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Unusual Collection ’010 Outdoor Table and Bench’ by Guilielmus

If you look at the works and projects of designer Stijn Guilielmus Ruys you’ll find many inimitable and unique things. His works are aimed on the rejection of the traditional understanding of the things (pieces of furniture) and re-look at them from a functional point of view. For example, why does the table need four legs, if he manages well with two? His ’010 Outdoor Table and Bench’ use only three supports for the whole construction. This unusual design provides an additional and convenient legroom in spite of visual tension while looking at it. The whole collection of tables and seating has a name why-more-legs-when-less-will-do.010 outdoor table bench guilielmus 4b 620x620 Unusual Collection 010 Outdoor Table and Bench by Guilielmus Read the rest of this entry »

Hand Weaving Collection by Timothy John

New Zealand-based designer Timothy John has presented a limited edition collection of objects in a decorative braided felt. His Woven Collection is the result of creative experimentation. Thanks to the skills of hand weaving and wrapping techniques the designer can change the most ordinary thing into the art piece. The collection includes five limited edition items: the Deviant grandfather clock, the Optimist and Pessimist pendant lamps, the Exhibitionist table and the Traditionalist flower vase. Every piece is quite large because of the used material, which is biodegradable, warm and very pleasant to touch. Timothy John has received much praise for his collection since 2011 and will probably increase it by new interesting items.
TJ Pessimist 1 620x620 Hand Weaving Collection by Timothy John Read the rest of this entry »

Meteor is not Only in Russia, You Can Have Your Own: Meteor Collection by Serralunga

If you did not see the meteor in Russia, do not worry, because you have the opportunity to have your own Meteor collection at home. Designed by Arik Levy, this collection of tables, poufs and seats looks very unusual and incredible. The furniture items are made of polyethylene that makes them illuminate. The abstract form of the furniture actually makes it look like a meteor, and magnificent translucent finish gives it a mysterious futuristic look. Every item of the collection is multifunctional and can be used as a table, seat, footrest and whatever you want else depending on its’ size and geometric shape. This remarkable Meteor collection by Serralunga is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
translucent1 620x355 Meteor is not Only in Russia, You Can Have Your Own: Meteor Collection by Serralunga Read the rest of this entry »

Multifunctional Furniture Badac by Sang A Choi

It is very profitable to have multifunctional furniture in view of economy of space and comfort. But what we knew about such furniture earlier has nothing in common with what Sang A Choi has invented. Korean designer has managed one piece of furniture – Badac – to combine with functions of four different furniture items that are crafted into eight pieces. Each piece can be detached from the general construction, when necessary, and can be used independently. So the Badac is the perfect solution to someone who lives alone or in a small area room. Like a transformer, it can be turned upside down, allowing you to use it as a shelf, a lamp, a coffee table and two seats. Turning several parts or excluding some of them from the general construction, Badac can be transformed into a single bed or a large seat. On top of that it is a perfect piece of furniture for your fantasy, which will certainly allow you to come up with even newer purposes for it.
badac multi purpose furniture sang a choi 003 620x409 Multifunctional Furniture Badac by Sang A Choi Read the rest of this entry »

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