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Minimalist Interiors

‘Contrast’ is a motto of architects of M House

M House Project by Architect Marcel Luchian has a very unusual and arresting design, that primarily caused by contrast: composition of used material – glass and concrete, contrast of colors – matted dark and glossy bright, the contrast of forms of two shifted relatively to each other floors. As if the motto of the basis of the architects’ design was a contrast. The luxury residence is situated in Singera, Moldavia. The interior minimalist design is also surprising by the unusual combinations of textures, light and shadow. The heating and air conditioning system are provided. M House Project will be presented at the 2013 GIS Architecture Expo Conference.
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Ripple Vase by Oodesign

So beautiful and so naturally a flower in the vase by Japanese designers looks! Company ‘Oodesign‘ has created an unusual vase that has a wavy surface of transparent plastic, giving the impression of small ripple on the water. To heighten the effect the Ripple Vase should be put in a container with water, to merge two substances. Beautiful flower becomes more attractive when it floats by itself in ‘invisible’ vessel. The company’s products reflect its purpose: ‘Our goal is to find a new discovery that materials and shapes create’.
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Modern Black and White Interior by Ian Moore Architects

This project is the transformation of an old grocery warehouse built in the 19th century into a modern two-story residence. Despite the small area (80 square meters), this house is quite spacious thanks to careful planning attention. The plot is sloping and the difference in level is 1.7 meters. This fact was taken as a basis for living room design, which occupies two floors at once. The bookshelf there, stretched along the entire length – from floor to ceiling, will surely attract your attention. The kitchen is located on half level above the living room. The bedroom and bathroom are provided on the top floor. All rooms are decorated in a perfectly white color, and designer furniture and accessories are presented in black tones. The only exception is a ladder, which is blacker than black, but it seems you see a light at the end of the tunnel. The authors of the project were  Ian Moore Architects.

modern black and white interior by ian moore architects 2 Modern Black and White Interior by Ian Moore Architects

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Unusual V-House by GAAGA

Architects from GAAGA designed V-House in Leiden, the Netherlands. This residence was called due to its unusual geometry. The roof of the house is made ​​of wood and shaped like the letter V, that looks quite original. The upper level has a living room, dining room and kitchen. This part of the house features an open plan with high ceilings (from 2.8 to 4.1 meters, depending on the angle of the roof). On the ground floor there is a hall, bedrooms and a bathroom. It also provides access to the garden. Spaciousness and natural materials (such as stone and wood) help to create a welcoming cozy atmosphere in the house.

unusual v house by gaaga 3 Unusual V House by GAAGA

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Modern beautiful Mosman House by PBA

Australian studio Popov Bass Architects completed work on Mosman House in 2010. This modern three-story mansion is located in Sydney. The idea was to create a simple and calm design that blends into the surrounding landscape. The residence features five bedrooms. On the first floor there is a children’s playroom and a garage. On the second floor you’ll find a seating area and master bedroom. The library is situated on the top level. As for decoration, the rough concrete walls are replaced by subtle wood finish, panoramic windows and mainly light interior make the house bright and cozy.

modern beautiful mosman house by pba 15 Modern beautiful Mosman House by PBA

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Cracked House by Mass Studies

The Cracked House was presented by Mass Studies in South Korea. On an area of ​​290 sq.m., there are six bedrooms, five bathrooms, three kitchens and a living area, combined with the dining room and library. The project was initiated by a married couple from Seoul, which was preparing for retirement and would like to have their house located in a quiet suburb. The owners have three children so it was important to create enough space when they visit their parents. The two-storey building with three bedrooms and adjoining guest house became a kind of "mini-hotel", which is perfect for large families. Exterior is clad in concrete, which blends with the environment.

cracked house by mass studies 2 Cracked House by Mass Studies

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Glass House Design: Williams Studio by GH3

Design Studio GH3 from Toronto presented a draft of Williams Studio. Located on Stony Lake in Ontario, Canada, this glass house was built for the photographer, who wanted to live and work with comfort under one roof. Due to the successful location and the wishes of the client the exterior was designed as transparent as possible. So there was a full glazed facade, which can be closed by roll-curtains to ensure privacy or to hide from the sun during the hot summer days. Interior of the house was designed in minimalist style. The predominance of white palette combines well with dark accents.

glass house design williams studio by gh3 2 Glass House Design: Williams Studio by GH3


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VDVT House by Boetzkes | Helder

We have already reviewed a lot of projects of white house design, that always look fantastic and modern. This time we are going to describe an unusual house with original black exterior. Architects from Boetzkes | Helder  presented a draft of VDVT House, modern home in the Netherlands. This residence is a prime example of that departure from accepted standards in architecture is not only possible but necessary. The shape of the house resembles a box with specially coated black aluminum facade that reflects sunlight and changes color. The inner design of the mansion is decorated in minimalist style with use of contrasting light colors.

Photography by Merel van Beukering.

vdvt house by boetzkes helder 1 thumb VDVT House by Boetzkes | Helder

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