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Furniture Series of Carbon Fiber by IL HOON ROH

Designers from IL HOON ROH studio have presented the advantages and opportunities of carbon fiber in the SaloneSatellite (Milan). Table Ramus M1, as well as the benches, stools and low tables from the furniture Series Rami are made with the use of carbon fiber. Due to the material the lightness and solidity are assigned to the construction. The furniture has one more distinctive feature: durability of the material is combined with an unusual structure, borrowed from the branches of the trees (from the Latin “ramus” is a branch). The basis of the furniture Rami is woven with the use of more than a kilometer of the carbon fiber thread. Their final shapes are organized in the manufacturing process. So the pattern is not known beforehand. The Series is not over yet, so we will wait for new products.
Rami7230 620x602 Furniture Series of Carbon Fiber by IL HOON ROH Read the rest of this entry »

Branchy Table of the Ramus Series M1 by Il Hoon Roh

An unusual table ‘Ramus M1′ is a product of designer’s long-term study of efficient forms found in nature. According to Design studio Il Hoon Roh the table is just a first item of a modular furniture system ‘Ramus M1′ and is a result of a two years collaboration of a few international companies. As a result of research the best advantages for maximizing the capacity and strength of any supportive construction were found. The structure of a tree branches is turned out to have the best characteristics. ‘Ramus M1′ table with a glass top has a tree-like supporting structure made of carbon fiber, the material that is used in fighter jets, F1 cars and space shuttles. Il Hoon Roh is going to present the first module of the Ramus series M1 at the exhibition Salone Satellite 2013.
Ramus M1 7076 S 620x430 Branchy Table of the Ramus Series M1 by Il Hoon Roh Read the rest of this entry »

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