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Renovated Penthouse with a Slide by David Hotson

We often do not have enough fun in our life. We used to do everything according to the rules and plans. The architect David Hotson decided to remedy this situation by turning the space of renovated 19th-century penthouse in New York City into an amusement park for children and their parents. The first and the most remarkable thing have been added to the four stories building is a silvery tubular slide, made of polished stainless steel, spiraling down through all four stories and giving an exit only on the third floor and then at the very first floor. Of course, it is not the only way to travel between the floors. There is a beautiful white staircase that offers a slower path between floors, where you can enjoy many interesting playful details, including neon furniture and artwork. At the center of the building there is a well-like four-story entry hall that brings daylight down. This penthouse is a really brave architect’s decision and a wonderful work of art.
Penthouse Slide 41 620x413 Renovated Penthouse with a Slide by David Hotson
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Futuristic Lighting for a Staircase by PSLAB

Very interesting decision to illuminate a staircase was proposed by lighting company PSLAB. They have created lighting design for a spiral staircase in Beirut home (Lebanon). The main peculiarity of this lighting composition is its location. The rectangular holes with lamps inside are mounted right in the back sides of the steps of the staircase. So if we look in the staircase from the base it is a feeling like we are inside of some flying saucer or a spacecraft. The fact that this spiral staircase has no rails and the back sides of the steps are lit makes this composition look futuristic. It’s a new idea in design of staircases when illumination is an essential part of the design itself.

spiral staircase light Futuristic Lighting for a Staircase by PSLAB


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Extrodinary looking Emmental Stairs by Biljana Jovanovic

Biljana Jovanovic, Croatian architect based in Budapest (Hungary), has completed the apartment with unique decorative staircase.  The Emmental Stairs was designed for young and creative family with two small children to combine several functions. Firstly, of course, it provides the connection between first and second floors of the house. Secondly, it visually divides the space of the first floor into dining room and living room. Thirdly, it is great fun for children – “cheese holes” create the infinite field for games. Due to holes, like in Emmental cheese and white color the living space looks very light. Steps are fixed in a playful zigzag manner. According to the author, the triangular shape of the steps also solves the problem of the steepness of the stairs.

extrodinary looking emmental stairs by biljana jovanovic 1 thumb Extrodinary looking Emmental Stairs by Biljana Jovanovic

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Asymmetrical Breathtaking Staircases by Alex Haw of Atmos

Take a look at the photos below. Feeling a bit dizzy? These are two unique, asymmetrical works of functional art – Banister-Bending Staircases by architect Alex Haw of Atmos. These amazing staircases created with the help of three-dimensional computer modeling and laser-cut materials are installed in London house. Everything is warped, bent and twisted even the balusters and banisters. The stairs and supporting elements were fabricated digitally, printed in flat-pack form from MDF. Such staircase is not only peculiar bridge between the floors, it is rather versatile being a supplemental seating as well as a filter for light and central decorative element. Add the element of fantasy to your house.

asymmetrical breathtaking staircases by alex haw of atmos 2 Asymmetrical Breathtaking Staircases by Alex Haw of Atmos

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Unusual Staircases by Bonansea Scale

Stairs is a necessary attribute of every building, they lead us through its levels, from one space to another. Of course, as a connecting element of the building, the stairs must be comfortable, but besides the functional specifications style is extremely important. Exterior staircases can decorate the surroundings, as well as spoil it. Your aim is to achieve the harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetics. Extraordinary staircases by Bonansea Scale embody modern design and art. Collection impressed us with its sculptural, unusual staircases in spiral and straight form or a combination of both. Different materials such as brushed steel, glass and wood allow staircases to look great in any interior.

clip image002 thumb35 Unusual Staircases by Bonansea Scale
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Stair design ideas for your home by Scale Nilur

Stair design is very important because it has to meet a lot of requirements. Depending on the size of your residence the staircase can have wide or narrow steps and can be steep or not. If your place is not quite as big as celebrity’s house it might be a good idea to use the space under the stairs, for example by installing shelves like we discussed in this post. But the dimensions are not the trickiest side of stair design. Poorly looking staircase can make your home look ugly as well as the professionally designed stairs can fit in and contribute to the interior seamlessly, or even become a major trait, like the following stairs by professional designer Scale Nilur.

clip image001 thumb3 Stair design ideas for your home by Scale Nilur

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Compact bookshelves built into the staircase

This is a very good example of effective space managing that looks great. Book and CD shelves are piled on each other and make up a steep and very compact staircase. There are two rows of shelves for each foot –that’s why it look more like a ladder, but it is actually very comfortable. You wouldn’t have to climb this thing; the consequent steps are on favorable height. The creators thought of safety and attached side nets and metal bars to prevent user from falling.

The idea is very interesting in general – you can put literally anything on those shelves, starting from your family pictures to plants or something else that you have to store somewhere. Even if you don’t need the staircase in your flat, you can still think of building such wall of piled shelves instead of a regular cupboard. Apart from keeping your stuff it looks good and visually partitions your room to multiple zones.

clip image0018 thumb Compact bookshelves built into the staircase

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