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Perfect Table with Accessories for Workplace by Box Clever

This piece of furniture is specifically designed for the convenience of use in the workplace in an office or at home. Segment table by San Francisco-based Box Clever has special slits-channels for a cable and functional accessories. Relevant to San Francisco phenomenon of nature known as shifting tectonic plates has served as inspiration for the constructing of multi-part table’s surface. Made of concrete, four parts of the surface were joined together, remaining narrow slits between them. Three useful accessories are applied to a table; they are: the brass bowl, the low copper dish and the long polished aluminum tray. The narrow channels in the surface of the table serve as a stable platform for the items. The examples of using the accessories you can see in the photos below.
segment table seth murray bret recor 2b 620x529 Perfect Table with Accessories for Workplace by Box Clever Read the rest of this entry »

‘Desk Bed’ for Office by Studio NL

Most part of our life we devote to the work. Sometimes we are overcome with tiredness till the point when we hardly restrain ourselves not to fall asleep. Whilst it is proved that 15-20 minutes of a full-fledged sleep is much better than attempting to restrain oneself from a slumber for a long time. Innovative ‘desk bed’ was designed by Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL exactly for such situations. It is desk-transformer, that can be easily converted into a bed, continuing to be a table at the same time. This desk will be also very good for people working at home office. The product is made out of wood, leather and plexiglass.
Desk Bed3 620x470 Desk Bed for Office by Studio NL Read the rest of this entry »

Darwin Table Shaped Genetic Code

At Ventura Lambrate in Milan 2013 a Dutch studio Tjep. with a Netherlands-based company Dutch DNA presented the first item from their joint collection. A map of genetic code is the basis of design of Darwin table. The owner of the genetic code was a dancer Giulia Wolthuis’, the daughter of Eric Voltheisa, the founder of the Dutch DNA. The data of the code were converted into charts with a help of a special program and then were built up into 3D forms. As a result the unusual form of the table has occurred. Designers believe that the unique form of everyone’s DNA can be used to create personal furniture pieces of their future collection.
darwin06 620x412 Darwin Table Shaped Genetic Code Read the rest of this entry »

Multifunctional Modular Furniture for Bedrooms

Italian company Tumidei has many wonderful ideas and furniture items for children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms. Multifunctional modular pieces of furniture, combining functionality of different purposes simultaneously, are made especially for tight spaces. There are very nice solutions of different combinations for multiple kids. The lofted twin beds with cabinets or a desk inside of them, the stairs with drawers and many other ideas. The key idea of almost all solutions is using of lofted bed, allowing for maximum savings of space. The range of color scheme is very large, that makes the bedrooms very stylish and beautiful. The material of furniture is ecologically friendly.
tumedei1 620x515 Multifunctional Modular Furniture for Bedrooms Read the rest of this entry »

Branchy Table of the Ramus Series M1 by Il Hoon Roh

An unusual table ‘Ramus M1′ is a product of designer’s long-term study of efficient forms found in nature. According to Design studio Il Hoon Roh the table is just a first item of a modular furniture system ‘Ramus M1′ and is a result of a two years collaboration of a few international companies. As a result of research the best advantages for maximizing the capacity and strength of any supportive construction were found. The structure of a tree branches is turned out to have the best characteristics. ‘Ramus M1′ table with a glass top has a tree-like supporting structure made of carbon fiber, the material that is used in fighter jets, F1 cars and space shuttles. Il Hoon Roh is going to present the first module of the Ramus series M1 at the exhibition Salone Satellite 2013.
Ramus M1 7076 S 620x430 Branchy Table of the Ramus Series M1 by Il Hoon Roh Read the rest of this entry »

Coffee Table with a Horizontal Storage System

Croatian design studio Brigada has presented a coffee table that has a horizontal storage system which is a continuation of the worktop. A surface of almost any table eventually turns into a makeshift storage: with books, magazines, folders and so on. To avoid this circumstance the XX century furniture manufacturers decided to add few narrow sections for newspapers and magazines to the main structure of the coffee table or a desk. Horizontal storage system is much better because one needn’t to bend down to see the names of books and magazines, they are clearly visible from above. There is also a shelf in the space under the table top .The Coffee table is released in a limited edition by BMV inženjering, but it is possible that this year the table will go into series production.
desk 620x413 Coffee Table with a Horizontal Storage System Read the rest of this entry »

Stylish and Elegant ‘Naturally Collection’ of Furniture by Alexandra Gonçalves

Alexandra Gonçalves – Berlin-based designer (originally from Lisbon). Furniture and object creation became a passion for the young designer, in which she tries to express all your imagination and skill. ‘Naturally Collection’ was inspired by the form and fragile constitution of a dried plants of Lunaria – a common plant growing in our gardens. The beauty of its structure details remains after the plant has faded, losing its bright colors, but gaining clearer structure elements. The delicate features of the furniture shape are made of stainless steel whilst the main functional elements of the furniture are made of wood and a white lacquered metal sheet. The beautiful and stylish collection consists of a cabinet, a center table, a drawer, a lamp and a pouf.
naturally collection alexandra goncalves 2b Stylish and Elegant ‘Naturally Collection’ of Furniture by Alexandra Gonçalves Read the rest of this entry »

Hand Weaving Collection by Timothy John

New Zealand-based designer Timothy John has presented a limited edition collection of objects in a decorative braided felt. His Woven Collection is the result of creative experimentation. Thanks to the skills of hand weaving and wrapping techniques the designer can change the most ordinary thing into the art piece. The collection includes five limited edition items: the Deviant grandfather clock, the Optimist and Pessimist pendant lamps, the Exhibitionist table and the Traditionalist flower vase. Every piece is quite large because of the used material, which is biodegradable, warm and very pleasant to touch. Timothy John has received much praise for his collection since 2011 and will probably increase it by new interesting items.
TJ Pessimist 1 620x620 Hand Weaving Collection by Timothy John Read the rest of this entry »

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