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‘Marie’ Chair (Triangular Beans) by Antoinette Bader

Very comfortable and versatile chair ‘Marie’ (Triangular Beans) was designed out of an ordinary beanbag by Antoinette Bader. The common beanbag has an unusual outer cover with a polystyrene pellet filling. Made of triangular sections, flexibly interconnected with each other, the cover allows to take a range of comfortable sitting positions. Moreover, the triangular structure turns the chair into an aesthetically appealing piece, that would be appropriate in any room, be it an office or living room. The chair was awarded the title “Interior Innovation Award – Winner 2012″ under the label Frei Frau.
marie beanbag antoinette bader 3b 620x541 ‘Marie’ Chair (Triangular Beans) by Antoinette Bader Read the rest of this entry »

Vassili Chair by Dima Loginoff

Vasilli is one of the recent works of the well known in Europe Russian designer Dima Loginoff. Brought forward from the past, when women used this furniture not to damage their high coiffure while sleeping, this chair is more than just a piece of furniture but a tribute to the Rococo times. Great combination of colors and unusual shape, which resembles the outline of the throne, make the Vassili an object of peculiar combination stately and elegant past with a modern stylish touch. The product is not yet commercially produced, but we hope that soon we will be able to watch Vassili adorning squares of cities.
vassili 02 620x310 Vassili Chair by Dima Loginoff Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful Nest Chair by Autoban

Really elegant and stylish chair, very aptly named “Nest” was designed by Autoban. With its high back and rounded sides and with a dome on the top this lounge chair offers some kind of intimacy and apartness from the world, as if it were a gently sheltering nestling, sitting inside of it. Very beautiful effect is created by the light coming through the closely spaced twigs of the chair gradually gathering together at the dome top. The chair comes together with soft pillows making the relaxation very comfortable. Elegant in appearance and functionally cosy this chair will be perfectly suitable for outdoor place and of course it will adorn any room of your home.
chair autoban 620x404 Beautiful Nest Chair by Autoban Read the rest of this entry »

Modular System “Unica” for Assembling a Chair to your Taste

Italian company Donati has developed a unique product – a perfect solution for any customer. They offer a modular system “Unica” to create an original chair. The main advantage is that the chair can have a personalized decorative cut design due to the use of die-casted aluminum shell. But it is also very important that the chair can be assembled in different ways using the wide range of different bases (legs, wheels, rotating or non-rotating, barstool, bench-style bases, in white, wood or steel) and backrests. Now we can see that the epoch of new furniture has come when the clients themselves can construct the furniture for their needs and to their tastes.
donati 1 Modular System Unica for Assembling a Chair to your Taste Read the rest of this entry »

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