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The WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort in the Swiss Alps

Located 1700 meters above sea level, The WhitePod Alpine is a unique environmentally friendly mountain resort in the Swiss Alps. The basic concept of the resort is to provide the harmony with nature and the necessary comfort. WhitePod camp consists of 15 unique tents and traditional wooden house, where guests can purchase food and drinks. Inside each unit hides a comfortable hotel room, built on a wooden platform and insulated from the cold, wind and snow. All tents are equipped with fireplaces, luxurious beds and bathrooms. A large window offers breathtaking view of the valley below. The cost of such unusual room ranges from $ 400 to $ 550 per night.

the whitepod alpine ski resort in the swiss alps 1 thumb The WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort in the Swiss Alps

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Modest Sunset Cabin by Taylor Smyth Architects

Have you ever dreamed to have a small, cozy wooden house far from city bustle? Customer of this unusual Sunset Cabin had such dreams. The house is located in Canada and designed by Taylor Smyth Architects. The house is very modest, there is only one room and a small hall inside. It hasn’t all modern conveniences; there is only electricity and furnace heating. But it is not so important because beauty and peace make you forget about everything. Of course, this house is not meant for permanent residence: it is not equipped enough. Sunset Cabin was created to spend a few days there, relaxing on the nature and to gathering your thoughts.

modest sunset cabin by taylor smyth architects 1 thumb Modest Sunset Cabin by Taylor Smyth Architects

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Holman House by Durbach Block Architects

Sitting at the edge of a 70-meter high cliff above the Pacific Ocean in Dover Heights, a very beautiful and modern house was designed by Durbach Block Architects. Clear geometric forms, the use of black metal supports in conjunction with the natural terrain of rock and masonry, create an interesting contrast and turn this house in unique house. Interiors are very light.  Glass walls allow to maximize views of the ocean, which owners can enjoy almost everywhere. According to the architects they were inspired by Picasso art during the work. You can imagine that it was difficult to create house in this site, but the result is really excellent.

holman house by durbach block architects 2 thumb Holman House by Durbach Block Architects

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Seashell House in Finland by Olavi Koponen – A Nook of Calmness

If you prefer to avoid crowds and dislike anyone to disturb your private life then you will be delighted by the Seashell house in Espoo, Finland from Olavi Koponen. This house is his own one and it pretends to be one of the most interesting houses at the Asuntomessut, the Architecture and Design exhibition taking place in Finland. Kotilo (this is another name of this unusual dwelling) was designed around a fireplace of which almost all the spaces of the house are twisted around. It has a grass roof and hasn’t got many windows. The Seashell house offers necessary privacy. The house is rather spacey and simple. Kotilo’s design is not sophisticated but it gives the feeling of harmony for those who like silence and loneliness.

seashell house in finland by olavi koponen a nook of calmness 2 Seashell House in Finland by Olavi Koponen – A Nook of Calmness

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Lotus fruit bowl by Stefano Giovannoni from Alessi

It is not a secret that the details create the whole design. To make your place bright you need something that will draw everybody’s attention. So make your house not only comfortable and cozy but also stylish and nice to look at. In this case Lotus fruit bowl designed by Stefano Giovannoni from the Italian company Alessi will be a good solution for you. This is the perfect finger bowl for serving ginger or other condiments with its beautiful Lotus flower design. The designer was inspired by the old tradition in china of the Asians and also by the cult for the lotus flower. The bowl is the part of the OrienTales collection which is reminiscent of 18th century ceramic trinkets. But still it looks very contemporary. It could be used both for fruit keeping and for decorative aims. The colour palette is very gentle and delicate. The price is about $33.

lotus fruit bowl by stefano giovannoni from alessi 2 Lotus fruit bowl by Stefano Giovannoni from Alessi

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Contemporary Swedish Furniture Design by Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn is an interior design shop located on Strandvägen in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson, who recruited Josef Frank to the company 10 years later. Together they created the elegant and boldly patterned personal interior design style that continues to pervade the collection to this day. The company is not afraid of experiments and combines old and new, different furniture styles, colours and patterns. There are lots of unusual and interesting items for your interior in Svenskt Tenn shop, but today we review upholstered furniture. The Liljevalch sofa that you see on the first photo was designed by Josef Frank in 1934. It was his first work for Svenskt Tenn. Other bright sofas were also created in the last century. But they still look original and trendy. Cushions and a double-spring system provide maximum comfort and allow you to relax after work. Colourful stools, chairs are also avialable to complete your interior style. Via

contemporary swedish furniture design by svenskt tenn 1 thumb Contemporary Swedish Furniture Design by Svenskt Tenn

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Renovation of an old farm by March Studio Architects

Almost every house can be turned into a modern residence and we know about it. This is one more example of old house renovation. The old farm, built in about 1850, was reconstructed and supplemented with modern annex to be comfortable and functional home for large family. Thus, the modest brick farm has received a second life and become one of the most interesting buildings in its area, witch stand out against the background of the natural landscape. Reconstruction works of the house were made by specialists of March Studio, which got the first experience with residential real estate. There was just a repair in the old part of the house. It was done to pay tribute to the age of this building and to maintain its historic charm.

renovation of an old farm by march studio architects 2 thumb Renovation of an old farm by March Studio Architects

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Buholmen Cottage by SKAARA Arkitekter AS

Buholmen Cottage is small but very interesting house, situated on the coast of Norway and designed SKAARA Arkitekter AS. Earlier there was a small barn on this site that was renovated to become convenient family home. Another structure was built nearby, and between the houses was equipped comfortable patio, sheltered from cold north winds. The facade of buildings made from specially treated pine boards that allows to establish a wonderful relationship with nature and make the home part of the natural landscape. So Buholmen Cottage perfectly blends with natural landscape. There are bedrooms in one part of building, while the second has the public areas. I think, it’s cool to live in this picturesque place.

buholmen cottage by skaara arkitekter as 1 thumb Buholmen Cottage by SKAARA Arkitekter AS

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