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Stiletto by Splinter Works: Inspired by Women

We want to represent to you the new zest from Splinter Works – an unusual Stiletto table. The name is just suitable for such a gorgeous thing. The designers were inspired by the grace and elegance of the feminine footwear. The bright peculiar of this table is a sky-high heel as one of its legs, hand-sculpted from solid stacked walnut while the other side is made of polished red acrylic, repeating the fashion style of Christian Louboutin and his signature red-soled, high-end, high-heeled shoes. The curved tabletop is finished in the inlaid leather or French Burr Walnut veneer. No doubt this stylish and extravagant table will inspire the fashion taste of yours and your guests.

stiletto by splinter works inspired by women 2 Stiletto by Splinter Works: Inspired by Women

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