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Series of Luxury Outdoor Furniture by Skyline Design

Today we’ll tell about the wonderful series of luxury outdoor furniture by Skyline Design. The series includes a trio of special fixtures – daybeds with the most comfortable pieces of furniture to relax. The daybeds are crafted from wicker and cane, hand woven into special patterns. The cane is finished with water-resistant and washable materials, in addition the furniture is totally recyclable and Eco friendly. The collection consists of wonderful trio: Spartan day bed, Shade day bed and Iglu day bed.
The Spartan day bed has two woven panels in a patented “Black Mushroom” finish with of freshly white lounge, rounded at a slight angle. The form itself is very romantic and beautiful. The Shade day bed has a conical silhouette, providing a cozy shady place for solitude. The Iglu day bed has a spherical design, resembling the bitten apple, just like the logo in three-dimensional view of the famous company Apple. The top of the day bed is removable, that gives a good providing of sunlight. The cozy cushions and pillows inside of it make it excellent for relaxing and reading.
spartan daybed skyline 1 Series of Luxury Outdoor Furniture by Skyline Design Read the rest of this entry »

New Office for Ogilvy & Mather in Paris by Stéphane Malka Architecture

On the Champs-Elysees in Paris the new headquarters of Ogilvy & Mather has opened after reconstruction. The total building’s area is 7500m², so there was enough space for creativity. Especially for this project designers from Stéphane Malka Architecture has developed a modular system of transformable furniture, based on cubic elements of different heights. The main idea was to create an office space symbolizing contemporary dense city (Paris). New pieces of furniture were included into the interior of the office, such as: Inhabited Walls, Wkbench, Mutant Grounds, Wa-Walls. Contrasting colors of the ceilings and walls and unusual furnishing make office space striking and very functional at the same time. For more details you can visit the site.
office7 620x413 New Office for Ogilvy & Mather in Paris by Stéphane Malka Architecture Read the rest of this entry »

Elegant Pendant Lamp ‘Peacock’ by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance

Like an elegant and bright peacocks’ tails the lamp of Noé Duchaufour Lawrance strikes by its charm and beauty. Kundalini presented ‘Peacock’ at the Salone del Mobile 2013. Pendant lamp consists of twelve repeating elements – arms, the constructing of which emulates the style of feathers peacocks’ tails. The arrangement of the ‘feathers’ is not equal. The elements are slanted either downwards or upwards, thus creating the effect of filling the space beneath. Main parts of a chandelier made of steel, powder lacquered or brass etched, whilst the light sources are enclosed in a petal shielded by a glass diffuser.
peacock Elegant Pendant Lamp Peacock by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance Read the rest of this entry »

Tree House from the World’s Leading Specialists: Blue Forest

From time to time every citizen dreams to relax in the lap of nature, but not everybody has the desire and opportunity to burden themselves with the global house-building, so we have to look for lighter opportunities. Tree house, comfortably accommodating up to 4 people, can be easily installed within 5 days. It is designed by Blue Forest (which is based in the UK) – one of the world’s leading tree house specialists. If desired, the house can be installed even right on the trees, for such cases there is a special staircase, turning to the gallery around the house. Beautiful Wooden design also features two windows and large glass doors.
perch tree house3 620x465 Tree House from the World’s Leading Specialists: Blue Forest Read the rest of this entry »

‘Desk Bed’ for Office by Studio NL

Most part of our life we devote to the work. Sometimes we are overcome with tiredness till the point when we hardly restrain ourselves not to fall asleep. Whilst it is proved that 15-20 minutes of a full-fledged sleep is much better than attempting to restrain oneself from a slumber for a long time. Innovative ‘desk bed’ was designed by Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL exactly for such situations. It is desk-transformer, that can be easily converted into a bed, continuing to be a table at the same time. This desk will be also very good for people working at home office. The product is made out of wood, leather and plexiglass.
Desk Bed3 620x470 Desk Bed for Office by Studio NL Read the rest of this entry »

Bear House for Be@rbrick Collectors by Onion Company

Very unusual and interesting project, called Bear House, was realized by the architects of the Onion Company. The house in Cha-Am Beach, Thailand, is built as a tribute to the collectible Bearbrick toy series, produced by the Japanese company Medicom Toy Incorporated. The owners of the house – Sittawat Sahawat and Nipapat Sahawat – are the Thai Be@rbrick collectors. Earlier the house looked as a three-storey building, which needed to be renovated. Now the house looks more like a larger version of the exhibition pavilion of the collectible bears, suitable for human habitation at the same time. An exclusive wardrobe, consisting of many levels and filled with tiny ladders, was designed especially for the collection. The British fashion designer Vivian Westwood and Stash have painted the big bears on the walls of the living-room and of the terrace.
bear house onion 2 620x775 Bear House for Be@rbrick Collectors by Onion Company Read the rest of this entry »

Contemporary SmokeStack by Frederik Roijé

Amsterdam-based designer Frederik Roijé during the Milan design week (2013) has presented a creative outdoor heater called SmokeStack. According to the author, the product represents the reminiscences of the original smoke-spewing industrial factory era, whilst the design of the product symbolizes the progress. SmokeStack is made of Corten steel, which provides a protective layer around the heater. Contemporary and stylish design of the fireplace allows adapting it to a wide spectrum of interior solutions.
smokestack outdoor heater frederik roije 2b 620x620 Contemporary SmokeStack by Frederik Roijé Read the rest of this entry »

‘Marine light’ Made of Seaweed by Nir Meiri

Tel-Aviv-based designer Nir Meiri has prepared a novelty – symbiosis between the artistic work and design. The ‘Marine light’ is a lamp with a lampshade which is made with use of seaweed. Today seaweed is used in industries related to solving of environmental concerns. The base of the lamp is made of a metal frame and the shade is made of thin metal structural strings. Wet seaweed, treated with special preservatives, is fixed to the frame in a needed shape. The figurative basis of the design is the marine world where sunlight penetrates through the water and plants. The light of the lamp is very special and beautiful.
MarineLight1 620x406 ‘Marine light’ Made of Seaweed by Nir Meiri Read the rest of this entry »

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