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Naja Table by Stéphane Choquet

Have you ever been short of the place to invite some guests for example? May be the table in your living room is quite enough for your family but when you arrange the party you do not know how to seat your guests round the table. In this case you will be interested in Naja table by French designer Stéphane Choquet of Stéphane Choque Design. She has created a system of modular legs that transform any flat surface into a table. Table’s feet are done in cast aluminum. It is black anodized or natural anodized aluminum. The designer mixes two styles together: Louis XV with industrial. The working clamps are made of wood, it looks very aesthetic. These tools are available in black, champagne and argent colours. With this Naja system each user can create a unique look.

naja table by stphane choquet 2 Naja Table by Stéphane Choquet

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Slim Futuristic Dining Table by KREATY

Meneghello Paolelli has just presented a new collection of slim tables in minimalist and even futuristic style. This collection is really suitable for those who live in a small apartment where there isn’t much space to furnish with. These tables by KREATY are made of steel frame which is very thin and it has a rounded edge which is made of tempered or laminated glass, separate from the legs. Such table looks very simple but sophisticated and stylish. The collection is available in several colours: aluminum grey, white or black. With this table you can create an elegant feeling in your room. It is suitable for the kitchen interior or for your living room. And surely this zest will emphasize your taste.

clip image005 thumb37 Slim Futuristic Dining Table by KREATY

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Magical Table by Essey

Do you want to surprise your friends and become a magician for them? With an Illusion Side Table by Essey it is quite possible. Illusion is a handmade side table of 3 mm acrylic. The matter is that it looks like a table cloth on the round table. It is a special translucent table, all models are handmade and unique that makes it more precious. The object uses the structural strength of the folded material to create a magical and surprising experience – an illusion. Such interesting and modern table creates a mysterious atmosphere in any house. This masterpiece of the designer’s thought is available in clear, ice, white, grey, brown, black and red colours. Give a touch of mysteriousness and illusion to your house with this stunning table.

clip image001 thumb41 Magical Table by Essey

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Red Nest – The Nook of Comfort in the House

Everyone of us needs his own private space no matter how large it is and how much furniture it contains. It is the place where a person can feel himself independent, it is his own area where he can be happy and where no one bothers him. This place should be designed in such a way that arouses the best feelings in people. So the Red Nest is a good solution. This modular design furniture fits small spaces. It makes you feel cozy, comfortable and calm. The red colour of the furniture symbolizes love and passion so it will be suitable for young couples.

clip image001 thumb38 Red Nest – The Nook of Comfort in the House

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Pizza Table or the Table Made of Plates

I want to present to you new, really original and unusual designer’s idea for kitchen – a table made of ceramic plates. It solves simultaneously several problems. The first one is lack of space on the dining table. Its design allows everyone to eat from the table. It has very comfortable round shape. And you also needn’t waste your time washing all the dishes after the meal and cleaning the table. You can do it at the same time because each part of the table is detachable. When looking at this extraordinary table you may think of a huge pizza because of the fact that you put all kind of colored food on it. So you can become a creative cook trying different kinds of “pizza” each time.

clip image001 thumb37 Pizza Table or the Table Made of Plates

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Jufuku Collection by Kenyon Yeh

If you want to give a touch of exotic to your house and to impress all of your visitors Jufuku Collection by Kenyon Yeh will be a good beginning. Kenyon Yeh, a London based designer is well-known for his unusual and sometimes extravagant ideas. Now we want to present to you his new collection. It consists of a table, a chair and a cabinet. The word “jufuku” means in Japanese to repeat or to overlap. So the main conception of this talented designer is using a particular form or shape over and over to make the final piece of bamboo furniture. Jufuku furniture is a perfect from the point of view of decoration yet it is very useful. It will certainly make your house the object of fascination of your friends.

clip image001 thumb36 Jufuku Collection by Kenyon Yeh

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Unique House of Cards Table by Mauricio Arruda

Do you like to play cards? I think this furniture item for venturesome people who value contemporary style. House of Cards table is a creative idea by Brazilian designer-architect Mauricio Arruda. The technology of laser cutting allows producing a perfect reproduction of a deck of cards in scale 13:1. The images of the playing cards are printed individually in the plates of steel to create a different configuration. As a result the table can accommodate from 6 to 10 people. It seems like a fragile house of cards, but in fact it is capable of supporting up to 250 kg tops. That’s such an unusual paradox. And another thing, there are no two identical tables, because combinations of cards are always random.

clip image001 thumb26 Unique House of Cards Table by Mauricio Arruda

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Contemporary Dining Table by Zanotta

At the dining table whole family gather together and have good talk. That’s why this furniture item should be comfortable and stylish. The “Raw” table by Italian company Zanotta can be both modern and classic. The secret lies in the table top. It consists of oak wood staves which are adjustable and Raw can take the form of a rectangle or placed askew. It depends on your mood and desire. Another feature is graphite colored varnished steel frame supports a top made of 45mm thick. This simple design creates stylish and innovative look. So, you can receive guests around the table and also decorate the interior.

clip image002 thumb42 Contemporary Dining Table by Zanotta

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