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Cloudy Lamp of Gradient Glass by Mathieu Lehanneur

Cloudy Lamp is designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for Fabbian. Made of blown glass it has a form that is really like a cloud; just like the rays of the sun make their way through the original clouds, the HIGH-power LED light radiates through the blown glass. Glass has a gradient transition from white on the upper part of the lamp and to clear on the bottom. The lamp is available in two variants: for suspension and with ceiling fixture. Airy and romantic, it will be very suitable for a bedroom or a small room.
cloudy lamp mathieu lehanneur 04 620x930 Cloudy Lamp of Gradient Glass by Mathieu Lehanneur Read the rest of this entry »

‘Echo Table’ of Glass by Debra Folz Design Studio

It is usually considered that glass table adds a touch of luxury and some bling to an interior of the room. The glass table by DEBRA FOLZ DESIGN STUDIO has multiple colors. Manufacturing technology of such a table, beautifully called ‘Echo table’, is quite complex. Combination of different colors is achieved due to the using of four thick glass layers; each layer corresponds to one color represented as a pattern. As a result we can see deeper hues and varying transparency. Natural light illuminating the table creates a very beautiful projection of colored patterns on the surface of the floor.
echo coffee table debra folz 05 620x928 Echo Table of Glass by Debra Folz Design Studio Read the rest of this entry »

Stylish Plastic Illuminated Table by Han Koning

This is an item of the Static Plastic lighting series by Dutch industrial designer Han Koning. The main part of this table is an illuminated thermo forced PET-G plastic base that creates an unusual magic effect. Giving the table a toylike appearance, the basis of the table has an additional functionality: its gentle and soft lighting imparts coziness and comfort to the room. MDF tabletop is available in three colors. Together with other types of pieces of this furniture series any room or office can be furnished tastefully and pleasingly.
static plastic table han koning 03 620x413 Stylish Plastic Illuminated Table by Han Koning Read the rest of this entry »

Bookcase and Coffee Table in one by Cyril de Moulins

Despite its small size, this bookcase is able to accommodate a lot of books. Designed by Cyril de Moulins in the style of classic Scandinavian buffet of the 1950s and ’60s, the ‘Club Sandowich ‘ has rather more functionality than ordinary bookshelves. First of all, it is equipped with special mobile colored elastics that can be easily moved around, allowing you to see the spines of the books and extract the book you want. Secondly, the middle part of the shelf is equipped with a special hanging shelf, on which you can place, for example, books that most interest you at this time. In addition, ‘Club Sandowich ‘ can be added by special separators that allow you to sort the books by sections. Well, after all, it is rather pretty and convenient coffee table.
club sandowich cyril de moulins 2b1 Bookcase and Coffee Table in one by Cyril de Moulins

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Perfect Table with Accessories for Workplace by Box Clever

This piece of furniture is specifically designed for the convenience of use in the workplace in an office or at home. Segment table by San Francisco-based Box Clever has special slits-channels for a cable and functional accessories. Relevant to San Francisco phenomenon of nature known as shifting tectonic plates has served as inspiration for the constructing of multi-part table’s surface. Made of concrete, four parts of the surface were joined together, remaining narrow slits between them. Three useful accessories are applied to a table; they are: the brass bowl, the low copper dish and the long polished aluminum tray. The narrow channels in the surface of the table serve as a stable platform for the items. The examples of using the accessories you can see in the photos below.
segment table seth murray bret recor 2b 620x529 Perfect Table with Accessories for Workplace by Box Clever Read the rest of this entry »

Really Soft Chair ‘Snöbär’ by Yonder Magnetik!

In order to understand the designer’s concept of this luxurious armchair, you should refer to the etymology of its name. ‘Snöbär’ is a snow berry in Swedish. Even though the word is Swedish, designers of the armchair are Serbian duo Yonder Magnetik! The play of words is used to show an exceptional similarity of appearance with these white berries. The shape, materials and color of Snöbär are very soft and delicate. Perfect for any room and even for garden the armchair is very effective to deal with everyday stress. Snöbär was exhibited on “Dan D” Zagreb 2010 (Exhibition of 100 designers up to 35) and Belgrade Furniture Fair, 2012.
yondermagnetik snobar 01 620x413 Really Soft Chair Snöbär by Yonder Magnetik! Read the rest of this entry »

‘MEET ME!’: Wonderful Meeting Place by Ligita Brege

This construction is hard to be called just a bench. It is not only real seating system, it is also a design element for outdoors or for public spaces. ‘MEET ME!’ is an idea of young designer from Latvia, whose name is Ligita Brege. The concept of the modular seating system is attracting of people’s attention to meet, interact and communicate with each other. There are different levels of the system, allowing use it in for various purposes. Depending on the need of the user ‘MEET ME!’ can be used as a place for seating, lying down, as a table or a place you can just lean on, and whatever else.
meet me seating ligita brege 2b 620x478 MEET ME!: Wonderful Meeting Place by Ligita Brege Read the rest of this entry »

Photo Frame and Lamp in one Project – Splite – by Jaakko van ‘t Spijker

Rotterdam-based designer Jaakko van ‘t Spijker has invented lamp with a new purpose: this is a lamp-picture with a personal owner’s photo. Splite (the name of the lamp) consists of photo frame together with an ambient light and 3D printed sculpture. Individual photographs are integral part of the resulting product. Buyers provide a set of photographs or pictures, which are mounted directly in the lights. Thus, when the owner gets tired of the picture, it can be easily replaced by the next out of the set. There are different kinds of lamps: they are hanging lights, wall lights and table lights. The stylish lamp spreads a soft light that gives the photos an original vivifying effect.
splite light jvantspijker 3b 620x620 Photo Frame and Lamp in one Project   Splite   by Jaakko van t Spijker Read the rest of this entry »

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