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Pendant Lamps Inspired by the Old Industrial Lamps: Kaschkasch Cologne

The series of fixtures ‘Industrial’ was inspired by the old industrial lamps of XIX-XX centuries. The designers of the project – Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider from Kaschkasch Cologne – have chosen high quality natural materials for the products just as in the past centuries craftsmen did. Hand blown glass is used as a basic material for shade; oak wood is used for a cone holder. All items of the lamps are processed by sandblast machine. Suitable for almost any interior, different types of lamp of the series can be combined with each other.
industrial 02 620x691 Pendant Lamps Inspired by the Old Industrial Lamps: Kaschkasch Cologne Read the rest of this entry »

Switch by William Lee

The latest work of designer William Lee was presented at NY Design Week. This is lamp, which has no on/off switch and power cord. The Switch is the embodiment of the minimalism in design. The exquisite style of the lamp gives the impression of a high-tech object. It is rechargeable and is made of an acrylic construction with 60 LEDs hidden underneath. It is in flat position when off, as if waiting for something. As if coming to life, it changes its orientation from flat position, when toggled on.
switch minimalist lamp william lee 2b 620x649 Switch by William Lee Read the rest of this entry »

‘Marine light’ Made of Seaweed by Nir Meiri

Tel-Aviv-based designer Nir Meiri has prepared a novelty – symbiosis between the artistic work and design. The ‘Marine light’ is a lamp with a lampshade which is made with use of seaweed. Today seaweed is used in industries related to solving of environmental concerns. The base of the lamp is made of a metal frame and the shade is made of thin metal structural strings. Wet seaweed, treated with special preservatives, is fixed to the frame in a needed shape. The figurative basis of the design is the marine world where sunlight penetrates through the water and plants. The light of the lamp is very special and beautiful.
MarineLight1 620x406 ‘Marine light’ Made of Seaweed by Nir Meiri Read the rest of this entry »

To Roll up and Fasten: pendant Lamp by Yoshiyuki Hibino

This totally new extraordinary design of pendant lights is created by young Japanese designer Yoshiyuki Hibino. The designer has presented his new projects at the Stockholm furniture fair. Simple form and functional ecological beauty are combined perfectly in the design of the hanging lamp. The lamp is available in two design versions. The first consists of easy elastic shade that is rolled up in uncoated metal – a material that changes over time. In the second version the shade is formed by halved sheet of material fixed on both sides. Due to transparency of elastic material the lamp has a soft diffused light.
light02 620x780 To Roll up and Fasten: pendant Lamp by Yoshiyuki Hibino Read the rest of this entry »

Modern Dodeck Lamps by Markus Dilger and Thomas Hiemann

These lamp series is the result of Berlin based designers‘ experiments with geometric structures and space filling. The Dodeck lampshade is made of 100% wastepaper cardboard and free of hazardous materials. Markus Dilger and Thomas Hiemann offer two sizes of lamps – DODECK XL and DODECK M which define the forms of lampshades and wide variety of colors is also available. The most attractive thing in the lamp is not the lampshade itself but decorative patterns on the ceiling and wall it creates. This beautiful and creative lampshade will be very appropriate in any modern room.
dodeck 620x620 Modern Dodeck Lamps by Markus Dilger and Thomas Hiemann Read the rest of this entry »

Lamps Shaped Dogs by Whatishisname

Modern art is interesting by its eccentricity, openness and even queerness to one’s taste. But this is the the main attraction of it. Each item of nowadays art has a sense, it can speak and it talks about everything that surrounds us. It explains talks, argues, cries, laughs and makes us share the same feelings, express the same emotions. The first emotion that awakens in us when we look at Whatshisname’s last work is laugh. This is a lamp in a shape of a black dog with the on/off switch that has very interesting shape, you can see it on the picture below. More precisely there are two similar lamps: ‘Good Boy’ and ‘Good Puppy’. The lamps were designed with the intention to make users uncomfortable while using them. Except the appearance the lamps certainly have an important functionality. The lighting they provide has a romantic and soft glow. Good Puppy is available in limited editions, so you can try to buy it.

good boy 620x309 Lamps Shaped Dogs by Whatishisname

good puppy lamps

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