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The Design of the House in Kennemerdeynen Dutch National Park: I29 Interior Architects

The design of this house mainly depended on its unique location – on the edge of Kennemerdeynen Dutch National Park. I29 interior architects decided to achieve a harmonious fusion of the interior with the surrounding landscape. Glass facades which provide a wonderful view and natural light, green patio and one more interesting solution to withdraw the part of the space under a grassy slope – all this has ensured a smooth transition from living nature into the building. The choice of materials was defined by the natural theme: natural pine wood has become a leitmotif of the interior decoration: facing panels on the walls, sliding doors, furniture and even finishing of the fireplace are made with the use of wood.
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On the Land as Well as on the Sea: H3 House by 314 Architecture Studio

The inspiration of this extraordinary wonderful project was love for the yachts, which the initiators of the project feel. “H3″ is located in a very picturesque place in Athens. The two-floor house was designed by Greek firm 314 architecture studio for single family. The main part of the house, supported by special pillars, ‘hovers’ over a large swimming pool. Thanks to a large area, the house accommodates a large number of rooms. Garage, technical rooms, a gym and sauna, two bedrooms with private bathrooms designed for guests are located on the first floor. On the second floor, in the lower part of it, there is a dining room and a large living room. These spaces are separated from the terrace by sliding glass partition. On the upper part of the second floor there is the green terraced platform. Inside of the upper console volume, supported by the pillars, there is a bedroom, lounge with exit to the roof, bathroom and cloakroom. The house is eco-friendly and ‘provides energy saving for cooling and heating systems through the means of the coil fan’.
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Luxury Villa Valentina for rent in Miami Beach

White house design always looks contemporary and elegant. Here is one more example. Villa Valentina is a luxury residence in Beach, Florida. It is rented out for everyone who wants to spend an unforgettable holiday. The cost of staying at Villa Valentina is from $ 6,000 to $ 11,000 per night depending on season. The main features of the mansion are multi-level terrace, a beautiful pool, an entertainment center, a business center, home theater, wine cellar delightful interiors with exclusive furnishings and exquisite works of art. And huge panoramic windows offer magnificent view of the water. There are 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms there for maximum 14 guests at once.

luxury villa valentina for rent in miami beach 1 thumb Luxury Villa Valentina for rent in Miami Beach

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The Luxurious Mansion Acquavilla by Winn Wittman Architecture

Company Winn Wittman Architecture worked on a redesign project of the residence Acquavilla, located on Lake Travis, near Austin, Texas. The mansion was built in the middle of the 80th, so it wanted a full reconstruction. The main goal was to create a concept which reflected the energy and life-style of the owner. Acquavilla looks like a house from modern fairy tale and impresses us with its luxury. Garages are made in the style of the showrooms, as the owner has great car collection. The original facade is decorated with a metal panel with floral motifs. You can also find it found in the glass doors and windows decor. The modern interior is filled with light. A pleasant combination of shades of color palette gives the house a unique atmosphere and femininity. But the main feature of new villa is breathtaking pool which seems to blend with the nearby lake.

the luxurious mansion acquavilla by winn wittman architecture 1 thumb The Luxurious Mansion Acquavilla by Winn Wittman Architecture

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Luxury House Design by Kelly Deck

This luxury house with five bedrooms and five bathrooms was designed by specialists of HGTV, headed by Kelly Deck. In addition to the original appearance, the house provides modern and luxurious interiors, decorated with bright local cedar and copper. Features of the residence include a beautiful patio with a Jacuzzi and fireplace, elegant wine cellar, gym, entertainment room with a smart sound system. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer scenic overview of the beautiful nature around and fill the room with natural light. Recently, this magnificent property in Whistler, Canada, was put up for sale for 6 5000 000 dollars. For more details visit this site.

luxury house design by kelly deck 1 thumb Luxury House Design by Kelly Deck

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Stunning 9010 Hopen House in Los Angeles

9010 Hopen House is a luxurious mansion, located in the Hollywood Hills. Stunning views of Los Angeles opens from the famous hills and makes forget about everything. However, it is not the only advantage. This mansion is so good in the plan of design and architecture that you could even forget about the charms of its location. There are four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a cinema, outside relaxation area with chaise lounges, fireplace and an incredibly beautiful pool. The total area of the property is 370 sq.m. This beauty is on sale for around 10 million dollars. Breathtaking Residence offers luxury and glamorous lifestyle for rich and famous.

stunning 9010 hopen house in los angeles 1 thumb Stunning 9010 Hopen House in Los Angeles

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Mosman House by Corben Architects in Sydney

Corben Architects presented the project of Mosman House, located in Sydney, Australia. A three-storey residence includes four luxurious bedrooms. Open plan integrates living room, dining room, kitchen and maximizes the use of space. Designers have made every effort to benefit from its location, beautiful views of water, as well as to protect the inhabitants of the house from curious neighbors\\\’ eyes. During the construction designers used natural materials: concrete, stone, wood veneer and sandstone. Inside finishing combines American Oak wood flooring, Grey honed limestone, Walnut veneer. This building is not only beautifully decorated, it is also extremely environmentally friendly. There are skylights that provide maximum light transmission and natural ventilation. The house also has rainwater harvesting system comprising of 30,000L rainwater tank which is used for garden irrigation and flushing of toilets.

mosman house by corben architects in sydney 1 thumb Mosman House by Corben Architects in Sydney

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