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Felipe Assadi

Feel Yourself In The Space In The Super Modern Bar by Felipe Assadi

The Chilean architect, Felipe Assadi presents a new and unusual style in his bar. The main features of the bar are simplicity, usefulness and creativeness. As soon as you enter this place you feel yourself on the board of the spaceship. Everything is very elegant and stylish from round and oval tables and stools to long rectangular table. White colour of the furniture plunge the visitors in the atmosphere of abstractness and gives them the idea of modernity and high technology. The unusual combination of the geometric shapes of the furniture sends imagination to the space. The designer plays with classic and modern styles by means of the bunch of lamps that hang over the long, rectangular table. And of course the blue and violet light gives the feeling of comfort and calmness. In this extraordinary bar you can relax and spend a nice evening with those you love.

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