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Striking Bed by Asli Tunca: Tree May Be Not Only the Material

The Turkish interior designer Asli Tunca decided to add the element of the fairy-tale to the usual bed. The result was her tree bed – very unusual yet very stylish. This bed is for two, it is of normal size and the zest is four trees in the corners of the bed used as the bed poles. Moreover another interesting fact is the colour of these unique trees. They are red. This designer’s solution looks very simple and may be even rustic but yet very stylish. Asli Tunca combined her vision with the ideas of Carl Vecauteren and this made the design of the bed really amazing.

clip image001 thumb35 Striking Bed by Asli Tunca: Tree May Be Not Only the Material

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Contemporary Modular Black and White Houses by A-Cero

These great houses were presented by A-Cero Modular quite a while ago, in 2010, but we simply couldn’t leave them unviewed. A-Cero is a world-wide famous Spanish design studio, specializing in urban architecture and design. Unlike the huge luxury houses they built for the La-Finca residential area, modular department’s houses are much smaller and easier to construct. Just like any other modular homes they are built of prefabricated blocks. There are multiple configurations, from the cheapest two room and one storey version at 84,000 euros, to the most expensive Cubic that has two storey and reminds of the luxury Spanish villas the most and comes at 252,000 euros. The earlier presented version is called the black house and has black glossy facade thanks to the black windows glass and aluminum panels. It looks extremely cool, but newer white house is more welcoming and extraordinary with its black and white contrastive exterior. For more information visit this website.

clip image002 thumb57 Contemporary Modular Black and White Houses by A Cero

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The Black Moon Medusa Chandelier by Modani

Are you looking for a stylish modern chandelier? This beautiful Baroque ceiling light meshes modern and old-world styles together. It is made of stainless steel, glass and fabric. Add a bit of luxury to your living-room. This wonderful chandelier gains the victory with a candelabra frame and fashionable shade. The lamp is hidden behind the thin veil and this designer’s idea creates the aura of mystery and romance. Modani made an emphasis on the combination of black and white colours. His crystals sparkle like a diamonds. This Baroque chandelier is surely an ideal complement for any home design. The floor lamp variant of the Black Moon Medusa Chandelier is also available. You won’t regret buying this gem of designer’s thought.

clip image0034 thumb3 The Black Moon Medusa Chandelier by Modani

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Living on the Edge by Dutch architect Arjen Reas

The idea of using straw in construction can’t be called modern. Nowadays, natural building materials are quite expensive, so houses in the ancient style are often the epitome of wealth and good taste. Dutch architect Arjen Reas has completed an unusual project called the “Living on the Edge”. Exterior of the house looks very interesting due to thatched roof, stones and a clay plaster. Simple forms and classic profile from old farm houses were also borrowed from ancestors. The interior is very stylish, bright and modern, and provides the comfort as well as standards of efficiency.

clip image001 thumb34 Living on the Edge by Dutch architect Arjen Reas

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Bright Container House by Jure Kotnic Architect

A great answer to many of our topical housing problems, container architecture is the hottest thing in building today. Easy to transport, environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable, container buildings are the home of the future today. It is an example of minimalist design and space saving. This contemporary small house is situated in Trebnie, Slovenia. Jure Kotnic Architect created two-storey Container house that impressed us with its brightness and functionality. Dining and kitchen area, bathroom are organized on the first level. Going upstairs you’ll find bedroom and living area. And one more advantage, house like this will save your budget.

clip image001 thumb33 Bright Container House by Jure Kotnic Architect

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Multiny Bay by Heliotrope Architects

This modest summer house was designed by Heliotrope Architects for the retired couple. The site located in Whidbey Island and area of this house is about 2,300 square feet. The main idea was to create a comfortable accommodation for two and for guests as well. The Multiny Bay is divided into two parts. The Northern part of the house is more private and includes bedrooms and bathrooms. The Southern structure encloses public functions; there are living, dining and kitchen areas there. It is a typical country house with beautiful views over the water, where you can relax and hold family meetings around the fireplace.

clip image002 thumb55 Multiny Bay by Heliotrope Architects

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Elegant Leather Doors and Window Frames from Tonin

We have already reviewed about Collection of Encore Wall Mirrors, it’s fashionable to use Swarovski crystals in a variety of accessories, clothes and even furniture nowadays. Crystals are cheaper than natural diamonds, but it looks really splendidly. At this time, we present to you a luxury collection of leather doors and window frames with Swarovski. Italian company Tonin offers you to add some chic and brilliance in the interior. In furnish is used only high quality types of leather top Italian suppliers, such as Ostrich, Crocodile Skin, Eel and Python. And of course you can choose any color of the rainbow.

clip image002 thumb54 Elegant Leather Doors and Window Frames from Tonin

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A Cup of Chair by Sunhan Kwon

“Coffee Chair” by Korean designer Sunhan Kwon takes its name from its form. When you look at this chair it gives you the idea of a cup of hot and fragrant coffee. The designer gave a dare to the general idea of design – the idea of symmetry. The chair looks like a cup with a handle on the saucer. The silhouette arouses the imagination that you drink a cup of coffee in a café. That is why these chairs will be good in the restaurants and cafes. The handle is very useful when moving the chair and hanging different bags. And of course it will satisfy you in both aspects, functional and decorative design.

clip image001 thumb30 A Cup of Chair by Sunhan Kwon

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