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SideSeat by Studio Makkink & Bey

Netherlands-based duo Studio Makkink & Bey recently released ‘#006 SideSeat’ – the multifunctional chair that can be considered as assembly of chair, desk and even storage. Designed to present a solution to the mixing of work and leisure SideSeat provides its users a very flexible and easy-to-use working space. The college table can be converted into an arm rest, side table and small desk whilst the swivel seat on the top allows being interactive and mobile. SideSeat is perfect for places for obtaining and sharing knowledge, such as libraries, schools, campuses and offices. It was presented at Super Brands London and Orgatec Cologne.
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‘Hug’ Collection of Outdoor Furniture by Schönhuber Franchi

Schönhuber Franchi Company offers new collection for furnishing and decorating your outdoor place. The ‘Hug’ collection consists of elegant wicker rattan furniture of soft and natural colors. A coffee table, side table, armchairs, dining chairs, sofas, sunbed and even a swing are available in the collection. All furniture will be very suitable for decorating the place near the swimming pool or for arbor surrounded by beautiful flowers. Perfect for decorating it is also very comfortable and functional. The swing will be a nice supplement for children’s amusements. Wide variety of items in the collection will allow you to decorate the whole outdoor part in the same style, without breaking the main design.
outdoor wicker patio furniture 620x465 Hug Collection of Outdoor Furniture by Schönhuber Franchi Read the rest of this entry »

Two in One: a stool and a table by Gentle Giants Studio

This piece of furniture in spite of its small size has dual purpose: it is both a stool and a table. ‘Pig on the Wings’ is a funny name for an amusing form inspired by the ‘shape of ‘traccia table’ by Meret Oppenheim’ – say the Gentle Giants. Main goal of the project – reducing manufacturing processes – has been successfully achieved by using few simple making steps to construct this stool. Without using any screws or glue Pig on the Wings can be assembled by wedging all parts with each other. It is very useful both for home and for taking it with you for a trip or going fishing.
pig on the wings table stool gentle giants 2b 620x566 Two in One: a stool and a table by Gentle Giants Studio Read the rest of this entry »

Furniture of Bright Colors by Lagranja Design

A distinctive feature of this modern collection of furniture is the use of pops of color and simple forms. The collection includes cabinets, shelves and tables, designed by Spain-based Lagranja Design. Wide palette of bright colors and textures makes the line extremely attractive, amusing and, what is more important, inspiring. Appearance and brightness of the collection doesn’t force it to be reserved for the kids’ play room only. Sturdy and easy to use this contemporary furniture line provides awesome functionality, so it will be very suitable as for home office or living area as well as for dining room and of course for a play room.
Midi MidiColors web 01 620x401 Furniture of Bright Colors by Lagranja Design Read the rest of this entry »

Create your own Pixel Table: by Lindstén Form Studio

The products of this Swedish company Lindstén Form Studio influence people’s state of mind and make their environment more joyful and beautiful. The Pixel Table is one of their genius brainchildren. Pixels, i.e. cubes, are organized in the form of table or a desk, but the main advantage of it is that the user creates the tabletop himself. One day the gracious table can be configured into a coffee table or a work station depending on the situation and desires. Just like in Lego we can choose to construct the proposed final structure or to design your own imaginary structure the Pixel Table can be built similarly.
pixel table Create your own Pixel Table: by Lindstén Form Studio Read the rest of this entry »

“Walking Table” by Wouter Scheublin

Designer Wouter Scheublin studied at the Technical University of Delft and Design Academy Eindhoven and now he has his own design studio. Technical education and love for beauty of mechanics affects his present works as we can see it by the example of “Walking Table”, one of his last works. As a unit of furniture, it is a usual table, but as a mechanical product of a designer’s genius idea – it is a walking mechanism. When pushed, the table starts moving simulating the natural walking motion. Whether it was made for convenience or for fun only designer can answer. But in any case, this table may have caused the admiration of the most famous genius of mechanics – Leonadro Da Vinci.
walkingtable3 620x380 Walking Table by Wouter Scheublin
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“Multiple” Low Table of any Shape by Raphael Charles

The best furniture we have ever wanted to have is the one that is created by our imagination. Designer Raphael Charles has presented a fun furniture assembly called “Multiple” that is actually a low table of any shape you want. This trick is possible due to the main idea of assembly: the table consists of repetitive magnetic beech poles, glued to each other into different shapes. The sculptural table can be adapted for any place and makes it much easier to apportion living spaces. As a result, our fantasy is limited by the size of an area only. For example, you can write a short greeting and it will be a wonderful surprise. The “Multiple” is very mobile and may be useful either in the home or in the garden, courtyard, veranda and terrace.
multiple07 raphael charles 4 Multiple Low Table of any Shape by Raphael Charles Read the rest of this entry »

Coffee Table Shaped Real Audio Tape

Very original table has presented Jeff Skierka. It is a 12:1 scaled replica of a real audio tape and just like a real cassette it is reversible and has sides A and B. This kind of furniture very advantageously will fit into the interior of modern kitchen or any other room. Coffee table is made of reclaimed maple, lucite and walnut and is a result of hard work. Now we can watch a first prototype, future versions will be CNC machined. The goal of Jeff Skierka is “to combine my love for materials with my interest in highly functional objects, user-experience and design“. So this table is the best indicator of his success.
Mixtape Table2 620x377 Coffee Table Shaped Real Audio Tape
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