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Futuristic staircase

Futuristic Lighting for a Staircase by PSLAB
Very interesting decision to illuminate a staircase was proposed by lighting company PSLAB. They have created lighting design for a spiral staircase in Beirut home (Lebanon). The main peculiarity of this lighting composition is its location. The rectangular holes with lamps inside are mounted right in the back sides of the steps of the staircase. So if we look in the staircase from the base it is a feeling like we are inside of some flying saucer or a spacecraft. The fact that this spiral staircase has no rails and the back sides of the steps are lit makes this composition look futuristic. It’s a new idea in design of staircases when illumination is an essential part of the design itself. [caption id="attachment_22583" align="aligncenter" width="600"] staircase-light[/caption]

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