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Country House in Ibiza by Blacam and Meagher Architects

In 2011 on an ancient area of Morna Vallye, Ibiza (Spain) the beautiful modern house was built among the pine trees. The Blacam and Meagher Architects placed the home in the largest terrace where ancient local stone walls and the pines stand. The idea was to build a complex of small low buildings and courtyards with external gardens and shaded seating areas. This is the principal house on an estate which has a second smaller house for guests. For the construction different materials were used, among which: the walls are stucco on ceramic blocks, the floor made of stone and exteriors are made of local limestone and ceramic. The interior layout and furniture were also designed by architects. The large and high porch of the house extends the living-dining areas. The bedrooms, toilet, patio, outdoor shower are located in the low long part of the building. Rainwater on the flat roofs is collected and stored in a centralized tank for reuse. Landscaping is also decorated by architects with herbs and Olvos.
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Sustainable Home on the Seal Rocks Beach

The beach house that is located in Seal Rocks beach (Australia) has a simple design eco construction. The aim of the architects (Bourne Blue Architecture) was an easy-maintaining home with some sustainable features involved. The main construction has a square shape and large open courtyard in the middle of it. Such arrangement provides natural ventilation and natural daylighting.
The building has several features that make it sustainable. First of all is a rainwater collection system that provide water source for inhabitants and also for fire protection. Gris-tied rooftop solar panel produces electricity. This house is very good for spending time and having a rest in holidays. There is a big shower, one living space and only one bathroom, but it’s possible to use the hammock deck or the day bed.
Seal Rocks House 7 620x411 Sustainable Home on the Seal Rocks Beach
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House that Walks with You

This fantastic house, resembling a sci-fi movie plot, is created by Danish art studio N55.The “walking house” is the eco house from one hand, and very convenient transport with an opportunity of watching and enjoying a landscapes and cityscapes from the other. It is solar and small windmills powered and was constructed out of steel and plywood. There is also a system for collecting rain water and a system for solar heated hot water. The movement of the house is similar to human speed and controlled by a touchscreen panel. There are a toilet, a small kitchen with integrated furniture and comfortable bed inside. The Walking house is constructed of moduls, by adding moduls the system can provide dwellings that adapts to social needs for living as a family as well as a single person.

Walking House5 620x263 House that Walks with You

Walking House

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Floating House by Robert Oshatz

A unique sustainable home was formed from an industrial dock on Oregon’s Willamette River by Robert Ozhatz, Oregon-based organic architect. Now it is used for a summer house of a family. This eco construction was built using materials made of small pieces of timber that glued together. The material provides lighter weight for the construction. The floating house has two levels where there is a living area consisting of the bedrooms, bathrooms and dining room. There are some spaces and windows, made of expansive glass, that open a fantastic view of the river. The appearance of the house is typical for curvaceous, swooping architecture of Robert Ozhatz and reminds a form of a big wave.

House Robert Oshatz2 Floating House by Robert Oshatz

curvaceous, swooping architecture of Robert Ozhatz

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Ski House H2o by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Hughes Umbanhowar Architects has completed the Ski House H2o in Hobe Sound, Florida. The owners are very fond of water sport, namely water-skiing. That’s why, they purchased agricultural land and modified an existing artificial lake to be used for water skiing/slalom course racing. The construction consists of three parts: public area, guest zone and master bedroom. he roof design also provides shade to the lakeside terrace adjacent to the lap pool, while simultaneously capturing and directing the water-cooled breezes through the upper transom windows of the living space. To minimize costs, the architects used simple materials, such as SIP panels, concrete floor, Stucco over insulated concrete form blocks, board form concrete wall finish, aluminum clad windows. The house also features passive conditioning and rain water collection systems.

ski house h2o by hughes umbanhowar architects 2 thumb Ski House H2o by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

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OutsideIN House by Fernanda Vuilleumier Arquitectura

Fernanda Vuilleumier Arquitectura has completed the OutsideIN house in Puerto Natales, Chile. It looks a little rough due to use of simple raw materials such as concrete, stone, V-shaped wooden beams. But panoramic windows add some warmth and originality to the exterior.  The sloped roof was created to protect the dwelling from the strong Northwest Winds that can reach up to 60 mph. Moreover, the roof shape also provides rainwater collection that can be used for gardening and irrigation. Back Trombe walls allows to use passive solar energy for heating, cooling, and day lighting. And as we can see from the title of the house, one of the interesting feature of this house was decision to bring the materials from the out side in.

outsidein house by fernanda vuilleumier arquitectura 1 thumb OutsideIN House by Fernanda Vuilleumier Arquitectura

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Beijing Egg House for Young Architect

Egg House is a mobile home on wheels that can be parked anywhere. The basis of the structure is a bamboo carcass, which is covered with bags of grass seeds. They protect the dwelling from different weather conditions. Moreover, these bags are able to ensure good sound insulation. The owner of Egg House, a young architect from Beijing, doesn’t care that his house can accommodate only one bed, 2 bedside tables, lamps with solar batteries and water tank. He is a creative person and appreciates time that he can spend at work or with friends. For him, this lodge is a real paradise. At that he has spent only $1000. Via

beijing egg house for young architect 2 thumb Beijing Egg House for Young Architect

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Contemporary Summer House by Pacific Environments

Located in the hills above Buckleton Bay, Matakana, New Zealand, the project, known as Bourke House, was realized by Pacific Environment. The architects have tried to create a structure which is minimally influenced the environment and thus would have the most comprehensive view of the ocean. The house features not only glass façade, but it was also equipped with glass sliding doors, which fill the house with fresh air and allow to move freely between the inside and the outside spaces. In addition, the house has some eco facilities: systems for collecting and recycling rainwater, solar hot-water. Neutral colors, red wood accents cheer up and give individuality to the interior.

contemporary summer house by pacific environments 6 thumb Contemporary Summer House by Pacific Environments

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