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Kempart Loft

Kempart Loft in Belgium by Dethier Architectures
The project of Dethier Architectures demonstrates an unusual transformation of industrial spaces into housing. The loft of the building, located in Liège (Belgium), was totally renovated according to the needs of the client and creative intentions of architects. The task was to create a living space in an abandoned industrial bakery for a couple with no children. At first the Kempart loft was cleaned from old unnecessary elements of design and then, on the resulting 154 sq. m of open area, the rounded modular unit with a unique design was placed. Inspired by the Airstream trailer’s aerodynamic aesthetic the unit with an aluminium skin has a round shape, painted in bright (orange, green) colors contrasting with the monochrome space apartment. Inside of it two bathrooms, utility room and bathroom are hidden as well as elements of the heating and ventilation systems. Artist Jean Glibert was responsible to select the bathroom areas’ saturated colors. The results of magical modifications you can see in the pictures below.

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