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Rug Pompon by Nodus

Nodus is a Company the base line of which is a designing of rugs. Matali Crasset, an industrial designer of Nodus, who has the wonderful projects in her collection has created this red Pompon. The rug is alive a little, emotionally happy, very homey and friendly, resembling by its shape a radiant sun or ink blot. It is very comfortable in use – thick and soft (10-30 cm in height) it allows you to sink in its embrace. Pompone is a hand-tufted rug, made of 100% wool and produced in India. There is a range of the rugs of pattern colors.
rug1 620x413 Rug Pompon by Nodus

rug 620x929 Rug Pompon by Nodusrug2 620x413 Rug Pompon by Nodusrug3 620x413 Rug Pompon by Nodusrug4 620x735 Rug Pompon by Nodus

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