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Darwin Table Shaped Genetic Code

At Ventura Lambrate in Milan 2013 a Dutch studio Tjep. with a Netherlands-based company Dutch DNA presented the first item from their joint collection. A map of genetic code is the basis of design of Darwin table. The owner of the genetic code was a dancer Giulia Wolthuis’, the daughter of Eric Voltheisa, the founder of the Dutch DNA. The data of the code were converted into charts with a help of a special program and then were built up into 3D forms. As a result the unusual form of the table has occurred. Designers believe that the unique form of everyone’s DNA can be used to create personal furniture pieces of their future collection.
darwin06 620x412 Darwin Table Shaped Genetic Code Read the rest of this entry »

Branchy Table of the Ramus Series M1 by Il Hoon Roh

An unusual table ‘Ramus M1′ is a product of designer’s long-term study of efficient forms found in nature. According to Design studio Il Hoon Roh the table is just a first item of a modular furniture system ‘Ramus M1′ and is a result of a two years collaboration of a few international companies. As a result of research the best advantages for maximizing the capacity and strength of any supportive construction were found. The structure of a tree branches is turned out to have the best characteristics. ‘Ramus M1′ table with a glass top has a tree-like supporting structure made of carbon fiber, the material that is used in fighter jets, F1 cars and space shuttles. Il Hoon Roh is going to present the first module of the Ramus series M1 at the exhibition Salone Satellite 2013.
Ramus M1 7076 S 620x430 Branchy Table of the Ramus Series M1 by Il Hoon Roh Read the rest of this entry »

‘<3 Side Table’ with Two Legs by Jonathan Sabine

If you want to change your awareness of the stability, then you should take a look at the ‘<3 Side Table’. Nowhere else you will find a table with only two legs and there should be no doubt of its stability. Technically it is possible due to bent tubular steel leg with the two points contacting with a floor. Except its extraordinariness, the table is so elegant and light, like a performing a rotation ballerina, elegantly and coquettishly bending her leg. As a result the table is asymmetrical and its outward appearance depends on view angle. The designer of the table is Jonathan Sabine from Toronto.
less than 3 Sabine 3 Side Table1 620x620 <3 Side Table with Two Legs by Jonathan Sabine Read the rest of this entry »

Multifunctional Table &ABILITY by Alberto Fabbian

&ABILITY table by Alberto Fabbian is a combination of everything that you need in the kitchen. There are lampshades, bowls, wicker baskets and ceramic vases in the assembly, which can be added by your own items as well. The majority of items is made of oak wood. All the objects have their own purpose, though combined in a single construction, as if to emphasize their common final objective. The individual components can be combined as it needed, depending on what you are going to do. The work was created in collaboration with Antoniazzi & Piovesana, 3B Ceramiche and Bosa Ceramiche during the CASA EUROPA project– Euro Decennial.
ability table alberto fabbian 2b 620x930 Multifunctional Table &ABILITY by Alberto Fabbian Read the rest of this entry »

Very Elegant Coffee Table by Alessandro Di Prisco

“Silk” coffee table, designed by talented Italian architect and designer Alessandro Di Prisco, whose works were presented and awarded at many architecture and design competitions in Italy and abroad. The table is made from a single thermoformed sheet of Corian (1 x 1 meter). Thanks to an extraordinary design it looks like a silk shawl floating in the air and fluttering by the wind. Seeming lightness contrasts with the actual strength of the material from which the table is made. The “waves” of the “Silk” serve both as its surface and as a support for it. Very elegant coffee table will be more suitable for the office or living room.
silk coffee table by alessandro di prisco Very Elegant Coffee Table by Alessandro Di Prisco Read the rest of this entry »

Fractal Modular Table by Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson

‘Fractal’ is a modular table system designed by Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson (Australian brand DesignByThem). The modular setting uses repetition and pattern to create table of any size and any form. A system of hidden magnets is used in Fractal for easy connection of modules and for holding each module into position. Due to the use of FSC certified timber and E0 rated plywood the sustainably-harvested trees and zero formaldehyde emissions from the ply glue are provided in the process of manufacture of the setting. Fractal modular system is suitable for any room and it is good for outdoor place; thanks to its modularity, it easily transportable.
fractal table designbythem 4b 620x620 Fractal Modular Table by Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson Read the rest of this entry »

Create your own Pixel Table: by Lindstén Form Studio

The products of this Swedish company Lindstén Form Studio influence people’s state of mind and make their environment more joyful and beautiful. The Pixel Table is one of their genius brainchildren. Pixels, i.e. cubes, are organized in the form of table or a desk, but the main advantage of it is that the user creates the tabletop himself. One day the gracious table can be configured into a coffee table or a work station depending on the situation and desires. Just like in Lego we can choose to construct the proposed final structure or to design your own imaginary structure the Pixel Table can be built similarly.
pixel table Create your own Pixel Table: by Lindstén Form Studio Read the rest of this entry »

“Walking Table” by Wouter Scheublin

Designer Wouter Scheublin studied at the Technical University of Delft and Design Academy Eindhoven and now he has his own design studio. Technical education and love for beauty of mechanics affects his present works as we can see it by the example of “Walking Table”, one of his last works. As a unit of furniture, it is a usual table, but as a mechanical product of a designer’s genius idea – it is a walking mechanism. When pushed, the table starts moving simulating the natural walking motion. Whether it was made for convenience or for fun only designer can answer. But in any case, this table may have caused the admiration of the most famous genius of mechanics – Leonadro Da Vinci.
walkingtable3 620x380 Walking Table by Wouter Scheublin
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