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Modern Global Furniture by Phillips Collection

The Philips Collection was presented at Boutique Design New York. As we can see on pictures below the collection is based on contrasts and includes very different yet interesting items. Carefully hand-finished, each one is unique work of art. Furniture and accessories look even global due to mixture of materials and styles from all over the world. Dining tables made of wood impress with their rough texture of a natural edge while chairs made of recycled seat belts and striking metallic accessories with strong form are true examples of innovative design. So everyone could find something interesting in this collection. See more information here.

modern global furniture by phillips collection 2 Modern Global Furniture by Phillips Collection

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Contemporary furniture collection: Nika Zupanc’s Self Discipline Installation

Furniture collection «Selfdiscipline» was presented by Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc. It’s ascetic with overtones of luxury, and elegant and feminine while keeping an unblinking eye on function and purpose. Unveiled during Milan Furniture Fair in April, this glossy retro style collection comprises a writing desk, a chair, a wardrobe and lighting. The Pompon Lamp features gold strings which one wants to touch. The Homework desk offers very interesting way of storage. Turn your table into a source of curiosity, because everybody wants to know what you are hiding in those mysterious folders. A wardrobe is the usual and convenient way to store documents, useful things and even clothing. The Homework Cabinet resembles a accordion, whose size varies as the filling. The Homework Chair features hi-tech yet retro-look mechanism zooms in and out with the help of a sleek handle, while the brass wheels dance all over the place.

contemporary furniture collection nika zupancs self discipline installation 2 Contemporary furniture collection: Nika Zupanc’s Self Discipline Installation

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Elegant Necklace Tables by Mattia Bonetti for glamor lovers

As jewelry adorn woman, so a stylish, sophisticated, carefully selected furniture beautify any interior. Parisian designer Mattia Bonetti has created a series of glamorous Necklace Tables, which combine the functions of furniture and decorations. It’s easy to guess why the table has such name. Consisted of large beads, a necklace forms design of legs, which look so elegant. In contrast the tabletop is very simple in order not to distract attention. In 2005, the collection of this designer, which appeared on the show in David Gill gallery, London, brought “Best Original Design Award” to the artist. If you appreciate glamor and originality you will actually fall in love with these nice tables. Photos by William Waldron.

jewelery and furniture combined necklace tables by mattia bonetti by william waldron 1 thumb Elegant Necklace Tables by Mattia Bonetti for glamor lovers

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Eco-friendly and affordable KARTON furniture

There is a completely different way to sit, sleep or store your stuff than you’re used to. And you won’t believe your eyes, this KARTON furniture is made from cardboard boxes. Affordable, durable and beautiful, the collection is also 100% recyclable, so it’s environmentally friendly. Just imagine, a dining table that can be easily moved to another room, or bed, which can be folded when your guests head home and a kid’s table that relishes a lick of paint. KARTON is about keeping things simple and easy – proof that quality European design can also be cheap and accessible. Today you can buy different cardboard items exclusively online.

eco friendly and affordable karton furniture 2 Eco friendly and affordable KARTON furniture

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Multi-purpose table Little Friend by Kasper Salto

The multifunctional table Little Friend is a small yet significant piece of furniture, which was designed by Kasper Salto for Fritz Hansen. The designer wanted to create a contemporary item for modern people and their new ways of working and living. So Little Friend is a flexible, multifunctional and portable solution, which is perfect for your laptop or morning coffee. The height-adjustable version of the elegant and humble table fits perfect in rooms with low lounge furniture and chairs in standard height – even in the bedroom and bathroom. The top comes in five colors of compact laminate with a base in chromed polished aluminum or powder coated to match the tabletop. Via.

multi purpose table little friend by kasper salto 2 Multi purpose table Little Friend by Kasper Salto 

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Classic coffee table SIGNUM by WIS Design

Located in Stockholm WIS Design studio has created classic SIGNUM coffee table for KLONG. It looks like a stable and solid piece of furniture, adorned with decorative brass details. Customers can choose between two sizes – one is perfect as a dining table, the other is a side or café table. The simple design elements give the table a classic clean and clear graphical nature. Above the base, a ring in brass is placed, which makes the table both personal and extra luxurious. As a finishing touch, SIGNUM comes with a brass candlestick, which if desired can be placed on top of the center at the table.

classic coffee table signum by wis design 4 Classic coffee table SIGNUM by WIS Design

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10 Unusual And Unique Coffee Table Designs

We like all the unusual and original. This selection of unique and stylish coffee tables can give you the interesting solution for interior design or just cheer up. As we see from the collection, there are two ways to create an original table: 1) unusual tabletop or glass, transparent tabletop with unexpected legs. For example, on the first picture you can see Sumo Wrestler Table with nice sculpture instead of legs. The second model was created for bicycle lovers. The third one is associated with elegance and gracefulness. Enjoy this funny bright collection.

10 unusual and unique coffee table design 2 10 Unusual And Unique Coffee Table Designs

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Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Space by Bo Concept

It’s very practical to have drawers under your table where you could hide the remote controls, newspapers and other useful stuff, however the trend for such tables is gone a long time ago. And there is actually no need for drawers as there are some more efficient ways to store your things in the coffee table. This elegant coffee table by Bo Concept has the top surface with multiple sections that slide with what ever is on them and open up an extensive storage space. The table\’s striking refined appearance suites great to most of the contemporary living rooms as well as to most office and conference rooms. It comes in three versions – chrome, dusty gray glass and walnut veneer. The prices start at $1,395 which we think is fair for such a high quality piece of furniture.

coffee table with hidden storage space by bo concept 1 thumb Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Space by Bo Concept

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