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Rainbow Furniture by DIZAJNO

Our life consists of opposite elements, the combination of which sometimes offers us unexpected results. So the sun and the rain give the magic rainbow. The idea of this furniture designed by Lubo Majer (Slovakian furniture company DIZAJNO) is “the colors in the everyday people´s life…”. This assembly, called ‘Iris’, consists of upholstered elements which can be joined together in different combinations. For example 2 or 3 chairs can form a big sofa. There is also a table with glass plate reminiscent to puddle in the rain, reflecting the rainbow. The furniture made of high quality flexible PUR foam that prolongs the product’s lifetime.
rainbow7 620x348 Rainbow Furniture by DIZAJNO
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Cat Crib for Your Pets

Again about cats and for cats. Our pets are some kind of the members of our families. We love them and they love us. They like to be at hand, close to their owners, and sometimes they try to sit near us or even to sit on the same place where we are sitting; of course it isn’t good for the furniture, because of the fur and scratches. Cat Crib is a very nice decision to make a comfortable place close to us for our pets. It is designed to be installed underneath usual chair or table, somewhere your cat can hideout and sleep. The space of your room that was useless now can be used for good aims. The Cat Crib is available in different colors and safe for washing machine.
cat4 Cat Crib for Your Pets
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Table and Bench by Duffy London company

Duffy London company has presented its new product for a collection Summer 2012. This assembly is worth to be called work of art rather than just furniture. It produces illusion of an endless surface, when the object becomes a unit; all parts of it are like an integral continuation of each other. ‘Surf-ace Table and Bench’ is the name of this assembly. It is a hand made from a solid wood by talented artisan craftsmen, and it took a very long time and great efforts to make it. ‘Surf-ace Table and Bench’ is a limited edition because of rather big price and labor intensive.
Surf ace Table 1 Table and Bench by Duffy London company
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Swing Table with Swinging Chairs by Duffy London

This ensemble was created by British design group duffy london to make a dinner time a little bit funny and bright. Eight chairs float around the table under the central GEO lampshade that mysteriously illuminats everything happening underneath. It is very comfortable to sit on a swinging chair, drinking tea and talking with nice people and incidentally doing helpful exercises for a posture. Construction is made of a steel frame and wooden table top. Placed in the garden or courtyard or even in the big kitchen it will be suitable for a big house with a large family and numerous companies.
swing chairs2 Swing Table with Swinging Chairs by Duffy London
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Tables Chopped by Yuval Tal

The work of Yuval Tal – an internationally recognized aviv-based designer – has won prizes in Israel and some other countries. His “chopped tables” are of three sizes and can be used as a stool too. Tables are made from wooden dowels gathered together and wrapped with a steel ring. This structure allows not using glue and screws to make it stable. Available colors of the dowels are grey, orange or green and there is an interesting fact that color arrangement is inspired by a color vision deficiency test. Such tables can be placed in the yard or may become a wonderful decoration for any of your room.
CHOPPED1 620x414 Tables Chopped by Yuval Tal
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Philipp Beisheim’s Table ‘Toad’

The main philosophy of popular scientific direction – synergetic – is that no one independent scientist can make an enough grand discovery as well as no one scientific field can do it independently. Demonstration of this philosophy we can watch in the projects and works of designer Philipp Beisheim. Today we want to introduce to you his project called “Toad”. This construction, containing of several segments, functions only when they are connected with each other. It is a table which can be useful as decorative stand, shelf or versatile side table. The “Toad” consists of three tabletops and three legs – each leg for appropriate tabletop. And at least two segments connected to each other acquire stability. This table looks very elegant and makes any room cozy.

Philipp Beisheim 1 620x715 Philipp Beisheims Table Toad

Toad table

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Growing Tables by Austrian Designers Perludi

It’s always difficult to choose convenient table and chair for a child. Children become higher with every month and it’s not good for them to use the same furniture. Austrian furniture designers Perludi have introduced an adjustable table CASPAR for children, which is designed to be able to grow in height. The design and form of the table are very simple but pursue the philosophy of ergonomic, versatile and environment-friendly children’s furniture. In combination with a solid-wood tabletop colorful legs impart an infantine look to the table. The legs are placed into the tabletop and secured with rings made from natural rubber. To adjust the height you can simply slide the legs up or down within their holes. The construction is very simple and genial. Such design is very important from the perspective of renewable resources and short transport routes for a low carbon footprint.

HP perludi CASPAR WEB 04 620x414 Growing Tables by Austrian Designers Perludi

growing table

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Contemporary Perforated Furniture – Domino by Esedra

The Italian design company Esedra has created a modern furniture collection called Domino. Its uniqueness lies in the use of moulded sheet metal structure that looks like snow patterns. This modern perforated furniture plays with light and shadow and creates a special atmosphere in your interior. The collection includes kitchen and dining tables and chairs, shelving and room dividers. So the chair features lacquered metal frame where carved sheet creates games of empties and solids. You can choose between table with lacquered metal frame basement, printed or not glass top. For more information on Domino, visit Esedra.

contemporary perforated furniture domino by esedra 2 Contemporary Perforated Furniture – Domino by Esedra

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