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Modern Black and White Interior by Ian Moore Architects

This project is the transformation of an old grocery warehouse built in the 19th century into a modern two-story residence. Despite the small area (80 square meters), this house is quite spacious thanks to careful planning attention. The plot is sloping and the difference in level is 1.7 meters. This fact was taken as a basis for living room design, which occupies two floors at once. The bookshelf there, stretched along the entire length - from floor to ceiling, will surely attract your attention. The kitchen is located on half level above the living room. The bedroom and bathroom are provided on the top floor. All rooms are decorated in a perfectly white color, and designer furniture and accessories are presented in black tones. The only exception is a ladder, which is blacker than black, but it seems you see a light at the end of the tunnel. The authors of the project were  Ian Moore Architects.

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