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‘Casa Caburé’ House in the Ecological Place by Nómade Architects

This house (Nómade Architects) is located in the ecological place Los Huemules (Argentina). The construction of the house was fully subordinated to the spirit and the proportions of the surrounding nature. The size of the house perfectly corresponds to the free area between the trees and even the height it’s rising from the ground is only 45 cm. The one storey housing of the project is 130 m². The simple layout of the house provides a comfortable separation between public and private spaces. Wood and metal which became main materials for construction provide the spatial and textural warmth. Not to break the harmony of the composition, the beech wood is used the same as the surrounding forest. Large panoramic windows also amplify and complement the composition. The real life of intimacy with nature should look like this.
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The House with Sliding Glass Walls by Studio MK27

Sometimes the walls are just the barriers, closing and restricting us from the beautiful landscapes outside. This V4 House by Studio MK27 has been nominated for a prize in the 2012 World Architecture Festival for its extraordinary design with sliding glass walls. Located among the nature, this house in Sao Paolo (Brazil) has an open access to the private front garden and rear patio. Due to its construction the building appears as the premises merged with nature and as a result represents as a single garden. The floating staircase outside leads up to the rooftop terrace, where another relaxation area is situated. The most suitable material for the walls the timber was chosen and for ceiling – the concrete. The interior design and furnishing on the one hand attaches a modern and luxury appearance and on the other creates comfortable warm environment. The living room, kitchen and dining area have an open space, overlooking a beautiful garden. And even the bathroom has an access to the sights of garden and open sky. The V4 House is a perfect combination of beauty and convenience.
house in brazil 1 The House with Sliding Glass Walls by Studio MK27 Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful House on the Island of Krk

This house in a picturesque area of Krk island, the northern part of Adriatic, was built as a vacation home for three families: parents and two children’s families. Located next to the sea, the house oriented mostly towards the beautiful seaview. The facade of the house smoothly transitions into a pool area, connecting it with a sleeping area on the ground floor. On the top there is a living room overlooking the best view. It has an outside space due to the house construction: the lower part of the house is larger than the upper part so there is an outside area for enjoying the fresh air. The outside spaces consist of an open terrace and covered one. All the rooms in the ground are connected in an atrium. The large windows-walls make the rooms wider and enable enjoying the beautiful views. The architects of the house are DVA Arhitekta.
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The House in Korea Created by the Architecture Firm AND

This beautiful villa created by the Korean architecture firm AND is located in a picturesque valley near Seoul (Korea). The house was built for a couple in 2010. The main distinctive feature of the building is that it is land-building. The place of structure presupposes that the house will face a wide road. To avoid this inconvenience and instead of making high walls towards the road, the architects decided to lift up the topography. Opposite south side opens up toward a small creek running along the side. Beautiful exterior spaces are gradually moving into the private living spaces, forming a unity. A little stream harmoniously proceeds under massive construction of the building. This contemporary home is a fraction of rural life in the city.
1 The House in Korea Created by the Architecture Firm AND
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House with an Unique Shape by IROJE KHM Architects

This site in Sungmam, Gyeounggi-do, (Korea) is not suitable for house bulding because of inclined and irregular form of the land. But architects (IROJE KHM Architects) have found a way to build here a wonderful beautiful house. They have adjusted the shape of the architecture to the shape of the site. The complex use of the house as an working place from the one hand and a living place – from the other have predetermined its construction: the building was separated into upper layer and underground layer. Inside there is a skip floor system which produces the visual and spatial continuity. There is one more wonderful decision – to build on the open space in each level the floating bamboo garden which provides an unusual impression.
IROJE KHM 620x481 House with an Unique Shape by IROJE KHM Architects
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Luxury Albatross Residence by Bayden Goddard Design Architects

Bayden Goddard Architects have designed the Albatross Residence, located on Australia’s Gold Coast. The Albatross Avenue house situated on an exclusive residential street, the site adjoins extensive park to the south and absolute beachfront to the east. This luxury residence impresses by its beauty, marvelous aesthetic value and the materials which were chosen to create wonderful interior and exterior. As the architects say, the internal and external palette of finishes of natural timbers and stone cohesively create a tropical, modern and comfortable ambience. Entry to the residence is via a recycled timber colonnade and gatehouse that grants covered access to both wings of the house. The interior surprises by its elegance while the exterior is chic.

luxury albatross residence by bayden goddard design architects 2 Luxury Albatross Residence by Bayden Goddard Design Architects

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Contemporary Lake House by David Guerra

This beautiful modern Lake House, located in Brazil, was built on a sloping site with beautiful views of the surrounding nature. The authors of the project were specialists from David Guerra Architecture. The architects were eager to involve the surrounding landscape and make it an integral part of house, so the residence was equipped with large windows, a spacious outdoor terrace, which offers an amazing overview. Description from David Guerra: ‘‘The 340 square meters residence was projected to a business woman with an adult son and, in the first floor, you can found the garage, hall, laundry room, living room, dining room, balcony, guest bedroom and master bedroom. In the lower floor there are the games room, the gourmet kitchen, bedroom, service area, service bedroom and bathroom, son’s bedroom (with an independent entry), balcony and a deck’.’ The owners like to receive guests, so the Lake House combines mix of styles and partly open-plan.

contemporary lake house by david guerra 15 thumb Contemporary Lake House by David Guerra

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Beautiful House with Large Indoor Pool in Denmark

House called Z House was built in Denmark by local architect Eva Harlou. The structure is located near the shoreline on the eastern coastline of Jutland, which provides excellent overview of the sea from windows and terraces. The house was designed for big and happy family consisting of two adults and four children. It has three levels, so there are no problems with lack of space. In addition this unusual house was equipped with large pool that is located on the first basement level. The basement also includes garage, storage, wine cellar, game rooms and bathrooms, public areas situated on the first floor and private spaces – on the top level. Unusual Z-shape adds originality to the house. Via

beautiful house with large indoor pool in denmark 2 thumb Beautiful House with Large Indoor Pool in Denmark

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