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The TubeMe Chair by Ellinor Ericsson: Create Your Own Cozy Nest

Ellinor Ericsson, a student at the Danish Design School, has created the TubeMe Chair that combines the unique design with the modern look. It is an extraordinary piece of modular furniture. And this chair may become the perfect solution for those who want to create comfortable design in a small space. The TubeMe chair is about a tactile interaction with a chair. This piece of furniture is constructed of the minimalist stainless steel as the frame with the pillow tubes as the upholstery. You can change the form of it according to your own taste braiding, weaving, bending or tangling them into different combinations. It looks like a big cozy nest. Everyone will get the impressive experience on it. The TubeMe chair is not on sale yet. It is now exhibited on the Stockholm Furniture Fair for the first time 8-13 February 2011.

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