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Stylish Modular Bookshelf System by Velichko Velikov

Contemporary furniture and art designer Velichko Velikov has presented stylish modular bookshelf system. It is very easy to attach due to the nuts, which are connected with special bolts without heads (for aesthetic purposes). The system is made of Polyethylene, Polypropylene, MDF, Plywood or solid wood. The purpose of the module can be varied and it is limited only by imagination. It can be used for lighting, for plants, for seating and so on. There is a wide range of bright colors which can be combined in various combinations. Different configurations of modules will diversify interior of any room.
PUZZLE Stylish Modular Bookshelf System by Velichko Velikov Read the rest of this entry »

Folding and Unfolding Furniture by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard

It is popular now to have furniture that can be folded as a constructor. These floor boards by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard can be easily transformed into a chair, a table or whatever else. The procedure is the same as manipulation with a paper, folding and unfolding it into different shapes. When folded, it is a common piece of furniture with a usual functionality and very lightweight. When unfolded, flat pieces of board with a help of special clips and small magnets can be joined together in any desirable length and width. Bright colors and patterns make the furniture stylish and a bit childish.
zhangthonsgaard 11 620x394 Folding and Unfolding Furniture by Ying Zhang and Ida Thonsgaard Read the rest of this entry »

Multifunctional Modular Furniture for Bedrooms

Italian company Tumidei has many wonderful ideas and furniture items for children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms. Multifunctional modular pieces of furniture, combining functionality of different purposes simultaneously, are made especially for tight spaces. There are very nice solutions of different combinations for multiple kids. The lofted twin beds with cabinets or a desk inside of them, the stairs with drawers and many other ideas. The key idea of almost all solutions is using of lofted bed, allowing for maximum savings of space. The range of color scheme is very large, that makes the bedrooms very stylish and beautiful. The material of furniture is ecologically friendly.
tumedei1 620x515 Multifunctional Modular Furniture for Bedrooms Read the rest of this entry »

Dancing Cabinet by Markus Johansson

The front and rear panels of the cabinet, designed by Markus Johansson, twist in different directions, so it seems as if a piece of furniture tries to “walk” around the room. The facade and the back panel of the ‘Walking cabinet’ are the tilted parallelograms, whilst curved lateral surfaces have a more complex geometry. Each pair of parallel legs is at angle of the second pair. Thus, in the spatial composition of the items the dynamics and even a slight “dancing” occur. Walking Cabinet is a modular concept allowing construction of several separate cabinets of contrasting or similar colors.
Walking Cabinet1 620x477 Dancing Cabinet by Markus Johansson Read the rest of this entry »

Unique Painted Furniture by Moooi

The collection by Moooi is distinguished by the unusual mixture of several styles. On the one hand, it will add some vintage style to your room due to the use of traditional Frankish furniture elements and medieval decor. But on the other hand on closer examination the filigree patterns have turned into a “mess” of drawings, among which the skulls, flowers, feathers, crosses, nails, and other characters can be distinguished. Designers dedicate this collection to the philosophical idea about a dual nature of man. The painted furniture, designed by Studio Job, includes wardrobe, chest and grandfather clock. Each piece, made of solid pine stained white and painted, have a unique, hand-made quality.
moooi 9005 620x620 Unique Painted Furniture by Moooi Read the rest of this entry »

Multifunctional Furniture Badac by Sang A Choi

It is very profitable to have multifunctional furniture in view of economy of space and comfort. But what we knew about such furniture earlier has nothing in common with what Sang A Choi has invented. Korean designer has managed one piece of furniture – Badac – to combine with functions of four different furniture items that are crafted into eight pieces. Each piece can be detached from the general construction, when necessary, and can be used independently. So the Badac is the perfect solution to someone who lives alone or in a small area room. Like a transformer, it can be turned upside down, allowing you to use it as a shelf, a lamp, a coffee table and two seats. Turning several parts or excluding some of them from the general construction, Badac can be transformed into a single bed or a large seat. On top of that it is a perfect piece of furniture for your fantasy, which will certainly allow you to come up with even newer purposes for it.
badac multi purpose furniture sang a choi 003 620x409 Multifunctional Furniture Badac by Sang A Choi Read the rest of this entry »

SideSeat by Studio Makkink & Bey

Netherlands-based duo Studio Makkink & Bey recently released ‘#006 SideSeat’ – the multifunctional chair that can be considered as assembly of chair, desk and even storage. Designed to present a solution to the mixing of work and leisure SideSeat provides its users a very flexible and easy-to-use working space. The college table can be converted into an arm rest, side table and small desk whilst the swivel seat on the top allows being interactive and mobile. SideSeat is perfect for places for obtaining and sharing knowledge, such as libraries, schools, campuses and offices. It was presented at Super Brands London and Orgatec Cologne.
sideseat3 620x427 SideSeat by Studio Makkink & Bey Read the rest of this entry »

Inflatable and Foldable furniture by Jy Yeon Suh

If your life is very mobile and you must relocate often, have to pack your bags, transporting them and unpack them so you just have to purchase a Bojaki collection. Funny from the first sight the idea of the collection has a grain of common sense and it is a practical solution for easing on transportation and production costs. Designer Jy Yeon Suh has tried to simplify packing process and has proposed to use inflatable, foldable, flat-pack housewares and furniture. The collection is made of very rigid and sturdy fabric and it is very compact also. Look at the pictures of the collection to find out what items are included.
bojaki 01 Inflatable and Foldable furniture by Jy Yeon Suh
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