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Kitchen Interiors

The Warendorf ‘Hidden Kitchen’ with Unique Features

The Warendorf kitchen “Hidden Kitchen” is perfect for contemporary interior design with open concept spaces. 7-meter panel, that has a surface with a sprayed natural rust finish, can be closed or folded open by pressing the button. General view of the kitchen gives the impression of warm, earthy and relaxed atmosphere. When the central section of the wall (five meters length) is opened the working space shows up with storage areas, shelving, sink, appliances, extractor fan and integrated lighting. The electrical appliances are accessible even when the central unit of the wall is closed. The unique features of the kitchen became the reason for nominating the “Hidden Kitchen” in the “Interior Innovation Award” – one of the most renowned and prestigious design awards.
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LightSpace with a Starry Sky by Jade Doel

New Zealand designer Jade Doel has provided an opportunity for us to enjoy the starry sky while dining. LightSpace is a disc-shaped pendant light that supports many modes, the source of which are two independent LED lamps. The body is made of American Ash and consists of five segments, soft lighting of which makes the space “more intimate, more exciting and more intriguing.” Doel’s creation has not only functional aims but also the rational justification. Doel says that such LightSpace can solve the issues surrounding the lack of “perception of dinner as ‘family time’”, the reasons of which he sees in increasing adoption of open plan interiors.
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White Kitchen is a Good Taste

White is a perfect color for the kitchen. It symbolizes purity and makes the room larger and brighter, supplementing the daylight. Since antiquity white color signified detachment from worldly things, aspirations to the spiritual simplicity. Kitchen is a proper room for disappearing from the bustle of the real world and staying along with your closest people. Designers use white color to expand the visual space. So if you have a small kitchen – white interior is the best for it. There is an opinion that the use of a single color for the interior of the room – it’s bad taste. But there are some different shades of white. For example, there is a snow white, porcelain white, silver white, pearl white, milky white, marble white, ivory white and platinum white. So you can choose different shades of white to decorate and furnish your kitchen. An nice clean-looking feeling is given when white is used for basic wall color as well match the furniture also in white.
kitchen work area in white 630x315 620x310 White Kitchen is a Good Taste
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Cloud-shaped House by McBride Charles Ryan

This house in Melbourne (Australia) is called Cloud House due to its form. It is designed by McBride Charles Ryan and consists of three parts. The facade overlooking the street has been left not reconstructed to demonstrate the evolution of the territory. Inside the original structure white color dominates which is perfectly combined with floral hallway carpet. In the center of the space there is a kitchen – clearly standing out red-colored box. Total space of the house triumphantly ends by cloud-shaped walls smoothly flowing into the roof. The main construction of the house looks very friendly and free-for-all. Bystanders would like to enter it very much.
cloud house1 620x417 Cloud shaped House by McBride Charles Ryan
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Modern apartment design by DEN Architecture

Company DEN Architecture completed the interior design of an apartment in Miami, Florida. Young couple from Central America purchased this modern apartment in a prestigious building from the late 70s. An outdated plan needed the urgent intervention. Modern furniture and built in wardrobes do not press on the space, contrasting colors add originality. The main colors, used in the project, are classical for Central America design – the deep dark earth tones, mixed with a rich timber and diluted with bright red accents.

modern apartment design by den architecture 2 Modern apartment design by DEN Architecture

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Bar Counter Design Ideas

In this post we have collected for you the various bar counters, which are so popular in a modern kitchen or dining room design. At the same time they could be used in studio apartments (for the zoning of space), and in common kitchens. Counters can be placed separately as islands or be a continuation of the kitchen set. Choosing a bar counter you should consider three main points: 1) convenience; 2) functionality; 3) aesthetics. The material should be easy to clean and maintain but that creates a visual centerpiece for this spirited area. The most popular materials are marble, stainless steel, soapstone, wood and so on.

bar counter design ideas 2 Bar Counter Design Ideas

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Contemporary Kitchen by Gaggenau

If you want to have a perfect interior of your house you should carefully think about the design of your kitchen. We want to present you’re a modern Gaggenau kitchen designed by Stefano Vernier. It is situated behind the clocks of Brooklyn’s Clock Tower Building in the “High Times” penthouse. Very elegant and simple this kitchen is provided by all the necessary equipment and accessories that you need. White palette in the design and the window with the shape of the clock creates the special atmosphere. The metallic material in the finish is an emblem of quality and elegance of this airy space.

contemporary kitchen by gaggenau 2 Contemporary Kitchen by Gaggenau

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Modular Kitchen Design by Fevzi Karaman

It’s not a secret that spacious kitchen is a dream for many housewives. But not everyone has an opportunity to have it. This beautiful and clever modular kitchen design was created by the Turkish designer Fevzi Karaman. He made «Silverline», which won a prize at a contest student. This minimalist kitchen design saves space and fits for small apartment. When the modular kitchen is not used for its intended purpose, guests see only the elegant table. Modular furniture is beautiful and well planned, and combines many features into a table. Color of the kitchen is black and white with green apple, that makes your kitchen bright and original.

modular kitchen design by fevzi karaman 1 thumb Modular Kitchen Design by Fevzi Karaman

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