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Embossed surfaces

World’s First Quartz Textured Surfaces by CaesarStone
Some time ago it was cool and trendy to have embossed wallpaper but that was never too practical – wallpapers can’t be washed and can’t be applied to anything but walls and the worst of all, they have seams. But now CaesarStone comes up with their Motivo™ surfaces made using new patented technology. These surfaces can be used to decorate literally everything from walls to furniture, even in the bathroom because they’re not porous and don’t get wet. One of the suggested patterns is a floral lace, which I think would look extremely cool painted to chocolate for the bedroom walls. Black Crocodile surfaces look stunningly when used as countertops – it gives a nice elegant and refined feel. Sometimes some details like laces on furniture and walls is just what your interior needs to be complete. Check out CaesarStone website to see the full variety of patterns.

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