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Minimalist Dining Room Furniture by Hara Design

Japan is the unique land of peace and harmony. If you are fascinated by this country and its traditions, you’ll love the new dining room furniture collection by Hara Design. It’s not a secret that the Japanese have their meal on the floor and these low items will help you do the same with comfort. Furniture is made of dark brown, black lacquered or light wood in simple, but elegant style. Sets are available in different configurations with or without cushions and textile. If you want to get more information and decorate your dining room in minimalist style, visit the site.

minimalist dining room furniture by hara design 1 thumb Minimalist Dining Room Furniture by Hara Design

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Child Tables by Alberto Marcos for Ninetonine

Ninetonine is Spanish design company that believes the smallest members of the family should grow up surrounded by contemporary, original, and high-quality furniture. It produces cots, tables, shelves, different accessories from wood and eco-friendly materials. In this article we\’ll describe the trendy children\’s desks by Alberto Marcos for Ninetonine: Deskhouse and Mouse. These items made from solid oak and white melamine and have storage space for pens and pencils. Your children will be happy to  read, draw and share there. Deskhouse and Mouse are not just tables, but the ideal playhouses and hiding places. Visit Ninetonine to find more interesting furniture for babies and kids.

child tables by alberto marcos for ninetonine 1 thumb Child Tables by Alberto Marcos for Ninetonine

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Stiletto by Splinter Works: Inspired by Women

We want to represent to you the new zest from Splinter Works – an unusual Stiletto table. The name is just suitable for such a gorgeous thing. The designers were inspired by the grace and elegance of the feminine footwear. The bright peculiar of this table is a sky-high heel as one of its legs, hand-sculpted from solid stacked walnut while the other side is made of polished red acrylic, repeating the fashion style of Christian Louboutin and his signature red-soled, high-end, high-heeled shoes. The curved tabletop is finished in the inlaid leather or French Burr Walnut veneer. No doubt this stylish and extravagant table will inspire the fashion taste of yours and your guests.

stiletto by splinter works inspired by women 2 Stiletto by Splinter Works: Inspired by Women

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Elegant Davidoff Furniture Collection

Davidoff is popular tobacco company, which also produces perfume, pens, accessories, etc. This legendary brand symbolizes career success, courage, elegance, sophistication and finesse. Ukrainian designer Dmitry Lebedev supplemented the collection with elegant furniture items, such as chair, sofa, desk, stool, and a few others. Furniture was made in the minimalist design with addition of classics appeal. The combination of metallic and black with smooth lines emphasizes the good taste and luxury. To my mind, this furniture collection will look most harmoniously in the office or masculine interior. Accentuate your style with the concept of Davidoff.

elegant davidoff furniture collection 1 thumb Elegant Davidoff Furniture Collection

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The Opera Dining Table by Bauline

Not everyone can afford to have a dining room with large dining table. In addition, the popularity of minimalist design increases. However, sometimes it’s necessary to have a large table, for example, when we invite friends or relatives for the holidays. How can we solve this problem? Italian design house Bauline presented Opera expandable table. Originally the table measures only 51 inches and looks very elegant and trendy. But the table can be expanded and contains 6 attached units. As a result, the table can comfortably accommodate from 2 to 12 persons. It’s made of ash wood with or without lacquer finish upon request.

the opera dining table by bauline 1 thumb The Opera Dining Table by Bauline

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Multifunctional Rubik Cube

Buying multifunctional device, you can save space and get a pleasant surprise. One of the examples is multifunctional cube, created by the group of designers Sandro Agosti, Raphael Steiner and Marc Zurcher who worked under the guidance of professor G.Eichinger. You can use it as a coffee table, storage place or a source of romantic light. There is also the socket for charging mobile phones and accumulators. Externally the lighting cube is similar to the Rubik Cube from my childhood. So you can keep there fruit, chips, newspapers or turn it into a home bar. In the evenings it helps you to arrange a romantic tryst.

multifunctional rubik cube 1 thumb Multifunctional Rubik Cube

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Aviator Furniture Collection by Restoration Hardware

There is a contemporary furniture that is comfortable and looks extremely cool. There is a retro furniture and it’s much warmer and unusual. Some where in the middle is the Restoration Hardware – a company specialized on contemporary vintage furniture. It has recently released the Aviator furniture collection consisting of the Wing table, Aviator bookcase, coffee table and a selection of chairs: Aviator, Rocket and Spitfire. The furniture has aerodynamic inspires shapes wrapped in polished aluminum with exposed seams and screws. All of the pieces look very much like the World War II fighter planes parts. To make the collection look vintage the whiskey leather and aluminum frames were distressed and have intentional (and unique) small scratches and abrasions.

aviator furniture collection by restoration hardware 2 Aviator Furniture Collection by Restoration Hardware

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Become Closer To The Nature In Your House

Nowadays people living in the big cities very often do not have the opportunity to interact with nature. But surrounded by the technologies and modern life people sharply feel it. Nature is the source of beauty, health and good feelings. It will be delightful for all nature lovers that you don’t need to escape from the city to become closer to the nature. How to create a vital interior in your house? First of all fill your living space with the plants. It will add brightness, color and greenery to your home and improve the quality of the air. Use as much wood in the interior as you like. It will give the idea of comfort and warmth.

image thumb Become Closer To The Nature In Your House

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