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Multifunctional Modular Furniture for Bedrooms

Italian company Tumidei has many wonderful ideas and furniture items for children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms. Multifunctional modular pieces of furniture, combining functionality of different purposes simultaneously, are made especially for tight spaces. There are very nice solutions of different combinations for multiple kids. The lofted twin beds with cabinets or a desk inside of them, the stairs with drawers and many other ideas. The key idea of almost all solutions is using of lofted bed, allowing for maximum savings of space. The range of color scheme is very large, that makes the bedrooms very stylish and beautiful. The material of furniture is ecologically friendly.
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Dancing Cabinet by Markus Johansson

The front and rear panels of the cabinet, designed by Markus Johansson, twist in different directions, so it seems as if a piece of furniture tries to “walk” around the room. The facade and the back panel of the ‘Walking cabinet’ are the tilted parallelograms, whilst curved lateral surfaces have a more complex geometry. Each pair of parallel legs is at angle of the second pair. Thus, in the spatial composition of the items the dynamics and even a slight “dancing” occur. Walking Cabinet is a modular concept allowing construction of several separate cabinets of contrasting or similar colors.
Walking Cabinet1 620x477 Dancing Cabinet by Markus Johansson Read the rest of this entry »

Stylish and Elegant ‘Naturally Collection’ of Furniture by Alexandra Gonçalves

Alexandra Gonçalves – Berlin-based designer (originally from Lisbon). Furniture and object creation became a passion for the young designer, in which she tries to express all your imagination and skill. ‘Naturally Collection’ was inspired by the form and fragile constitution of a dried plants of Lunaria – a common plant growing in our gardens. The beauty of its structure details remains after the plant has faded, losing its bright colors, but gaining clearer structure elements. The delicate features of the furniture shape are made of stainless steel whilst the main functional elements of the furniture are made of wood and a white lacquered metal sheet. The beautiful and stylish collection consists of a cabinet, a center table, a drawer, a lamp and a pouf.
naturally collection alexandra goncalves 2b Stylish and Elegant ‘Naturally Collection’ of Furniture by Alexandra Gonçalves Read the rest of this entry »

Inflatable and Foldable furniture by Jy Yeon Suh

If your life is very mobile and you must relocate often, have to pack your bags, transporting them and unpack them so you just have to purchase a Bojaki collection. Funny from the first sight the idea of the collection has a grain of common sense and it is a practical solution for easing on transportation and production costs. Designer Jy Yeon Suh has tried to simplify packing process and has proposed to use inflatable, foldable, flat-pack housewares and furniture. The collection is made of very rigid and sturdy fabric and it is very compact also. Look at the pictures of the collection to find out what items are included.
bojaki 01 Inflatable and Foldable furniture by Jy Yeon Suh
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Tables Chopped by Yuval Tal

The work of Yuval Tal – an internationally recognized aviv-based designer – has won prizes in Israel and some other countries. His “chopped tables” are of three sizes and can be used as a stool too. Tables are made from wooden dowels gathered together and wrapped with a steel ring. This structure allows not using glue and screws to make it stable. Available colors of the dowels are grey, orange or green and there is an interesting fact that color arrangement is inspired by a color vision deficiency test. Such tables can be placed in the yard or may become a wonderful decoration for any of your room.
CHOPPED1 620x414 Tables Chopped by Yuval Tal
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Philipp Beisheim’s Table ‘Toad’

The main philosophy of popular scientific direction – synergetic – is that no one independent scientist can make an enough grand discovery as well as no one scientific field can do it independently. Demonstration of this philosophy we can watch in the projects and works of designer Philipp Beisheim. Today we want to introduce to you his project called “Toad”. This construction, containing of several segments, functions only when they are connected with each other. It is a table which can be useful as decorative stand, shelf or versatile side table. The “Toad” consists of three tabletops and three legs – each leg for appropriate tabletop. And at least two segments connected to each other acquire stability. This table looks very elegant and makes any room cozy.

Philipp Beisheim 1 620x715 Philipp Beisheims Table Toad

Toad table

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Smart work centers from “Two designers”

Twodesigners (Jonathan Honvoh & Rodrigue Strouwen) have invented three essential and very useful work centers. They are:  an adaptation of the house (for the meetings and sharing), telephone and computer booth (for intimate communication) and the carton (item at school used to separate the benches when it’s requires). All of these work centers are connected by the philosophy of SMARTWork  “green” center, namely: each item is made of durable materials like wood, which gives a warm natural character but doesn’t change “the technological spirit” of the centers. Twodesigners offer not fixed and rigid solutions but rather series of free items, each of them can be presented as separate item or be coupled to another to form a new set.

smartwork2 Smart work centers from “Two designers”

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Furniture made of cork by Jonathan Honvoh & Rodrigue Strouwen

What can be done of simple cork? Usually the biggest benefit of cork is our memories of good taste of wine. But Jonathan Honvoh and Rodrigue Strouwen, two space designers, have invented another use of this simple thing. Their work is their own poetry – both fun and offbeat. Apart from the design of space in the strict sense, “TwoDesigners” make objects based on the connection of different elements. They propose to make furniture of two elements made of cork and joined by metal hoop. The use of cork has several advantages. The elastic properties of cork allows producing the joins without screws or adhesives. Each block is reconstructed from waste production of wine corks, so it represents an economy of raw material. Elements of interior made of cork are multifunctional and modular.
cork1 620x412 Furniture made of cork by Jonathan Honvoh & Rodrigue Strouwen
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