribute the creation of an image of tenderness. Shelving has a more aesthetical aims rather than functional and will be very good for kids bedrooms.
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Semi equipment, Semi decor: Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser

To give to an ordinary TV a natural and more suitable position within furniture interiors, designer Robert Bronwasser from SMOOL decided to dress it in fabric. The idea was to add a new spirit into the field which hasn’t been progressing for a long time, that is, to the design of the TV exterior. As a result the Homedia concept has appeared. Foreseeing a TV’s new future role as a decor, along with modifying the material and color palette of the TV, designer has tried to change a form of an equipment too. It has a streamlined shape, passing into triangular form at the bottom. Homedia will be shown during Milan Design Week 2013.
homedia tv robert bronwasser 2b 620x620 Semi equipment, Semi decor:  Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser Read the rest of this entry »

Growing Tables by Austrian Designers Perludi

It’s always difficult to choose convenient table and chair for a child. Children become higher with every month and it’s not good for them to use the same furniture. Austrian furniture designers Perludi have introduced an adjustable table CASPAR for children, which is designed to be able to grow in height. The design and form of the table are very simple but pursue the philosophy of ergonomic, versatile and environment-friendly children’s furniture. In combination with a solid-wood tabletop colorful legs impart an infantine look to the table. The legs are placed into the tabletop and secured with rings made from natural rubber. To adjust the height you can simply slide the legs up or down within their holes. The construction is very simple and genial. Such design is very important from the perspective of renewable resources and short transport routes for a low carbon footprint.

HP perludi CASPAR WEB 04 620x414 Growing Tables by Austrian Designers Perludi

growing table

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Bright Kids Room Design Ideas

Kids room plays a truly great role in children’s development. Willingness to learn, interest in life, the development of various skills and talents depend on how comfortable, convenient and pleasant the room will be. It should be remembered that the bedroom in your child’s life has the same role as the whole apartment in adult life. It serves him both as a bedroom and living room, play area and even a place to study. So this room should combine the best conditions for sleep, study, rest and play. May be you’ll find some interesting ideas in these pictures.

bright kids room design ideas 2 Bright Kids Room Design Ideas


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Cosmic Elements in Interior Design

People like all the unknown, so the space is always a dream. Even if it appears in your life only in the elements of the interior design, it’s just beautiful and stylish! It may be the concept of the interior or the stars on the ceiling, a chair like from the spacecraft, or the parade of planets in the shower curtain in the bathroom. Cosmic design of the apartment or public spaces can be a romantic and dreamy, playful or the embodiment of hi-tech style. We have chosen for you a few interesting pictures and details of decoration, which will help you create cosmic atmosphere. Let’s go!

cosmic elements in interior design 2 Cosmic Elements in Interior Design

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Brightness and Creativity: Rainbow House by Moderne

Just have a look at this wonderful pretty Rainbow house in Hong-Kong designed by Moderne. The company has turned an 830-square-foot apartment in Tsuen Wan into a magical funhouse at the helm of the head designer Max Lam. Needless to say that the flat is the heaven for the family with children. The main colours in this palette are red, green and yellow. A whimsical Technicolor background is classical pieces of ’60s and ’70s furniture from designers such as Marc Newson, Erik Magnussen, and Olaf Von Bohr. The rainbow is everywhere, in every corner, in every detail. The walls of different colours create the contrast between different spaces. I guess this house won’t let anyone to be bore!

brightness and creativity rainbow house by moderne 2 Brightness and Creativity: Rainbow House by Moderne

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NYC Home by Turett Collaborative Architects: the element of the playground in the house

Turett Collaborative Architects (TCA) were asked by a NYC East Village client to combine two penthouse condos together in a fun way. How did they manage? By means of a slide! The architects incorporated a stainless tube slide that connects two small apartments together. Two identical units, one atop the other, were combined into a duplex two-bedroom apartment. The slide starts on the top floor near the office, and leads below to both the living and dining areas. You can choose how to get down: by an Italian-made “Rintal” stair, or in a seated position, careening through the new double-height tube. The crisp, clean design evokes simplicity. Turett Collaborative Architect’s concept is stylish, playful. It makes the house a good place for children and those grown-ups with the soul of the children.

nyc home by turett collaborative architects the element of the playground in the house 2 NYC Home by Turett Collaborative Architects: the element of the playground in the house

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The House Of A Dream Coloured Pink: Hello Kitty Theme

Looking for a rent house for kid’s vacation? Here is the Fantastic Hello Kitty House Design for Rent in Taiwan. Hello Kitty is fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, first designed by Yuko Shimizu. I’m sure that your kids, especially daughters, will be fascinated by this villa with Hello Kitty as the main theme. In this house all their dreams will come true. All interior design is sustained in pink colour. Entering the house you will find a living room with two small sofas and a table in the middle, and LCD TV-set mounted on wall, and a bedroom with a single bed covered with white bed cloth and two pink pillows. So it can be said that Hello Kitty house has not only the decorative feature but also a functional one. Rent this villa and enjoy an unforgettable vacation with your family!

the house of a dream coloured pink hello kitty theme 2 The House Of A Dream Coloured Pink: Hello Kitty Theme

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